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Found 117 results

  1. Hi, Please make a feature that would allow us to see how many times each perk on an item or building...has been forged. Thank you!
  2. Philstar

    Zeus needs demolition now

    So obviously post update barricades and gate have got substantial increases in health (a blessed max lvl barricade with modest oddesy bonus has 500k + health) notably barricade and gate being the main defence obstacles. Now as we can't change any gear we have to deal with what we have regarding Zeus/Hades (Hades tartarus power solves his issue) I find Zeus very underpowered when facing TL enemies. At lvl 140 Zeus does just about 26k damage per second; basically takes about 12-15 seconds to destroy a max barricade (barricades have 50% phys resistance), and when faced with 9 of them and a 1 million health gate (needs another 20+ seconds), time (even though he controls it by his own power) is always against him. He needs probably 10% innate demo to be usable at high lvl.
  3. Hi everyone...usually there are beasts to defend our bases and pals to help us in battles! BUT WHAT IF WE DON'T WANT THEM? Please enable uncheck!
  4. AlfreBella

    we got lost

    Hi Madlen !!! why do not we have a promo this week? First collector has passed. rather disappointing. because we did not find anything in the boxes every 4 hours. do you expect something important after ninja event? I hope so!!!
  5. we have been matched with very strong alliances rank 34, 168 and 186, while our rank is 217. its been long 5 annoying days of conquest where we had the least fun of all alliances. we would like to ask Flare, please repair your match making. it shouldn't be depending only on tier rank, but also on alliance rank.
  6. In 2018 there was only 1 community week (in the 2nd half of April, without considering community month in March), while in 2017 there were more community weeks (for example in May and in August). It would be very sad to finish 2018 with only "1" community week, thus I suggest the next community week in about 2 weeks or before the end of this year. It's also a good reason for players to continue this game.
  7. Good day. I and my alliance are struggling with the problem of the game. Frozen screen. We can not normally lead battles. Why are not you doing anything about it?You can not normally lead a conquest with this problem.
  8. I know it's hard to realize but the last few months it happened more often ... the servers are not working properly and/or the game is not working as well. Will there be a weekend monitoring with emergency help for the game in the future? At the weekends alliance is alliance war / ninja / Pro league is running … all Players would like to play without errors .... atm there are solutions to faults always mondays
  9. LordFrenchFry

    Fix the Problem

    Three times today I've gotten 80% and above and knocked down the gate and got the rotten surprise of -12,-13, and -17 on those attacks. I'd like to know if you guys think they should change it.
  10. I have some great games to make the game harder and better. 1. Do more information about the clan when we want to join. Last seasons and all boosters. 2. The scenery can give cool bonuses. When we have Burned Rocks, we can have a better Gargoyle and Pyromancer Tower in defense. When we have Northland, we have a better cold tower and froster. 3. Perform daily tasks. 4. Add video from the battle when the enemy attacked our castle. After adding this, we can see our gaps in action. I'm sorry i made mistake 😂. I checked translations. 🎲
  11. OK I'm going to touch this sensitive subject because I've noticed quite a lot this past few weeks regarding trophy lvl of enemies on islands. Basically I'm borderline top 100 and am lvl 130 (20k+trophies), so I don't have a ridiculous trophy cap holding me back anymore, but yet It seems the top 75 almost never appear on my islands! Yet of course I get attacked daily by such players. (this isn't the issue, but why a one way street.) Basically you thought to make it easier for us by taking away high lvl trophy enemies from the islands, but instead put identical difficulty opponents in their place. In reality there is NO DIFFERENCE in difficulty between a lvl 131 titan league player with 19k trophies and a player with 25k trophies. The only difference is now they never appear on our islands. So how do you find these elusive players of the top 50? I have no idea, I have thousands of battles over the past month or 2 yet never seen for example Dumpster ever. Seen the top guy once. The others I might see once every few weeks. The image below is not aimed at singling players out but just to show what I'm saying. FG @Madlen they (the devs) said they it's hard to tinker with the system as it's finely balanced or something, yet last update you managed to mess with it and put easy opponents on the inner islands (which isn't bad in itself - allows people to lvl up Artemis/Ajax with no fear of losing for example. Right now this distribution of high lvl trophy enemies is pathetic, IMO you just made them all the end of the day if they are there to attack it is through choice if you decide to do so; many used gems to improve their trophy count also. (so there are corporate implications here - nobody will use gems on a +3 trophy enemy, who is as hard as a 30k trophy enemy) To sum up just in case you missed it, that sever update was an still is an abomination.....needs fixed. Ready the critics... In addition I always seem to get the same players over and over and over again. I can find the same player 3 times in one day easily. Earlier today I cleared an island an 2 mins later the same guy appeared on another island. It's like we have a small 'pool' of players that are in our big time - for him mainly. Edit- top guy just appeared on my islands for the 2nd time ever, perhaps you saw my post?
  12. Not sure if you guys are fixing this for the next Conquest, but each research costs around 50k wisdom and that takes an alliance about 3 days to generate. So we research a total of 5 things by the time Conquest ends? Not sure what the point of that is. When considering Research wisdom costs you need to look at the wisdom generators on the map and the amount alliances can reasonably generate every day. I'm not sure who decided these wisdom costs, but even at a simple glance you can see it's very wrong.
  13. I've noticed that lots of alliances that did NOT get 2nd/3rd place in the Conquest (ended today) STILL have the Snake Tower and Gargoyle boost active. I'm guessing they earned these boosts in last month's Conquest and extended both of them past this Conquest, so they still have them. This has to be a bug, right?
  14. Hi, a War Declaration Cooldown on the Conquest tile after a War has finished on it seems like a very good thing. I'm not sure about how long the Cooldown should be (30 minutes or an hour?). This would help prevent the losing alliance from restarting the war on that tile before players from the winning alliance have a chance to move somewhere else or refill on troops, etc. It's an exploit that is really decreasing the enjoyment many players are having from Conquest since they are perpetually stuck on a tile for days at a time (unless they are online 24/7 just waiting for the war to end on that tile). Additionally, the amount of time 1 player can hold 10+ players on a tile is crazy right now.
  15. Warriornator

    Fix your Broken Forums Website Please

    Since this morning I cannot access anymore this forums and got a lots of trouble to enter it in this screenshot is writed : the owner of this website has configured this website improperly So now each time we open Firefox to access we must do so annoying step like click and click and click exception in security Please fix this like before.Thanks
  16. BobotheMighty

    Medals for Conquest fights

    Hi, I think Conquest fights should be tied into the medals system. We get medals for wars, so I see little reason why they aren't in Conquest. Also it would help players determine base strength (since # of medals roughly equals base difficulty) when they go to attack a player in Conquest without having to go outside and look in the leaderboard for their medal total.
  17. So we have the update, which looks pretty good, and I'd say puts defence firmly back on top once all upgrades have been considered. I was wondering when the fix will come for bugged Gk's/etc. Having recently experienced several times recently a hero and troops being destroyed by Gks doing 1 or 2 hits! (and hero with some phys res) I'm thinking these Perseus Gk's must be applying 100k damage per second, and to be honest I find this quantity of damage ridiculous when you consider the max health of some troops is barely over 100k. So my questions are will there be a cap to Damage per second? And is the reflect/area damage bug sorted out (I'm guessing no)? These high damage (bugged?) Gk's make dealing with an upgraded chaos gate in excess of 1 Million health impossible without troops (apart from Herc, maybe Athena). Pyro invocation barely dents the gate now also ( might want to raise the power of all invocs in line with new lvls ) @Madlen
  18. At first,you took Phalanx Wall and Chaos Gate from the most alliances out there. 99% players will never have the chance to try 3 new war blessings. Now,there are too many alliances with Gigas Trebuchet activated and prolonged blessing and soon more teams will have them,too. Is it intented to constantly punish all players outside of the Titan league? I constantly suffer from attacks of privileged players who harvest/grind trophies ,they destroy everything from a safe distance with their Gigas Trebuchets! Please don't wait,give to all teams in Titan league this blessing now.We are waiting them to take all our trophies,as they took all blessings away.We only exist for them!
  19. Hi. When the alliance party begins. We need it in the near future.
  20. Hello, A fellow teammate has lost 12 trophies while having destroyed everything but the GK (photo attached). Is it a bug? If not, could you please explain the reason? Thank you very much!
  21. I got some questions regarding Structures, GK and Demolition. Since the game got changed many times, nerfed items/heroes etc..why don't you make GK vulnerable to Demolition? After all isn't the GK a Structure? Structures are vulnerable to Frostbite aswell...GK no, could it be possible to mount up to 3 resistances to the GK? Like Physical Resistance, Fire and Thunder.. doing so we can build the proper layout and the proper Gk. Doing so, we won't face immortal GK, unless by breaking the Gate and skipping the GK you could give us 100%.
  22. Philstar

    Physical Resistance Perk too low

    Greetings, So as many players may not be aware the physical resistance perk is about a third weaker than a normal elemental resistance perk (fire/ice,etc). So for example an excellent in lvl perk for fire may give 72% fire resistance, while a similar physical resistance perk will give about 48% physical resistance (about a third less). Now post update (in fact post forge refining update) non-shielded heroes (maybe not so much Hercules as he has very high health) are massively inferior due to the lack of 2 additional gear slots. But even worse now when facing many TL high lvl players, the gatekeepers have been refined to have game-breaking physical damage stats (maybe I'll open another thread for this subject as it's getting beyond a joke). I've fought many battles with heroes such as Ariadne/Odysseus and even more with Prometheus and you really don't want to use them for end game bases. Shielded heroes can simply refine any shield, and hey presto your hero has near max physical resistance. Non shielded heroes are the only heroes to actually apply physical resistance perks on gear, so why would it be lower already!? These phys res perk values are fine for the base in general, but not now with uber damage gatekeepers able to kill heroes in literally 2-3 seconds (and not with the DR/area damage bug) @Madlen
  23. Operating System - Windows 10 PC For last 2 days I am getting inappropriate ads from "Scatter Slots". It explicitly states its 18+ and contains very inappropriate pictures. I do not know in what forum i have to report, sorry if it is in wrong forum
  24. Doesn't seem to be much going on since December 2017. Has this game been abandoned for other projects??