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Found 4 results

  1. The Ghostbusters are looking for new recruits to help them rejoin the ranks of the top alliances in the game. We're an experienced, organized and well-respected alliance, made up of a loyal group of players who are equally interested in winning torches and earning booty. We like to win AND have fun doing so! We communicate regularly--in-game and on our Line chat--to help our members improve as individual players and our team as a collective fighting unit. We share game tips and news, review defenses and discuss war strategy to keep our players engaged in the game, while doing their best and having the most fun in the process. We invite all active, experienced and team-first players meeting the following criteria to apply to join our group of true Olympians: Ascension level: 100+ Victory points: 5000+ Hall of Uranus: Minimum Level 9 (150k+/daily) War activity and a positive, cooperative attitude are mandatory. Apply in-game or friend/msg me on Line for more info. Best of luck to all applicants!IssarusGhostbusters GeneralLine ID: issarus Band ID: Issarus
  2. Hello everyone! ΝΕΜΕΣΙΣ is recruiting active warriors to perform all sorts of atrocities and bloodshed while adhering to what you might call an antique style! As you might have guessed, we are the usual competitive, goal driven and team-oriented group of like-minded individuals seeking slaves acolytes partners... Except there is slightly more than just that, of which I will remain silent for the time being. Amongst the things we offer are: Essential buffs (Barricades, Apollo + Poseidon/Spearman/Griffin) all the time Almost all buffs during Wars and sometimes during weeks Discord group with news bot and player war stat audit (So that you can have tangible evidence of your slaughtering efficiency) Tips, help and the good old school chat, for it surely feels crap to wreak havoc in lonesome silence Significant number of players that speak English, Greek or both. Minor number of players capable of communicating in Spanish, Russian, Indian and a couple of other languages... No matter what kind of gibberish your agonizing victim is screaming - we can translate it. Amongst the things we demand are: Participation in wars. We understand the nature of "Angry wife" and "Family" phenomenons, as well as sh1t having a occasional slight tendency to happen and there can be exceptions here and there, but if you cant afford it most of the time - dont bother. Active communication. We WANT to know how you are doing and, during wars that is, what you are doing. We value teamwork and would like new members to share this feeling, as such principles are key to fighting well. In order for this to happen we require our members to install discord app, which use for the aforementioned reasons. Constant progress. Yet again, we understand that there are real things to interfere, but expect our members to show some progress. For when you are not moving forward, your foe does. 75k Hall of Uranus minimum. The eternal war is a costly initiative and we expect everyone to have a fair share of it. Lvl 80+ for most part, due to our war efforts the mean level of our opponents is 95+. If you feel like you are experienced enough or progressing fast, though, we would gladly welcome you. You have been warned about the hardships though. Some concrete stats to give you a better picture of what we are: 34 player slots 171186 Trophies 29th Level 70 Torches Rank 53 Do not hesitate to contact me via personal message, reply directly in this topic, or find me in Line (b4ckd00r) or discord (Infamous#9507), should you have questions! Should you be willing to join, all the aforementioned means of communication apply with the addition of searching " ΝΕΜΕΣΙΣ " (No quotation marks though) in game instead. Happy violence everyone and hope to see you in our ranks! P.s. We are recruiting unless it is stated otherwise, so ignore us being full (In most cases we have enough gold to level up immediately)
  3. Hello kings and queens! Our alliance Nuovalpeas II is looking for new players. We are currently at level 57 and on the leaderboard we are ranked on position 119. What players are we looking for? Be active in war but also in team chat Be able to play ALL your battles during a war season You must be over 3,500 trophies Minimum donation of 500k Required hero level is 90 or above Use gems in CoF when you play as champ in a war season. In return we offer you: Permanent boosts of Blazing Knights, Tough Barricade, Range Bomber, Stunning Ogre, Raging Wolf and Storm Canons Other boosts can be activated after discussion with the generals. You can be promoted to general based on loyalty, donation and activity in war and team chat A very active, funny and social team!! Just like every other team we have some rules: Donate daily Respect your team mates Finish at least 3 successful attacks in war season Win at least 3,000 skulls in war season We do not tolerate bad words If you are interested to join us please send me a private message in the forums or send me an in-game message. My IGN is Mas Miikael II. FORZA Nuovalpeas!!
  4. Age of Legends! Alliance Level 17 Main Language: English Trophie Requirement: 1500 We are a friendly and very competitive alliance. We love to win alliance wars. We also have a decent amount of cashers so free chests all the time! Like any alliance, donate every day! Hero level is not what we focus on, as long as you have 1500 or more trophies. We usually have boosts on as long as we have the donations to afford it. RULES: Be friendly to other alliance members. Participate in alliance wars. Do not activate boosts! (Only leader or generals can.) Donate every day.
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