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Found 4 results

  1. Developers we beg you please fix this damn game. I never used to have an issue of game crashing in middle of a raid now it has happened a few times in the last week or so. You need to fix the crashing issue. Please make it a priority. Then you can go back to figuring out ways to get us to waste gems.
  2. Random game crashes iPhone 6

    Hi, ever since I started playing I've been experiencing random crashes along with the set backs. Just to clarify, by "the set backs" I mean- having to do what you've already done. For example: Having opened a purple chest with gold. Followed a crash it's like: voila! you realize that you never actually gotten that purple chest. Same heppened to me when I rolled atts for gems. I've gotten multiple atts that were awesome! However, followed by crashes they would occasionally go back and reset giving me my gems back. I'd say the time goes back 10 mins or so... could be very frustrating... I've read everything regarding this on forum in technical help as well as have written to support, nada! Any suggestions? -Cheers UPDATE: iphone 6 and latest ios as of today.
  3. The game is not starting ! after the update 2.5.3 on my Nokia Lumia 530. I had enough work playing this game to lose the progress that way! please help me.
  4. Crashes often on android

    Device:Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Operating system:Android 4.2.2 Steps to reproduce the problem: animations on screen progressively slow-down, then game suddenly reset. It start after upgrade 14.0.0, seems like amount of memory needed from game constantly grow up until it crash... Frequency: it happens always when I go out from dungeon, often when I open granny shop, preferred list, troops academy or during battle please help! thanks