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Found 16 results

  1. Hello my friend @CaptainMorgan , I need some help. There was an update with increasing percentage of finding rare items, after this update I have opened about 20 to 22 titans chests and none of them I have not won any single item, my friends have already found more than two items already. From the amount of Titan trunks I've opened, my percentage of finding any item from this was to be very high .. Please ask for help as I'm getting discouraged. Best regards Mgh15
  2. Daily Chest Reward out of order

    When the daily chests rewards for the month changed to have the holiday chests, it messed up the order of rewards i got. Everyday I retrieve the reward it always gives the chest tomorrow instead of the one for the day. It puts the check mark on the current day, but gives me the chest for the next day. And this has been going on since, I even missed out on a uber chest awhile back which frustrated me. I am not sure what to do about this. If a mod would please fix it, so that the correct day and chest is given to me on the correct day. In game name: RazWolffang
  3. Chamber of Fortune

    Please make the Chamber with 4 good chests and 2 bad chests, but keep the 3 lucky tries. It will be better with 4 good and only 2 bad chests. Now I have 25% chance to take nothing, 35% chance for one chest, 30% for second chest and only 10% for 3rd chest... Thank you!
  4. The recent updates have been largely well recieved, especially after some tweeking. So thank you for keeping the game interesting. Forging especially is very welcome, but an unfortunate effect of this feature is that decent items are almost non existent now, opening the titan chests after a war or oddessy used to reward you with at least one or two decent, worthwhile items. Not now, the few titan items are usually complete rubbish. That coupled with the cursed and uniques seemingly being even rarer, makes the chests mostly rather disappointing. Cursed chests, what's the point of them if they are identical to a normal chest? To add insult to injury, it's often an item you've got a few of already. While I'm here, please, give us a way to level up hero's that's better than what we have, it's almost impossible at my level (126) to level up weaker hero's as my opponents are all so strong. It's simply not worth the risk for the measly XP points you get. Cheers. Stuart
  5. Trophies and Chests

    What on earth have you people done this time? Can you simply not do anything subtly? I have lost hundreds of trophies in the last 24 hours and been attacked so many times. The trophy system needs tweaks, not ham-fisted adjustments with a sledgehammer and C4. As for chests, why has reward generation been changed. No gold chest in the 6 chests for every fight this morning. Are you deliberately trying to force people to stop playing for some warped reason? Please tell me it won't be the same in war as, without the bonus VP, chances for people to get the last chest will be significantly reduced.
  6. Fix the Chests, Cursed Items a joke

    What happened to the commitment to make chests better? Not being lived up to. The last two wars and Odysseys I've invested hours and hours of gameplay to gain Titan and God-like chests - and invested hours breaking curses on items to be rewarded with? What? Absolutely nothing is what - no item even close to being as good as what I already have - and this after you stated categorically you have improved things. Everyone in my alliance is noticing the same thing. This plus your habit of nerfing anything good (instead of fine tuning it if needed) is the perfect recipe to drive good players away. Please reform or lose us - it's that simple
  7. Hi @CaptainMorgan / @Chris, My account name is ­čîŤMoonlightWolf­čÉ║ Before I read about the blessed/epic chests can be bought endlessly which resulted to players farming gems. Therefore the blessed chests was removed and epic chests cost became high and was cut to being able to be bought 10 chests only after a period of time, then will reset and can buy again 10 chests. But now I can only buy one (1) chest every one hour. This is really not good as my heroes are getting lots of coins from the islands and I can't even spend it on anything as the upgrade of the defenses is taking forever (3-4days). So imagine where I'll use all those coins? Is there a glitch? Did u again changed it? All my resources (ambrosia, knowledge, and coins) are full so there's not even a choice to transfer them to any other islands. Hope you can answer me. Thanks!
  8. You really need to do something about the value of Titan chests - right now they don't measure up for any player with experience. I, and many others, are getting sick of fighting in wars to get all the titan chests only to open them and find items that are weaker than what we already have or overlap what we have - while other heroes who could really use good items go without. Also the number of actual titan items inside a titan chest is pathetic - populating them with useless lower level items is just frustrating. Surely you could do something to ensure that more items are useful? It would increase player satisfaction a great deal - and right now if you read your forums you should see that quite a few of us customers are starting to get peeved. You let that keep going and you lose paying customers.
  9. Anymore Festivals

    Okay the easter festival is done what else is next
  10. Daily chests disappeared

    Hi Alsea, Today u r replying so i hope u will reply. My IGN is 'crying baby' without inverted commas. My last three daily chests disappeared and when i was to collect 28th day chests i. e., legendary chest I was given a first day chest. I m really disappointed as there was legendary gem chest nd uber chest the following days. I wrote to support team but they did nothing. Can I expect something from u. Thanks
  11. To Flare, As we all know, the rewards for the 2nd yeti event, 'Brawl through the House' were supposed to be delivered on 2nd January, 3 pm. GMT. Apparently, due to the leap-second, you were not able to give out the rewards, fine. I waited patiently, since I had faith. We waited... waited... waited, to get our rewards on 4th January. Now the unfair part comes in - You gave rewards according to the current tier and not the tier in which the player participated - A person who made an effort to go in a higher tier, you just made a mess of it. - I gained a tier after the event, got 1 more chest and 500 more pearls, I am willing to give my 500 pearls back and deduct a legendary chest from next time, if you are willing to clean up this mess. Solution : Give everyone 1 higher tier rewards. No unfair chance. Now secondly, you gave everyone the 1st place rewards, so am I a big fool who spent gems just to get an apparent 1st, I DEMAND MY GEMS BACK. It is not fair if someone is a bad raider or does not spend and ends up getting 1st when I spend so much on CoF. I demand my gems back. So you need to give back all the gems spent to all players to make it a level playing field, since now at the end of the day, it is the ones who got 1st hit hard the most. So I demand my gems and also gems of all of those who lost them. Now, if you don't refund those gems, no one will have belief on you. And believe me, you are making a huge part of the community angry and pissed off. You need to return those gems spent and give everyone 1 higher tier rewards. Expecting something, KK Star.
  12. Well was really happy with the blacksmith event and that my daily chest was a Uber one for melting. And what do I see this morning ? Its gone replaced with a Christmas chest.... I just don't know quite what to do.... its not worth opening a ticket. Complaints just hit a wall of indifference'. Why they did not just send out a extra chest to everyone for Xmas I have no idea.
  13. With the new update i can t have more then 15 chests ? my ubers from war and daily chests are not added ! @Alysea
  14. @admin, There is a page on facebook named ROYAL REVOLT 2 FREEBIES, I doubt its fake, someone is conning innocent royal revolt 2 players, please take strong action against whoever is behind it.
  15. Uber Chest

    Please stop with the Uber chests! They are very annoying and are in the way. At least give an option to accept it or not. At first you gave out gems, now we hardly see them. It's not costing you any money. Stop being so cheap.
  16. Chest Questions

    I was wondering why I receive the chests that I do. I have only received the brozen,silver,wooden,swamp,and frozen chests. I know that other chests exist how would I start getting those? Ex:Magma