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Found 19 results

  1. Can anyone show me your current scores at running conquest? Any (all) alliances. ⚔️ Let's gather those scores here. We will find them useful, all of us.
  2. Hi Since Conquests and especially vip chats many players are who want to make notifications and at least view the VIP chat. This urges the to be generals but they cannot be made generals in high rank teams. To Solve this issue and get a better communicating experience the 3 rank system should be replaced by a 5 rank system. Also 5 rank system will make players more responsible because a rank 2 or 3 player would not want to do thing that will lead to his demotion. Also they wont switch teams often as generals don't probably a general never leaves an alliance until its a merger or he goes inactive. Rank 5 Leader : Full control Rank 4 Commander : Able to Promote/Demote/Kick Players of rank 2 or lower + All controls Current Generals have. Rank 3 Generals : -command flags. Rank 2 Lieutenants : Current Soldiers + able to participate/see VIP chats and make(and/or also clear) notifications. Can see the activity status assign troops and may start tech upgrades and watch towers. Rank 1 Soldiers : current soldiers Also A war/public chat can be introduced in which all members/rank 2 members of the waring alliances can participate. Chats need some new graphics like full screen or half screen to continue watching conquest board and typing. Also typed text should be saved for some time because whenever I have to talk about a tile I see its number type a line then forget the number. Then I have to go back and repeat the procedure. Sometimes I forget again ?. It would be better If chat is full screen and another button at bottom right corner to send messages directly including option for vip chat having window similar to tile info window. Alliances should be able to sign peace Treaties with upto 2 other alliances not during wars with them for a minimum of 3 or 6 months. These cannot be provoked until ended. Players in Friend alliances cannot attack each other but cannot test the defenses either. It should say "Under Peace Treaty" and display grey color. This system can also lead to another type of chat friend alliances. It can also lead to another type of conquest that can be 2 vs 2 would be same as it is now only two already friend teams will be on the same map. A better Sector system can be introduced in which there are 20 to 60 teams having one combined team and war chat. Teams in a sector will be matched with one another. It will then be better to make friends in current sectors and players will be able to see what teams they can be matched up against. All these Things will improve strategy of the conquests making it a challenge and also easier to master up. cause there will be more then one ways to victory. Also Can it be possible to send gifts at least gold and food to other alliance members?
  3. Hello , so today is the last day of conquest and as i'm a general i have to be online to organize soldier, movement, etc .. but flare said no they force me to take a break of the game when i have a lot of problems to solve , plans to put and discuss and soldier to help in movement how can i do all of this when i'm forced to take a break ?????? thanks flare i think this is the stupidest thing ever
  4. 1) May be an idea to give players in conquest mode some special skills like: - scout: faster move (more than 4) and lower cooldown, with less power on attack. - champion: more power but give extra reward to opposite team if killed - .... 2) May be also an idea to limitate the number of lifes to 3 f.ex...so you avoid kamikaze mission or avoid players getting killed to come back faster to headquarter insteas of returning by road in case of danger.
  5. As it stands right now, just like noticed and experienced by several people... The Conquest mode current matchmaking algorithm is to say the least... "insufficient". My suggestion is not only to pick alliances by tier, but also to add the following rules: Level requirement: All 4 alliances shall have at most, a 10 level difference from the lower to the higher level alliance. Example: If the lower level alliance is level 40, the stronger of the 4, shall be at most level 50. Explanation: At the moment, alliances are battling others of 20 or even 40 levels above! (Which is nonsense) This is aimed at fixing the "alliance bullies" problem. Worker requirement: The difference between the lower and maximum number of workers, shall be at most, 2 workers. Example: If the weakest (workers) alliance "A" has 3 workers, the stronger of the 4 can have a maximum of 5 workers. Explanation: Some alliances are conquering the map really fast because they have a lot of workers... The problem is that such wouldn't be "expected", due to the low tier they're playing at. (pay 2 winners, jesus christ...) This is aimed at fixing the "alliance-2day-maxscore-GG-WP" problem. Troop requirement: Between all 4 alliances, the difference of lower and maximum amount of troops per soldier shall be at most 100. Example: If the worst alliance can have 300 troops per soldier, the best of the 4, should have a maximum of 400. Explanation: Sometimes, there's a few members of an alliance guarding a WatchTower but besides them being weak... Since their troop count is much much greater, even if the number of defenders vs attackers is equal... You either: A) Get stalled for 24 hours in a boring fight, B )Lose the fight, since they only need a dumb low skull count to win the fight This should fix another "pay2winner" problem, but also fix the max 24 hours boring fights.... I also thought about adding other rules to this like: wisdom, alliance leaderboard ranking, etc.... But I didn't want to complicate more, as this seemed to solve the bigger matchmaking problems right now. What do you think @everyone / Madlen? Feel free to discuss the rules/values mentioned (some were just thought in the moment after all )
  6. So hard to decide. I wanted to pick 5 or 6... or All Maybe an All of the above option? Voted for too long tho. Almost over, now that is the best part. When it ENDS!!!????
  7. Following the discussion about Yggdrasil being rewarding or not: Right now, the special tile "Yggdrasil" is giving +20 extra points. This may be good or not depending on the tier we're playing at. For my tier which is 125, this is a good value, but for tiers above it's a bit unrewarding. I think this tile extra points should be scalable, according to the tier. So my suggestion is to make it give 20% (more or less) of the total score. For example: tier125=20 points, tier175=35 points, tier225=50 points, etc.... At least this sounds rewarding, while not being exaggerated at all . What do you think?
  8. Can anybody tell me How is this score counts work??? I checked that it is automatically getting low.
  9. Is (will) it be possible to change a guard once placed on a tower in conquest mode. I can understand that it not possible when under attack. But it would be nice to correct a "mistake".
  10. Aside from the points what do we get from windmills. I know mines grant stones, library knowledge, and village troops. What if anything do we get from the windmills.
  11. So I almost live in fear as I see the conquest mode growing closer.... Are there any updates of what will be changed ? Or fixed? What should we be expecting? 1: Are we expecting another 8 day long 24x7 insanity?...... [Not playing if so] 2: Are we expecting updates to the chat area so we can competently communicate with our players? The chat area is antiquated and needs basic functions like cut and paste for translations. 3: Are we expecting better instructions to players so that leaders and generals are not forced to do that job alone? 4: Are we expecting the ability to opt out if we wish not to participate in a particular months conquest? Will we be provided a list of changes and updates to the conquest mode in advance, or will we just be thrown into it to decipher on our own again? personally I just wish we were having some ninjas...... However , I want to properly prepare my team. So it would be nice to know what we are expecting? That way we can decide if we want to even leave the castle? Anxious to hear what will change ? Or if it will be the same thing as before? Thanks...??
  12. When we researched technology that gives +3 for Heroes War Battles, we could not use them. Only 5 attacks, still. Does it depend on number of heroes in battle or how does this work?
  13. Dear players, we have now performed two live server updates. This will give you your conquest chests. Additionally, I also want to inform you about some other news: Conquest: - All players, who participated in the conquest, should have received all their chests now. If not, please contact support: https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new - Refunding gold: We want to refund the gold alliances have spent on the +3 Max War Battles- bug on the tech tree asap. I will inform you when this will be implemented. - The new date for the upcoming conquest will be the 5th of September. We work hard to implement changes suggested by the community to the new conquest. As said earlier, due to the time being we have to evaluate the most important changes that make it into the new conquest first. Not all of them can make it in time into the new version. I will soon start giving an overview to the improvements of the new conquest. Other news: - The new Ninja event will start on the 28th of September. - And we have a surprise event for you, which will start next week Thursday. I will give out more details next week Have a good evening, Madlen
  14. Dear players, Thank you for your feedback over the course of the last few days.?‍♀️ We have received it and we want to implement as much as possible for the new conquest. Due to the time being we have to evaluate the most important changes that make it into the new conquest first. Not all of them can make it in time into the new version. In the future we are planning to have one conquest per month. I will inform you about the upcoming changes for the new conquest asap. Madlen
  15. I think ninja event should be sandwiched between the conquest mode and the war season. Because most of us must be feeling fatigued after 7 rigorous days of conquest event, and they just started war season. And for generals it is nightmare even during war season.So to not make it tense frequently FG should insert ninja between these two events as ninja demands less activity than those two events. Hope flare is listening. Thanks and regards.
  16. Here is a new idea... STOP the horrible mess now, give everyone the rewards, and thank them for participating in your testing!! I think we have all done more work in the testing of this 8 day gruel fest than the developers did. So why not reward all teams that participated so they can all try the new items. And let us get some damn sleep!!
  17. When you switch alliances does your conquest building levels stay the same or do you have to start over rebuilding them from level 1?
  18. Hi everyone. i just return to this game after quite a long time stopped playing and noticed there is a new mode called conquest after i joined the alliance because everyone talking about it, the alliance member asked me to participate but i cant find any button to open conquest map. I looked up in youtube video and try upgrade e building in stronghold , quick sent all resources , rolling to top, bottom of the screen , clicking every bulding but nothing happen .Not sure if a bug or i still missing something, so i post here, hoping for advice . I also read the FAQ and seem like there is doesn't any thing similar to my problem , please help . ? I also want my gems using to quick sent back please ?
  19. I'm the leader of the alliance Sumcronic420 and I need members that want to be the best and try to take the number one spot. Alliance is a lvl9 as of now but if I had players that played and donated it would be higher all I ask of if you join is to have fun play donate and get a long with each other. My name in the game is Sumcronic1 add me if ya want to.?????????
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