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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all fans of Royal Revolt 2! Have you ever tried to find a good alliance but you didn't know what type of alliance is good for you? In this new forum, you can talk about yourself following this simple guideline to be clear for the other alliances that want to recruit you! Create a new thread in this forum and clearly state the following information: IGN: Your name in-gameLanguage: Your prefered language (You can mention this in the thread title)Hero level: Your king level (You should put this into the thread title)Alliance Tower's level: 1K, 2K, 5K, etc.Availability: Very Active -- Active -- Sometimes Active(Optional) What type of Elite Boosts are you looking for: Blazing Knight, Power Archer, etc(Optional) Tell us something about yourself! EVERYTHING RELATED TO ALLIANCE RECRUITMENTS THINGS WILL BE DELETED ! POST ONLY IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN ALLIANCE ! And most important have fun with the new alliance that you will join ! Regards, oPelle
  2. Join Us! Looking for active members who participate in war seasons, donate, can communicate and strategize. We r ranked 905 and only getting better. Boosts r activated throughout the entire war season and the entire alliance roster fully participates in war seasons. Looking to recruit Members Level 65 and above. If this sounds like an alliance u would be interested in joining feel free to look us up and join! . . . . Northern Killaz
  3. We are a small, diverse alliance; come and grow with us. ALL elite boosts are turned on for the entire war season. We have several big donators and excellent communication. We need level 65 and higher kings who will fight during alliance war. You will be rewarded for your efforts and loyalty. We can take up to 12 new members, so bring some friends with you. If interested, reply to this post and I will send an invitation. JohnXII
  4. The special elite boosts have been good, but we're running out of them. After the ones mentioned in the video that we haven't yet covered: Elite Snake Tower (spawns Mortars) and Elite Frost Tower (Spawns Frosters), we would have no more elite boosts left. We currently have no more troop boosts left; any suggestions?? Here are some of mine: Duo Mortar: Shoots two bombs instead of one.Crazy Bomb Tower: Does more damage and shoots faster.Spiritual Werewolf: When it dies, a small battlecry is created.Mad Ogre: Has more AOE range and strikes faster. :)
  5. 1. Make Paladins cast heal spell!!! its a PALADIN skill... NOT a frost arblaster skill (whose idea was to make f.arblasters healers anyway??!!) 2. Make Paladins cast HOLY SMITE, the abilty to cast randomly...HAMMERSTRIKES !!! (another classic Paladin Skill) .........................DONT YOU PLAY D&D IN KARLSRUHEL ??????!!!!!!!!!! 3. PLEASE make them move faster, their current speed makes them USELESS!!!!! 4. Remove their poison weakness!!!! seeing a group of paladins getting wasted with one mummie slap is REALLY EMBARASSING!!!!!!! 5. the hit point boost (80%) is nice :-) LOVE YOU ALL!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  6. Hello everyone, I'm here for some important things that i need to fill the English wikia of Royal Revolt 2. Would really be an honor if you guys help me with some important informations about the Elite Boosts. If you want to contribute with the info go to http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Royal_Revolt_2_Wiki I update constantly this page when one of you answer at this topic. So feel free to share your info. Question 1 What is the max level of each elite boosts? - Blazing Knight max. Level 9 - reach with Alliance Level 51. - Poison Arrow Tower max. Level 4 - reach with Alliance Level 24. - Power Archer max. Level 7 - reach with Alliance Level 53. - Tough Barricade max. Level 4 - reach with Alliance Level 41. - Holy Paladin max. Level 6 - reach with Alliance Level 52. - Frost Trap max. Level 4 - reach with Alliance Level 44. - Stunning Ogre max. Level 5 - reach with Alliance Level 54. - Range Bomber max. Level 4 - reach with Alliance Level 46. - Storm Cannon max. Level 5 - reach with Alliance Level 49. - Raging Wolf max. Level 5 - reach with Alliance Level 55. Here all Elite Boosts Updated: By the way Jona help us with the info of Elite Boosts ( that you can look here http://forum.royalrevolt.com/index.php?/topic/1456-official-elite-boosts-changes-after-february-9th/) there is no more need to fill the tables that i've created. Thank you all for your patience and your help. Anyway this topic will be open for any other future changes ! Thank you all.
  7. Tired of low gold boosts? Tired of no elite boosts? Tired of your alliance not winning Alliance Wars? Then Angelic is the place for you! Angelic is a Lv.23 alliance that focuses more on boosts than on leveling. We've invested, now we're reaping the benefits. - We have a 23% Gold Boost (60 trophies away from 24%) - We activate Storm Cannons at least once a day, usually at 5:00pm central time. Starting at 2:00pm central, you can harvest your food, wait for your silos to refill, and have 2 silos-worth of food at the beginning of the boost. Then, activate Gold Shield, and have 3 more hours for food to replenish. 3 silos-worth of food during the cannon boost. I personally get 6.75mil per boost period, and you can too. - #EDIT: With the new Alliance Wars buffs, it's likely that we'll simply extend those, or default to the daily cannon boost if they expire before the end of the next Season How do we pay for all this? I donate 500k a day. The cannon boost costs 498k a day. Your gold, then, goes towards leveling up and towards emergency boosts (Example, if we're under attack by a stronger alliance in Alliance Wars, I'll activate the Barricade Boost). So the boosts never run dry, they come daily. So, what do I want from you? I want high trophies, high donations, and most importantly, high activity. Alliance Wars seem to be the most pivotal part of the game at the moment, seeing as how the 3 best boosts can easily be acquired through them. And luckily, the determining factor in Alliance Wars, is activity. Since only any player's top 3 battles mean much, and since Skulls don't vary much from opponent to opponent, the real key to winning, is getting everyone in your alliance to attack. Barely matters who they attack, just as long as they win 3 times along each front. Hence, strength and activity are the key ingredients. And yes, we will have Doom Gates in 3 days. We are currently boxing in a weaker alliance (saving them to harvest later) and are about to go on the offensive against the #1 alliance in the league (they got a 1 day head start, but we're about to steal it [; ) Despite our name, we are in it to win it.
  8. Hi, Ovoneus here, founder of the Angelic alliance. Here's the situation we're in. I donate 500k per day. It costs 8mil to level up an alliance at this point. Which means that I alone can level up the alliance once every two weeks. And I do. Your gold, then, goes to elite boosts. I do take an extra 500k per week (which, divided between 20 of you, is about 25k per person per week) to keep the level-ups on a bi-weekly schedule, but everything past that, goes right into strengthening your units (: So what are we looking for? Obviously our alliance has a lot to offer, so we want people who can offer just as much in return. We want the most trophies to improve the gold boost, and we want the most donations to buy more elite boosts. Right now the average trophy amount is 1.5k and the average donation amount is about 30k, though any more than that will certainly be accepted. Our only rules are that you can't cheat, you must speak English, and you cannot spam. Basics. If you're interested, leave a message here stating your in-game name and your donation amount, then apply in-game. I'll be waiting (:
  9. For everyone's information, here are the stats and gold requirements for the current max level elite boosts of alliance level 50. Unfortunately we do not have the Paladins turned on now and the range bomber is at level 2 out of 4 so you cannot see the max stats for those two in the screen shots below.
  10. Note: This thread is unofficial. Feel free to correct and/or add to the information given here. Elite Boosts 101 Unlock Elite Boosts by making or joining an AllianceAdds extra damage, HP, and bonus effects to your units and buildingsExpires when the countdown timer ends, but can be extended/reactivatedBasic Mechanics Alliance Level upgrades unlocks a new Elite Boost (or one Elite Boost’s max level)Affected units automatically gains the Boost’s bonuses. Boosted units/buildings can be identified as they emit purplish aura. Note that the Units have the boost whether they are defending the Castle Gate or attacking another kingdom.Timers can be extended by using Alliance Gold (see Extending Timers section)You can either Upgrade or Prolong your Alliance's Elite BoostsExtending Timers Alliance Treasury must have enough Alliance Gold (Alliance Gold is DIFFERENT from the gold in your kingdom’s own Treasury. You can see your Alliance’s current Treasury amount via Alliances Tab > Treasury > Gold amount at the upper-right corner. In short, it is also the Gold used in leveling up the Alliance)Easily increase the Alliance's Gold by donating to the Alliance using real moneyOnly the Leader can extend the timer’s duration. (Thanks to Fii Nami for the confirmation)Unconfirmed Boost Timers reset when the Alliance levels up. (Nope. Thanks to Sn1kt for the confirmation)What it means to the Alliance Motivation - Encourages members to Donate to the Alliance and upgrade their Alliance TowersPriorities - Choose between using Alliance Gold for extending an Elite Boost’s duration or increasing the Alliance LevelAvailable Elite Boosts as of 12/16/2014 (The availability and level of these Elite Boosts depends on your Alliance Level) Blazing KnightPoison Arrow TowerPower ArcherTough BarricadeHoly PaladinFrost TrapStunning OgreRange BomberStorm CannonRaging WolfRecent Player Updates Reaching Alliance Level 35 unlocks Raging Wolf level 2 (Sn1kt)12/19 Server Update lowered the cost of boosts and increased their power
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