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Found 13 results

  1. Looking for active players for alliance wars players that donate troops and money Casual players that enjoy the game and want to advance with other like minded players Adults preferred, thanks! alliance name: TheJuanAndOnly
  2. Just an idea,the ability to donate items to other players in alliance. How many of us have awesome items useless to us and melted on blacksmith events that our alliances could use? We can donate pro tickets this way,why not items also?
  3. ** Now recruiting active and loyal members with consistent war participation and donations. ** We take war participation and donations very seriously, but as an alliance we aim to create a supportive and fun group of members who help each other out. We encourage conversations among members, even if they don't relate specifically to the game. Our #1 priority is to unite as an alliance, and promote both success in war seasons and friendships among members. Alliance Name: Avengers1326 Alliance Level: 32 Alliance Leaderboard Rank: 727 Language: English (primary) - we do have members from several countries who speak many different languages, including Portuguese and Spanish Requirements: Hero/player Level 50 minimum 50k donation minimum 1,200 trophies minimum Participation in all wars (Alliance and Ninja Wars) Regular donation Gifts/Perks: Elite Boosts: Always Active Holy Paladin Stunning Ogre Storm Cannon During War Season Tough Barricade Frost Trap Raging Wolf Others at request +25% Gold Bonus Insta-Troops Champions and Shields per Generals'/Leader's discretion Promotions to loyal members who donate every day and fight all battles during war season Rules: No bullying - ZERO TOLERANCE Must participate in wars Must donate regularly ** We take care of our members and promote those who show loyalty and support. Together we shall AVENGE!! **
  4. My name is Son of Pern (no relation) and "frasers Kings" is looking for some new recruits! Must be active, donate daily, always fight in wars and Ninja event. We're ranked in the top 500 with only 33 members and there's plenty of room for new friends! We are mostly English speaking, but some folks use translators. Us: frasers Kings Level 39 alliance with 33 members. Top 500 rank, 40 fiefs. You: Daily active player Please have at least 2,200 trophies and able to donate at least 50k. We want to keep winning wars! Help us and enjoy the benefits of a friendly but aggressive group of friends.
  5. Hi! i would like to see in advance how much someone can donate. I've always people who want to join my ally and after accepting them they donate 1k ... would be nice to show the ally-hall level of players. What do you say?
  6. Helllo everyone! i'm xShadow10x and i want to join an alliance. i'm lvl 91 and i think i have a good defense with my kingdom. however, i can only donate 250k everyday and no more. Why? I dont have time to play really ... BUT i can donate everyday! It's means i wont fight in wars or kill pirates. Don't worry about my alliance, i can disolve it fast! Becayse i'm alone LOL HAHA Finally, another thing to say is: if you hace ELITE barricades and archers, i will join without any objetion. And i'm trying to get more gems to donate 500k! So... anyone is interesed in my particular situation?
  7. Welcome to our alliance. We fight averyday. Donate everyday. No defence grid. No real money. Pure fun! Tell your friends! Alliance name: Helenic Makedonian
  8. Hello everyone! [Alliance Name is war seasoned] [Level 14 ranks top 2500 with lots of potential] 1500 or more trophies required. We speak both Spanish and English, special announcements and rules are made on English, We are looking for players that like to stay active, minimum trophies is 1500 and war participation is required. Players need to donate at least once every 2 days regularly and every days when on war season. There is no hero level requirement at the moment. Players that don't reach a minimum gain of 1500 skull will be kicked out. If you will like to be part of an alliance that enforce players to be active, come join us! Search for war seasoned and let's get started!
  9. Hello, I have been waiting some improvements to gameplay and for alliances. especially for Alliance leaders and generals. But havent seen any good improvements to alliances, i have only seen some new events, more levels etc. Nothing good new for Alliances and helping playing game. Also my improvements help alliances lot and get players more together. First is most important: Forum. 1. in game Forum. - With this forum we could easily stop using alternate softwares as Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, Line etc. - Forum will have sections example like: Flaregames, Recruitment and (own alliance). Alliance sections: Announcements, Alliance wars, Introduction, Off topic. - Alliance leader can change forum rights to those sections who can make new topic example. Also CO-leader could change lower rank rights etc. Flaregames section should have example game changelog. Example you can share your alliance tactics there, You can tell your alliance rules there, everything. So u dont need to tell those rules everytime player joins. Example pictures are from game named C&C TA web game 2. Player Ranks in Alliance - More player ranks for alliance, Between leader and general, and general and soldier. - Example. CO-leader and Veteran. 3. More information to generals and leaders inside alliance and more options. - Could see last donation timestamp. - Last time online timestamp - How much Player have attack cooldown on alliance wars.(time left) - Could set apply requirements to alliance, example minimum trophies, minimum donation, hero level etc. - Player Blacklist 4. Timers - Timers to events. (when it starts and when it ends, like alliance war timer.) - Cooldown to next alliance donation in main screen. 5. General Chat - Chat which only generals and leader could see ign Crybto
  10. Alliance name: Daily Warmongers Wanted to start an alliance and recruit active members. Looking for players around level 30 or higher with around 1000 trophies or more. There are exceptions just don't want a lot of low level people who have only been playing a day and go AWOL after a week. I would like at least 5000 donation level but like I said not set in stone. What I am interested in is having fun, winning wars, and growing the alliance. As long as you participate in wars and donate regularly we will have a great time. This is a brand new alliance and first goal is to get at least 8 active players and qualify for the upcoming war.
  11. Hi there. I'm playing this game daily, but I bet you at some point I forgot to donate to my alliance. I did not forget on purpose, it just happened. I realize that You probably made this to draw people back to the game, but you could make tha auto donation feature in a way that the auto donation is only made when you enter the game. Like this: I enter the game and the game-engine goes, was last donation more then 24 hours ago? Y/N. If yes then donate, if not then no donation. Thats It Regards Tricubed
  12. xTwistedKrakkenx is looking for 8 new members. Alliance Name: xTwistedKrakkenx Alliance lvl: 5 Minimum Donation: 2k Lvl requirement: Be at least lvl 18 Main Language: English Looking for 8 members right now, capacity will be raised within 48 Hours Donation is a MUST! I will not have leechers! I am donating 50k atm but 2k is minimum right now, will be raised in future possibly. Must be active. Once we are able to participate in WAR seasons, WAR participation will be a Absolute MUST! English speaking members preferred. Come join me an lets have fun an kick @$$!! I welcome ideas/tips for the Alliance or for my own base or just in general.
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