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Found 3 results

  1. Doesn't seem to be much going on since December 2017. Has this game been abandoned for other projects??
  2. I was doing some tests with my Heal Aura ring and, not sure if it's just a wrong description, if the ring is not working properly or if I'm just being silly but... ? If my Viking has 20.110 HP and my ring heals 2.369 per second, shouldn't the heal aura make the Viking go back to full HP in less than 10 seconds? Or am I missing something here?? Why is it currently taking around 40 seconds to heal only 1 Viking that is out of combat?
  3. Hi Flares, -------------------------------------------------- (Update 2018-11-06: The same problem repeated at this Conquest. Please see the lastest reply for more info. We regreted about the failure of recovering as well as no compensation for the last error (for Oct's), which occured many alliances. We were lanked 4th at this Conquest partly because an important member had stacked at the tile. Please consider any compensate such as activates one of the three Conquest rewards). ---------------------------------------------------- One watchtower is reaching to lose because of the inability to take any war in this particular watchtower. No member can be seen in the list.. The war is in between the Korea . and the hades land alliance at the AC16 tile. Please advise.
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