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Found 12 results

  1. So as most of you know, Flaregames develloped a game called Dawn Of Steel. i’ve looked around the forums, and have seen no activity off the devs in over a year. Devs, if you read this, please help me with this. 1. Not finished; When i looked in the Rig Research menu, and scrolled all the way to the right, i saw Command Ranks and items not even available (like rig lvl 18 and ultra shotgun). And when i previewed some upgrades nothing showed up. This means that there are not yet obtainable CR’s (commandranks) in the game, and the amount of buildings is sadly lacking. 2. Glitches; whenever you look back a replay with a blink rig and a disruptor in it, there is a high chance of it freezing when the blink tp’s into the disruptor. 3. Balance; the tenev tower is the only end game ammunition weapon that is used, as it can shoot over walls and has incredible damage ( and the backside off not being able to place other buildings close to it is not a big enough backside, the size off the area is too small, and these area’s can overlap if you have more of the same tower). 4. Hacker problem; straight to the point with this one: hackers are a pain in the ass. their rigs cant die, they have an infinite battle timer and can oneshot everything. Losing to a single missile rig with your whole base is dissapointing. 5. Alliances; tho it is fun to have a chat wich you can understand with friends or with fellow players, alliances dont really do anything. so, what i mean to say with this is, If you are going to quit Dawn Of Steel, do it right and get most of these major problems out of the way before leaving your loyal playerbase without a warning. Thank you - Casper
  2. @GalaMorgane Would be nice to have had some info on Friday if the event is going to be all week or a 1-2 day event.
  3. Flare its about time you made SIGNIFICANT changes to events. Many events are useless to the players who have maxed everything. This current event is useless to many players because they have maxed their units and spells. There needs to be features in every event that will help maxed players. Its wrong that max players shouldn't have any benefit from events.
  4. The game is currently very overpowered in defense and to beat a base often requires minimum 1 timewarp and often multiple scrolls and revives. If we need to spend gems just for a normal raid, its only fair that we get the full value of the gems being spent on us. Otherwise the game is basically forcing us to pay to play. You will continue to lose long time players if things continue as is. Many people are frustrated.
  5. To whomever from flare who reads these, It would be very helpful to add donation to the current push notifications. Just like we are reminded about being able to donate insta troops and that our boosts have run out, we should also be reminded that our donation cooldown has expired and we can now donate. This is something that would really help every alliance especially now where there are new levels added and its so expensive to level up! Thanks for reading!
  6. Why does the counter stops at 300k dominance, isn't better to keep it counting for future updates so our progress wont be waisted?
  7. To the developers, Every time we get one of these events the gold is terrible. The average gold I see in matcher is about 100,000 which is pathetic. What good is 50% off bread if we need to do 3-4x as many raids to get what we would get out of event?! At least make the minimum gold to be found 300k! Please fix this. I speak on behalf of many irritated players. This issue needs fixing! Thanks
  8. This is to the developers or anyone who works for flare who has a heart. I am king level 114 and I buy MANY uber chests. I purchase the 5 for 50% almost every time offered and I have bought many of the 10 packs. I am literally sick and tired of being ripped off in these uber chests. I have unlocked all 8 slots in the Blacksmith and yet almost every PAID FOR chest I open has items with pearl values in low 20s sometimes ill get 2/6 items valued at 20-30s pearls. I dont know how you think its fair to do this?! I think the minimum pearl value item found in a paid uber chest should be no lower than 65 pearls. Either way anything lower than 50 feels like highway robbery. And when I get stuff worth 20 or so pearls I feel like calling the police because Ive been robbed! If you actually care about your paying customers please stop pick-pocketing us and giving bullshit in uber chests. Its bad enough how the game has come to a point where we are literally forced to buy ubers to get pearls so we can compete with other players who do the same. However giving low pearl value items is just a slap in the face. I think I have spent more than enough money to have my voice heard by management of this game. I hope to see a significant change in pearl values of items in uber chests. Show me that you give a damn about us high paying players!
  9. Please developers do something about the inactive players on each team on the boss hunts. They just don't contribute and result for everyone in the team not to complete the boss hunts. That's irritating and frustrating
  10. To developers n team FLARE, Please Make an option in menu Open Pending COF, this feature is like limited only for hour if someone has a crash before COF or in COF, game must automatically detect that we had a crash before COF.. COF pending option would be great b helpful for those who had crashed before COF or in COF.. and Flare can give us an option in COF pick later.. And it will be shifted n can pick later in COF pending menu... duration to open COF before should be like anything u give it to us... Ex- 10min 1hr, 2 hr etc. Flare this feature is awesome cool.. Please think of it... Thanks, n all of RR2 players will be very happy of this feature i guarantee you FLARE..
  11. Hi developers and members, Many people complain of there not being enough gold be it during an event or between wars. I'm sure everyone here has had "no gold" times. Some of us have it very often. It can be very frustrating to not be able to find enough gold to be able to fill up your treasure chamber in a realistic amount of time. Also, many times the matchmaker will show someone who has a lot of gold and when you attempt to attack that person, the game says that you can't because they are online. I have a simple solution to this. I think that we should be allowed to attack people who are online as well. This way it should be much easier to get gold and also for those who get attacked it will be easier to replace their gold. Maybe the developers can make a special gold shield button that players who are changing their base can activate. This button will be a once or 2x a day gold shield button which will protect the player's gold for 20-30 minutes and only works while the player is online. So once activated it will only stay active while the player is online so he can fix his base. Once he logs off his base is no longer protected and anybody can attack him unless he activated one of the standard gold shields. Guys please let me know what you think of this idea. The idea is not in final stages. This is just a concept. I'm sure there will have to be certain stops put into place so a player isn't farmed while hes online otherwise it will be difficult for some players to hold onto their gold. Feel free to comment and add suggestions on how this can be made to work or if you think its a bad idea you can say that too lol. Thanks for reading.
  12. Hello everyone, As you may know, i'm oPelle the admin of the Royal Revolt 2 Wiki with the other admin KingMartin123 we worked together for long time, then recently i had very few chance to meet again him in the wikia but in the meanwhile i had other good guys which helped me to fill the wikia as completely as possible so far. But even if we are in 2015 and the game is born long time ago there are still lot of things to understand, fill things, etc, and we are however still low guys which contribute for this Wikia (source of ispiration from lot of players to understand mechanisms of game level of towers/spells/troops etc). There are still many inconsistencies in some pages, and also lot of values need to be put because each of the contributors of this wikia have their own account, but of course we can't know every upgrade time, cost, level, damage, health of hero at certain level, etc if we don't progress in-game. We are still here to fill many things never touched before of some pages that could be very simply filled in few minutes but from which, we don't have lot of material to get those, because only developers can know. So i'm here to ask this big effort: i don't know if you Staff from Flaregames is allowed among you to spend your time also on other things like fill a wiki, because i think that if you do also this plus thing (that is help to correct and fill with the values, the data of the Royal Revolt 2 Wikia) you need to be paid more or i'm wrong and you can do it freely? I ask you this thing because you (developers) are the only one that can know all the exact values of spells, towers, etc, and we players do as much as we can, but of course not all things, as i said before, are completed at 100%. Lot of people messaged me because they liked the job i did so far on the wikia, but i always feeling the lack that i and the contributors need more people to fill and complete it because we lost lot of time and there are still things incomplete. So if any staff of flaregames would like to contribute on the wikia help us to fill it "completely" i'd thank you very much !
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