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Found 16 results

  1. Hallo All, Whenever, I click on a promo ad to double raid gold, get a chest, get a boost, etc. there s a 3 out of 4 chance that the game will crush. Is it my mobile phone? (I have an alcatel pop4) or is it a game thing?
  2. Hi. Game keeps on crashing and all of my team are losing war fights and we are losing in war season due to this Please fix this
  3. The game crash using archers with double boost
  4. this new year all players waiting for new futures but this year is full of bug and that all because of pro league fix this bug league this game going to dead
  5. From a certain moment my Nonstop Knight constantly crashes. It started with commercials and now the game crash without cause just after start. This happened even if the mobile is running only a game after the restart the phone and nothing else. I use the iPhone 6+ 128GB. My game ID is 1F991395. Game version is 1.8.5-#d30c7b29, iOS version is 10.2.1 Can you help me and fix the game? If I reinstall the game I lose my progress? Thank you
  6. hi dear , i add a tonneeeee.... of bug after the patch come out..... Now i get no more Reward from watching video, purple chess do not propose me anymore to watch a add for gold, token, get armor,cap,weapon........ store do not show gem price when deal come out and the store do not refeshing.....well and for other problem i just take some screenshot so lets the picture talk for me ... ( cause im realy not good to english... :/ ( im french lol )) Its really make me pissing me off too not to be able to get the event.......... My device is my: LG G5 Actual Version for Nsk : 1.8.-#d30c7b29 name and User id : Alex / 609ccdf3 Error as been arrival to 2017-02-28 This one said : error as come ! sry ( when i tryed to participate and get the even to get the crab.... )
  7. So... I've been playing this game for the last 3 days and I'm hooked.... I've spent about $20 in purchases progressing through this game. I felt good with the progress I've made but when I tried to log back into my game tonight I saw my reward and then clicked on it and my game/phone crashed and it restarted my phone. Once back up I launched Nonstop Knight and it reset everything.... I had to go through tutorial all over again. Now.... my Google play account was tied to the game prior and is now... but it won't load my previous history/purchases. Can anyone help me please?????? I am running version 1.7.3#1c713622 A385ECC9 I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910V Andoid version 6.0.1
  8. When i am claiming my hedge OR is crashing. please help i cannot use 1 of my worker anymore.
  9. LBH1


    I know you guys are working on the issue with the crashes. And the trebuchets. But in addition to that, I really feel like some PR work is in order from FG. There have been a lot of top players that left this weekend in frustration. I'm not planning to leave (yet), but I'm not buying any gems right now. Please consider providing a conciliatory gem pack or a few titan chests. I really feel that you guys are doing what you can and that you are sorry for the issues, but we spend money on this game and these issues make me feel that we aren't getting what we pay for. Thank you, LBH1
  10. I updated to iOS 10.0.2 and every time I try to watch a video my game crashes. Every single time.
  11. [This is going to be long.] Before I even say anything let me tell that I am a noob. Many players have been playing this game for more than 1-2 years and I just installed it a month back. Hell I even registered myself on your forum only about 5 days ago, so I may not be very 'experienced' or 'expert' in your game but this doesn't mean I don't love your game. Before continuing further I think I must tell you a few things about me and my experince with your game so that you can have a rough idea who you are talking too. *Big fan of gaming. *Installed Royal Revolt 2 about a month back. *My current level- 50 *I am a free player, haven't spent a single penny yet. *In 'Rise of the Ninjas'. -Didn't crash a single time while playing the ninja islands (Despite the fact that my device has only 512 MB RAM. Windows Phone 8.1) -Ninja level is 3. -Secured 1st rank in my tier. -Spent only 15 gems to skip cooldown. -I'm on vacation so I have a lot of time. I even played many battles in the middle of the night. We loved you (and I still love you): There are many 'war' games, there are many 'stratagy' games and there are many adventure games. Many other games have bigger community, better graphics and less role of money. But I've never seen any game balancing these different thing so well to create someting that can be enjoyed by any age group even when they don't want to spend money. The fact is if someone has patience to wait he/she can be one of the top players of the game even without spending money. You were doing pretty well before the ninja event and everybody loved you but the hatred started after you launched your new version (2.5) so lets talk about the Ninja Event. The 'Rise of Frustation': -You announced the Ninja Event more than 25 days before launching and when it finally started after so much waiting (not to mention the nailbiting Facebook countdown teaser + 4 days extra waiting) you messed up. You messed up BIG. Your servers went down and our hearts sank. -We were disappointed because we were expecting a lot fom you. Hell you wanted us to expect. And what did you give us- new 'special uber items' like a Chicken Leg. Are you kidding me? A freaking chicken leg? This may be funny to you but you should know know the difference between 'creativity' and 'insanity'. My Hero represents 'me' in the game. I am a decent person and I would never like my Hero wandering around with a goddamn Chicken Leg in his hand. It is mocking my King. It is like making fun of the game itself! -Increased role of money. Although you were taking care of free players before the update, you took your money extracting attitudes to whole new hights when you made it almost impossible for players to perform well in the Ninja Event without spending gems no matter how skilled he/she is (my case is an exception because nobody plays in the middle of the night). Why does this game want all of our time and money? -The frequent connection problems: And when someone finally uses their hard earned money to excel in the game they are welcomed with a Connection Error message. If you are taking so much money give us standard service. -Frequent Crashes. Though I am not a paying player, I can fully understand the pain of someone who spends their thousands of gems to skip cooldowns and crashes in the middle of a battle. And then you give them a compensation of 200 gems and a 'sorry'. Sometimes a 'sorry' is not enough'. But I understand: -I understand that you are here to do business. I know that to keep such a big thing alive for such a long time you need big resources. -I understand that this is a 'free to play' game and not a 'free' game. You could have made it 'only for paying players' and still many would've played it. The fact that you have made every bit of the game available for free players also who are willing to wait, is appreciable in itself. -And the good thing thing is your stand is very clear. You want to take care of all of your players, that's why you communicate so frequently, give away thousands of gems in raffles and give compensations (though not enough for many). I like your caring attitute, and the fact that you have accepting your mistakes and trying to work on them. *And finally a few suggestions -Please remove the awkward weapons. -Fix the crashes and server problems (Hire more and better people in your team). -Change the format of the Ninja Event. -Develop a system to find the (real) players who have lost gems and could't get good rank in the Ninja Event because of crashes and connection errors and compensate them well. Thank you for reading! I think we will stay togeter for a while
  12. So after a bunch of update patch and FG still can't fix the crash issue ( Crash before entering CoF ) what do you think about a temporary solution for it ? I suggest you should allow players who "didn't" open any chest in CoF after winning a battle ( by crashing or turning the game off by mistake ) can enter the CoF back when they log in again ( during the online session still ) CoF is going to be important not just in wars anymore, now Ninja events also use it for taking advances of the win. So please consider about the solution. Thanks for checking.
  13. Hi! Since yesterday all of my attacks with only Herkules fail because of game freezes. No other hero seems to be affected by this. Cost me tons of ambrosia and trophies.
  14. Hi flaregames. Perhaps, flare knows how serious the problem of game crash is, especially during the war season. I know your service team do their best to fix it but as you know, too many times has passed and nothing has changed. Whenever upgrading the game, more frequently happened. So, I suggest one reasonable method. Simply, eliminate getting bonus skulls from C.o.F after clearing the opponents. But, it is not quite simple thing because the number of skulls ate related to getting chests. So, how about adopting bonus skulls directly for the opponents by the ranks. Ex. If we clear ranked 1 who is upper 95 level, we can get 1015 skull with skull perks % and 100 bonus skull directly without opening c.o.f. That might be quite fare. Currently, it is reeeeeeeeally unfair. We can stand about not getting other chests including items, perls, germs or gold. It is okay as long as flare cannot fix crash problem. I play game since I want to release my stress but nowadays, I got more stress due to crashes. Maybe, flaregame lost chance to get more money coz we do not spend germs to open additional skull bonus. You can make us spend germs during the war season. Ex. Make us spend germs to buy bread only for playing on the war map. Increase num. of bread. Please, accept my suggestion. If you can not fix for crash right now, the game is unfair. Really. Really. Thx. My game account : heavenstar
  15. Many of us experienced the game crash, bad connection, connection lost, etc. These errors made us lose the already won battle, precious food, trophies, medals, time and many things. Every time the errors occurred, the game will reload and we'll lose everything. You already lose tons of players just because of this. None of us can be happy. So, instead of reload the game, please just resume the game where we were i.e. between the battle or waiting for the chamber of fortune. You just need to add some checkpoint so we can get back when the game crashes. To prevent cheating and abusing, you may add some time limit e.g. 60 seconds, so we can get back in time, and actually we do get back in time every time the game crash. You already allow us to pause the battle for some seconds, so I suppose it'll be fine to resume the game from a checkpoint before the game crash.
  16. Question: I have lost my account/got a new phone/need to transfer my account from one device to another. What should I do? Answer: In case of an account loss, our support team can fully restore your account. Please contact them here: http://feedback.flaregames.com/ Please make sure to supply them with the following information: - The player name you used in your lost game - The player name of your newly created game - Some sort of proof that the game in question is actually yours: Your number of gemsYour number of pearlsYour king’s levelYour approximate registration dateInformation about your buildingsInformation about your currently running upgrades It is important that you provide our support team with the name of your newly created game so that they can transfer your old progress into it. Additionally, providing as much of the required information as you can will help us resolve your ticket as quickly as possible. Please note that it might take our support team a little bit of time to find and restore your old game. Q: I would like to sync my progress across two different devices. How can I do this? A: You can sync your progress across several decives as long as you are playing the Android or iOS version of the game. Account sharing is currently not possible on Windows devices. Android: To share your game on Android, please make sure that you are logged in with the same Google account on both devices. Play through the tutorial on your first device and give your king a name. Afterwards, download the game on your other device and start it. Your savegame should now load automatically and you should be able to play on two devices simultaneously. iOS: To share your game on iOS, please make sure that you are logged in with the same iCloud ID and have iCloud enabled on both devices. Create a game on your first device and give your king a name. Afterwards, start another game on your second device and play through the tutorial as well. Upon completing the first tutorial fight, the game will ask you if you want to sign in using your existing account. Confirm this option. You should now be able to play on two devices simultaneously. Q: I am experiencing a bug or some other problem with my game. Where can I report this? A: Our support team can help you sort out any technical difficulties you may experience while playing Royal Revolt 2. You can contact them here: http://feedback.flaregames.com/ Please make sure to give them as much information as possible pertaining to your problem, as well as the device that you are using. Doing so will help them to solve your problem as quickly as possible. Q: I can’t connect to the game. It gets stuck on the loading screen. What should I do? A: First, check if other apps can create a connection to the internet. If so, restarting your device or switching your internet connection on and off may solve the problem. If you were online for long stretches of time before becoming disconnected, please wait for a few hours before trying to log in again. If you are still unable to connect to you game afterwards, you can contact our support team here: http://feedback.flaregames.com/ Q: I bought a gem package and haven’t received it yet. Who should I contact about this? A: It can take a little while before an individual purchase is credited to your account. Please wait at least one hour before contacting our support team. If your purchase hasn’t processed within this time, then please contact the support team here: http://feedback.flaregames.com/ Please make sure to include your receipt number. Doing so will help the support team to resolve your ticket as quickly as possible. Q: Why is there no Fyber Video and TapJoy or another way to get free food on Windows Phone? A: These features cannot be implemented on Windows due to technical limitations. Fyber and Tapjoy in particular are currently not supported by Windows platforms. It is always our goal to make features available across all platforms. However, these limitations prevent us from doing so on Windows devices. Q: My game is crashing from time to time. Are you going to fix this? A: Most likely you are playing on an older device with 512mb of memory or less. Since Royal Revolt 2 requires sufficient memory to run smoothly, please make sure that there is enough space available on your device. You can do this by having no other apps running in the background or restarting your phone. We are still in the process of optimizing the game for older devices and may release further optimizations with coming updates. Q: I'm playing on a Windows 8 system and the game is not starting anymore, or crashes at a certain point. A: Please make sure that you have installed the latest drivers for your device/PC. First checkWindows update to see whether new updates are available. If no solution can be found this way, please check your graphics card driver. Graphic drivers are often distributed independently from other Windows updates. Therefore, checking for such updates manually may solve your problem. Q: I am playing the game on Windows PC and a new update has been released. However, I can't find it in the store. What can I do? A: Enter the Windows Store by clicking on the corresponding icon and follow these steps: Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap Settings. (If you're using a mouse, point to the lower-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer up, and then click Settings.) Tap or click "Check for Updates" Update Royal Revolt 2Q: I didn't receive the gems that I was meant to get for a Tapjoy offer A: You will have to contact Tapjoy directly to get the gems you are missing. Open Tapjoy within the game and click on the field that says "Missing Gems?" at the bottom to get into contact with them.
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