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Found 164 results

  1. The Pro League cheaters aren't doing obviously cheating scores anymore, but they are still there. Maybe checking the top 10 scores in Pro League for cheating every week could help slowly eliminate the ones that are still doing it?
  2. I’m really fed up, I don’t know why I can’t unlock all my masteries, I’m allready at lvl 138 with about 17k fame, but still can’t unlock all 5 masteries and just 3 of them are unlocked, I’m really loosing my motivation for this game. pls some one help me😡😡😡😡
  3. To date I have spent three 5 star Titan items, 30,000 gold and 3,000 gems to curse 3 items in an effort to get a better one. The first time I did it I thought that it would simply improve the item I was cursing, as I liked the item and the hero it belonged to. Then I end up getting an entirely different item that went to a different hero. The second time I knew what I was getting into. But the challenges are ridiculously long. The first time involved having to take part in a minimum of 2 wars. The second one required taking part in a minimum of 2 Odyssees. And the last one required me to take over 500 islands. So in each case I spent the 1,000 gems to get the item early. The problem is that the item I got this last time was Perseus mirror shield. And I say it is a problem because I already had one that was better than the new one. I say better because I had spent a great deal in wisdom to refine the item so that it had three qualities instead of the usual two. So I'm obviously a bit peeved for the great cost that everything is costing only to get something that isn't as good as what I already had. I have spent roughly $350 of my hard earned money purchasing gems since I started playing this game. Two war seasons ago everyone in my alliance received gems at the end of it. But I did not. I only recently learned that everyone had received gems after that war season. Then to get an item that I already have after wasting a 5 star Titan object, 10,000 gold and 1,000 gems on is just too much - especially when the original one is better. I'd like to know what other players think of the refining and cursing system. And if the mods want to do something to correct this, my user name is Benedict Donald. And the alliance I belong to is Gardarica. The top shield in the pic is the new shield that I received and the bottom shield is the one that I refined.
  4. Ok so here are the facts from my personal experience: I use almost all heroes every day to attack a variety of bases (except generally Arty/Ajax). I know how to play OR and rarely use invocs (maybe 1 or 2 a day ).... My Ajax has some high lvl powers going beyond the old max lvl, but not max. Items are all titan lvl ( have unique but am not using yet or ever!) and either my current lvl (145 or maybe one lower) The troops I use are max lvl with between 15-25% oddessy bonus so they aren't that weak. But when I attack a badly designed base that is not even near max, Ajax fails miserably. My conclusion is he's so bad!!!! He makes me wanna puke to be honest! The most useless hero but light year....the rest don't even come close to Ajax's ineptitude. If the undefeatable Ajax of legend was remotely real his ghost would surely be walking the FG headquarters, really pi*%ed at how he had been portrayed in OR. There have been numerous solutions over the months/year, even a good one from Dumpster (yes really) to add a power slot for regular powers. I would like a choice before the start of the battle to add an elemental modifier (of your choice) to his normal attack adding 50% of that element. (he did after all receive a blessing from Poseidon or some other god) Just so badly needs a fix or he'll continue to be Ajax the librarian (permanently on wisdom island)
  5. Title basically says it all. I bought the archer skin but because we have the Pro Archer boost, it won't be applied. PLEASE FIX THIS! Very irritating use gems to buy a new skin and not be able to use it
  6. Can you atleast allow players to change thier IGN more than once? And please do something about duplicate unique items.(Please make a system that stop producing duplicate) I already have 32 uniques about of which 12 are duplicate.
  7. Hi Flaregame i have noticed that the skin for the Archers is not working! Can you please fix it Thanks
  8. Hi Devs & Players, Why not add a retreat button in conquest wars? Players are stuck in a war for 22h + so they can exit BUT IF THEY DO,THE TILE/TERRITORY/TOWER,MINE/LIBRARY/VILLAGE will be for the enemy....
  9. My team (Berk) matchmaking experience has gotten from bad to worse in the last 3 Conquests. This time, our 38 members were put in the same Conquest against 3 enemy alliances each with over 60 members. Our team has only 14 members with 3000 - 3900 trophies. The other teams each have more than 25 members with 3000 - 5000 trophies. With the tile block, we can’t stop them from entering our corner of the map and destroying the towers near our base. It is impossible to win and no fun. We’ve stop spending gems because we can’t win. I’m sure the other alliance aren’t spending gems either because they can beat us easily. Conquest is no longer fun if this doesn’t get fixed soon.
  10. Yes, I feel that RR2 gets more attention than OR. In a way I think it's OK, 'cause RR2 is generating more income than OR for FG. Madlen, to show the community that your love for OR is still strong, can you please organize a similar drawing contest to the one you made for RR2 if possible? We know the devs are working on new Unique Items, so maybe we can help them with some concept drawings? Anybody else has another idea for a possible drawing contest?
  11. I get disconnected a few times while using the matchmaker. In-game name: ShadowsGuardian Bug frequency: Way too often Date: 03 February 2019 OS Device: Windows 10 PC - Version 1809 (OS Build 17763.292) Steps to reproduce the bug: Click on the matchmaker button, then keep clicking on the "New Enemy" button. Video proof below: EDIT: Just opened a support ticket (REQUEST #137077 SERVER DISCONNECTS)
  12. My team only got 1 opponent this war. Is that because the third team lost some players or something and didn't qualify this round?
  13. Hi Players & Devs, Please add copy and Paste in chat! Here is why? For example,if someone speaks chinese won't understand so i can copy it to google translate and copy the translation reply back. Thanks
  14. It's quite a common thing in games that the landscapes will give bonus stats for certain things. What about adding that to RR2? Turn the landscapes into something important, with gameplay changing effects! Then we'd have to choose the best one for a good and strategic reason instead of just: "use the darker ones because they make it harder for people playing on a mobile device in a bright environment" Defenses are surely too weak at the moment, and I believe that could help a lot. So, make landscapes powerful and actually significant to the gameplay!
  15. It would be nice when a player leaves an alliance that when they come back (either the same day, or a year from now ) their gold and pal donation statistics could remain instead of resetting to zero.
  16. I have a request for FG please revise the invocations damage values. Right now we have boosted defenses and new Ascenion level is 150 but we still have invocations that were used at level 131. I mean they need damage boost. For example if I facing l shape. Defense with charon towers in Helios light. I cast Hydra invocation to take them out but nowdays this invocation doesn't even take half life of charon towers thanks to odyseey boost and defense new levels.On the other hand fist of power is so good that takes nyxs towers in a single cast. Also please @CaptainMorgan and @Madlenfix frenzy bug.
  17. Hi Flare, The Tainted Love boost isn't rewarded while we have won more then 40k. Is there something going on?
  18. I am posting on behalf of several members of my alliance, Olympus Overlords in the League of Kings. On their path layouts, the phoenix unit will not cross any barricades. It shows them attempting to fly over, then glitch and flicker back to behind the barricade. It keeps doing this over and over again. I've tried my own path and some others in my alliance and it is not doing this for everyone. Seems like it is affecting lower level players (though would like to hear from anyone with another experience) but have only a very limited sample size so can't be sure. Please have a look at this asap as it is making their defenses pretty useless. Thanks!

    Sergeant rank

    Rather than expand the number of alliance members who can build watch towers I would like to see a way of restricting so that not all generals have that authority.
  20. I used to love this game. So addictive. Designed that way. Now at lvl 116 using my most buff Perseus at lvl 20 I have lost 5/5 battles. Absolutely ridiculous on the part of FG. This post is mainly about the bugs in Artemis Piercing venom. Why when activated does it suddenly and without warning shoot in completely the wrong direction on manual play after I line it up perfectly?? Really frustrating. Please fix for iOS.
  21. seems like blacksmith event is left out by flare..... feels like it was a year ago since the last event..... most of us are waiting for it to come back when will flare give it a go even just once a month....
  22. Doesn't seem to be much going on since December 2017. Has this game been abandoned for other projects??
  23. Hello RR2, the best you can give us is the option to change the name of the alliance, even if only once, just as they already had the nicknames changed once. We have long struggled with the name of KINGS OF INDONESIAN and it does not correspond to the country of its members and that makes many Latinos reject our invitations because of the name of the alliance, we would be very grateful for your help! Thank you in advance and I await your response
  24. Hey guys! I was thinking of new colors as a rank... For example Black as co-leader and can make even generals but nothing else, and the fuchsia... i think is a really cool things. Let me know what you think... Maybe we will see it! 💀
  25. Guys, not sure if anyone mentioned this before so do not bark offensive responses please. Could it be better if conquest took place once in two or three months, it is a bit boring especially if you are facing really strong ally (which we know happens with current matchmaking system) and second thing that makes it boring fact that you can’t eliminate other ally from play. We should be able to attack strongholds and eliminate others. Otherwise you battle for 6 days without any sense except rewards (which not always arrive on time if at all) make it as a all in war so if player reaches opposition’s base it would take top 20 or whatever numbers of players to battle for 24 hours without possibility of quick win. Maybe this would make it bit more interesting. Some alliances (if not majority) conquest is lacking battles so they arrange big wars at the set locations just to keep them doing something not just wonderyaround map like headless chickens ?.
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