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Found 18 results

  1. @GalaMorgane Would be nice to have had some info on Friday if the event is going to be all week or a 1-2 day event.
  2. I would like to see in history of who attacked you how much TIME it took for their raid. That would give you an idea of how good or bad your base is vs various combos. Please add this important feature!
  3. Flare its about time you made SIGNIFICANT changes to events. Many events are useless to the players who have maxed everything. This current event is useless to many players because they have maxed their units and spells. There needs to be features in every event that will help maxed players. Its wrong that max players shouldn't have any benefit from events.
  4. The game is currently very overpowered in defense and to beat a base often requires minimum 1 timewarp and often multiple scrolls and revives. If we need to spend gems just for a normal raid, its only fair that we get the full value of the gems being spent on us. Otherwise the game is basically forcing us to pay to play. You will continue to lose long time players if things continue as is. Many people are frustrated.
  5. I'd want to know if this incoming week we will have Clash as usual or if it has already been removed and thus we'll have a war holiday .. that also for planning war bonuses. Thanks! ciao Arte_mus
  6. Developers we beg you please fix this damn game. I never used to have an issue of game crashing in middle of a raid now it has happened a few times in the last week or so. You need to fix the crashing issue. Please make it a priority. Then you can go back to figuring out ways to get us to waste gems.
  7. Hi flare developers, There should be an option before forging an item that will tell you the duration of the cooldown. You have that feature when upgrading an item, I think it should be there by forging as well so before we forge we should know how long it will take until the next time we can forge that tower, unit.... Thanks
  8. To flare developers @PaSte and others, The granny shop has been useless for most players for a long time probably well over a year and definitely since ubers were introduced to the game. In fact besides being useless, granny is also broken because the gem and pearl prices for certain items are completely unrealistic to their actual value I have seen items where granny charges 1000 pearls and the item is absolute junk. I think you need to completely change around granny, start putting in uber items (not everyone can afford to buy uber chest packages) and filter out junk and useless items. I also thing granny should work according to the king level of the player. Dont offer low level gear to a high level king. Also get rid of the foolish daily granny deal because its useless. Unless you change it into an uber item that will be of value to the players! Thanks
  9. Reset the timeout timer (for the Are you there ? window) when you type in the chat
  10. Dear flare developers or whomever reads these forums, Yous said you'd fix the bug in monk where monk wasn't healing over walls. Please make this a priority. Thanks!
  11. Many members spent a fortune in gems to speed up forge cooldowns and spent a fortune in pearls to forge Toxic. Now you went ahead and decided to nerf that (during community week!) spell rendering it basically useless. What you did is theft. You stole my gems and pearls. We all deserve a refund! If you have a problem with hackers getting illegal gems then we have a problem with you stealing ours for no apparent reason! I forged my useless toxic to 4 second cooldown. You can see how many times I sped up my forge cooldown on toxic. I want them all back! If you don;t reimburse us then you are thieves. No other way to say it. And if you have wondered why you keep losing members its because of this type of conduct. You seem to think youre above the law when in truth you belong in a jail cell!
  12. To the developers, For the longest time there has been a KNOWN BUG with ogres getting stuck in corners. Please fix this as it really ruins raids and makes the game less enjoyable for many players. There is no reason why ogres should get stuck in corners. Thanks
  13. Hi there, To my biggest surprise when i woke up this morning, all of our war blessings were gone from yesterday, tough we won first place!! I thought the blessings run out in around 20 hours... Am i wrong? Can someone explain what happened? Can developpers look into this matter? We worked hard for those blessings... Thx »»Gerger««
  14. Hi there, Can someone tell me why, oh why are my godlike and titan war spoils are filled with blessed(!) prestige?? Almost 60% of the spoils were like 4-5-6 prestige... At a fairly high level (94 to be exact) i can really wipe my ... floor with 6 prestige points, when i need like 8.000 to level up... I could do more with even 1 gem... Is this intended? Or is it just me again...? Thx
  15. Good morning, I want to ask what has changed in the Divine donations system. the price to be too high, renewing not be in proportion with activation. my covenant is spending too much money and did not find it very correct this system, emptied the coffers. I hope it is just a glitch that will soon solve and not a new way to donate. expect your news. I have an entire alliance to inform and hold together, hurry through.
  16. This is to the developers or anyone who works for flare who has a heart. I am king level 114 and I buy MANY uber chests. I purchase the 5 for 50% almost every time offered and I have bought many of the 10 packs. I am literally sick and tired of being ripped off in these uber chests. I have unlocked all 8 slots in the Blacksmith and yet almost every PAID FOR chest I open has items with pearl values in low 20s sometimes ill get 2/6 items valued at 20-30s pearls. I dont know how you think its fair to do this?! I think the minimum pearl value item found in a paid uber chest should be no lower than 65 pearls. Either way anything lower than 50 feels like highway robbery. And when I get stuff worth 20 or so pearls I feel like calling the police because Ive been robbed! If you actually care about your paying customers please stop pick-pocketing us and giving bullshit in uber chests. Its bad enough how the game has come to a point where we are literally forced to buy ubers to get pearls so we can compete with other players who do the same. However giving low pearl value items is just a slap in the face. I think I have spent more than enough money to have my voice heard by management of this game. I hope to see a significant change in pearl values of items in uber chests. Show me that you give a damn about us high paying players!
  17. Gerger


    Hi there, I would only like to ask when the developement is planning to release an update, or a new version of the game? It has been more than a month now... No hurries, but worries, because the longer we look at the "more coming soon", the more leaving soon... could you guys at least give us a date what we can look forward to? I know you guys work hard and do you best, but saying "thanks for your suggestions" and "we will think about implementing your ideas" starts to stay only promises ( no offense). I can only imagine how hard it could be to implement changes that fit everyone in the game: top players, mid rank players and beginners, and i can totally understand the dissapointment and frustration among the top 10. But it's not just them. I think I can say this on behalf of everyone above 90, the game became monotonous. Gain cups, loose cups, fight in war and that's basically it. Sitting on fully upgraded buildings, troops, spells. Leveling heroes takes forever with only like 30-40.000xp/battle...and you need 6 million to level up. Why can't we have challenges again? Or events? Or even a quiz regarding the game or it's historical background? We have been crying out for these for too long now. Just release something that keeps us occupied until you finish the big projects you're working on. Thanks for reading and caring. Keep it up! »»Gerger««
  18. Dear Devs, This is a general view of all the players and forum writers that the post/suggestions/ideas etc. being given by the loyal players in the interest of the game is largely getting unnoticed/ignored. We generally see Aether, sometimes replying to some thread (so kind of her). You should have somebody dedicated and answering some of the logical questions raised by the players. Otherwise, there seems to be no use of such a thread. Let's not spam this post. Let's make it a post where the Devs. reply specifically to your posts. Let's make this game better, the best that is there in this genre.
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