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Found 48 results

  1. We are looking for active players of any level. All are welcome. We are mostly English speaking but we also have Italian, Spanish, Danish speakers. Several of us are from North America but we also have European players and some from around the world. We know real life happens so there might be times you can't play. Just let us know beforehand and all is good. Otherwise, we expect donations and participation in wars and conquests. Look for axe raider or Fundin Strongarm in-game for an invite.
  2. Looking for new active alliance, am level 41 and donate 20.000! English, swedish or icelandic speaking pls
  3. Hello to all the kings and queens !! I Hope u are having a great day!! In the game you will find me as AnahirMS2 I am the leader of Alfa-Lobo alliance , lvl 26 located near the top 1000 , we are looking for active players who (preferably) speak Spanish or english to join our alliance. We are super active, good partners, all participate in the events, make the daily donation and donation of troops and if anyone has doubts about the game we help in what we can. We have a whatsapp group for when you need help but we are not in the game. Or if you've problems to play and you need to notify us and also a discord channel: https://discord.gg/nWHuDXf Available beasts: Requirements to join: First of all that you are ACTIVE , like the game and have time to participate in the events during the weekends (Friday to Tuesday are alliance wars and ninja events from Friday to Monday) Minimum donation: 50k Minimum trophies: 1500 Hero level: 70 or + I really don't mind if you are a bit low on lvl or trophies if you really like the game and enjoy playing it during the weekends events you 'll be accepted but try to uppgrade your alliance tower every time you can, it allow us keep the special boosts during the war. Special boosts: I`m used to active the Storm cannons, the Stunning Ogre and the Holy Paladins during the war stage and before the ninja event (so you can raise the amount of trophies). During the wars we also activate the Tough Barricade and the Frost Trap . Depending on the difficulty of the war and the availability of gold of the alliance we activate shields (for those players who have lost more skulls or have the weaken defense) and champions(for those players who win more skulls and have time to perform the extra battles). General rules: The most active members who have been loyal for a long time obtain the rank of General . Insults or offenses to other members are not accepted. Those members who do not participate in the events are fired if they do not previously notify that they will be absent. During the war stage we restricted the entry due to the 60hs penalty without battles for the new members, but once the war was over we opened the entrance again I wait for you!! Hola a todos los reyes y reinas!! Espero tengan un excelente dia!! En el juego me encontraran como AnahirMS2 estoy en la alianza Alfa-Lobo lvl 26, estamos buscando jugadores activos que (de preferencia) hablen español o ingles para unirse a nuestra alianza. Somos súper activos, buenos compañeros, todos participan de los eventos, realizan la donación diaria y donación de tropas y si alguno tiene dudas sobre el juego ayudamos en lo que podemos. Tenemos grupo de whatsapp para cuando necesitas ayuda pero no estamos en el juego o no pueden entrar al juego y quieren avisar que están teniendo algún problema y tenemos un grupo en discord: https://discord.gg/nWHuDXf Bestias disponibles: Requerimientos para unirse: Primero que nada que sean ACTIVOS, les guste el juego y tengan tiempo para participar de los eventos durante los fines de semana (de viernes a martes son las guerras de alianza y los eventos ninja de viernes a lunes) Donación mínima: 50k Trofeos mínimo: 1500 Nivel del héroe: 70 o + Las ultimas dos condiciones mas que nada se debe a que últimamente nos han tocado guerras muy duras y por lo general los de lvl bajo no pueden jugar por que nuestros oponentes son de nivel alto y se desaniman mucho. Pero si realmente te gusta el juego y aun no llegas puedes venir y probar si te gusta jugar con nosotros, en poco tiempo llegaras a ese nivel y disfrutaras jugar en los eventos como todos. Potenciadores (special boosts): Activamos los cañones, el ogro y paladines durante la etapa de guerra y antes de evento ninja (para que puedan subir la cantidad de trofeos). Durante las guerras activamos también el potenciador de barricadas y la trampa de pinchos. Dependiendo de la dificultad de la guerra y la disponibilidad de oro de la alianza activamos escudos (para aquellos jugadores que hayan perdido mas calaveras o aquellos con menos trofeos dependiendo de la alianza a la que nos enfrentemos) y campeones (para aquellos jugadores que ganen mas calaveras y tengan tiempo para realizar las batallas extra). Reglas Generales: Los miembros mas activos y que han sido leales por un largo tiempo obtienen el rango de General. No se aceptan insultos u ofensas a otros miembros. Aquellos miembros que no participan en los eventos son expulsados si no avisan previamente que estarán ausentes. Durante la etapa de guerra restringimos el ingreso debido a la penalización de 60hs sin batallas para los nuevos miembros, pero una vez finalizada la guerra abrimos el ingreso nuevamente Los espero!! My special thanks to @AwesomestKnightest for having translated this to english ❤️
  4. Samvy


    Looking for an active alliance. I enjoy he game and always participate in eats but my current alliance is dead and feels like I’m fighting on my own. I am current ascension level 64 and always open to suggestions on how to help me grow faster in game name is Samvimes79
  5. Hello, canada 4 the win is looking for active members with a minimum of 100k donation. Our main focus being on war seasons, your participation is a must. While we give the game our best, the alliance’s atmosphere is still casual and laid-back therefore inappropriate and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. Main language is obviously english and we require a basic understanding of the language but we do have many French-speaking players if a better understanding of strategy or advice is needed. This is indeed Canada, foreigners are welcome! Hah! Remember to have fun! Cheers, Snedjana
  6. Looking to join an active alliance. I play daily and donate everyday. I always donate insta-troops to those that need rather they be friends or in my current alliance. I am over 21 years of age and looking for a friendly, mature, active alliance. I do have discord to communicate, if the alliance has a private server. I also help those that are constantly attacked by a certain group, I will attack them religiously until I cant raid them anymore. I can donate 75k a day, but that should change in a few days (Alliance tower is currently level 7). Also, I have a family member that has been playing for almost 2 weeks that plays daily, I think shes level 40ish or higher. If its ok for her to join as well. Just message me in game "RazWolffang" I'll most likely respond within a few minutes. If you add me, please add me as friend. I would like to talk a little if thats ok My Current Stats: Health - 7,687 (Poison Shield 2544.3) (Fire Shield 1979) Attack - 1,247 (Blunt Damage 357.5) (Ice Damage 190) (Fire Damage 127.2) (Poison Damage 125.3) Battle Mastery - (Monk Damage 804.4) Thanks, Looking forward to playing with you all!
  7. ** Now recruiting active and loyal members with consistent war participation and donations. ** We take war participation and donations very seriously, but as an alliance we aim to create a supportive and fun group of members who help each other out. We encourage conversations among members, even if they don't relate specifically to the game. Our #1 priority is to unite as an alliance, and promote both success in war seasons and friendships among members. Alliance Name: Avengers1326 Alliance Level: 32 Alliance Leaderboard Rank: 727 Language: English (primary) - we do have members from several countries who speak many different languages, including Portuguese and Spanish Requirements: Hero/player Level 50 minimum 50k donation minimum 1,200 trophies minimum Participation in all wars (Alliance and Ninja Wars) Regular donation Gifts/Perks: Elite Boosts: Always Active Holy Paladin Stunning Ogre Storm Cannon During War Season Tough Barricade Frost Trap Raging Wolf Others at request +25% Gold Bonus Insta-Troops Champions and Shields per Generals'/Leader's discretion Promotions to loyal members who donate every day and fight all battles during war season Rules: No bullying - ZERO TOLERANCE Must participate in wars Must donate regularly ** We take care of our members and promote those who show loyalty and support. Together we shall AVENGE!! **
  8. Hi, I need to play Royal Revolt 2 in English instead of Polish. How can I do that? Please help. me. I play on Windows 10. Martyna
  9. morning all, been checking this game out for the last week or two and decided it was worth spending more time on so I'm looking for an active alliance who is open to newer members working up with them. currently sitting at circa 1500 points lvl 40 after just under 2 weeks and looking to keep that growth curve if possible. Have plenty of experience with other similar games so hit me up if your interested. IGN - Mhorb
  10. Hi guys! I’m a newbie player to this game, but I’ve played many games like this in the past, so I will grow quickly and be active. I’m looking for an active, English alliance that I can help out with, whilst learning this game as I go along. I’m not opposed to a full on war alliance, but I’d rather have a less strict schedule such as having to be active each and everyday, donate a certain amount everyday etc.. Feel free to send me invites or message me if you would like me to join or tell me more about your alliance. I’m in US CST, so depending where you are, I may not respond right away. Cheers guys, and thanks for your time. <3 -Z
  11. Tiny Kingdom is looking for new, active and team playing king and queens to grow and beat our rivals in wars. we do not ask much of you. Only that you are active during wars in offense and defense, donate daily as much as possible so we can grow and use buffs more often, have alliance tower of minimal level 4. We are Primarly english speaking alliance, tough some dutch can ben trown in sometimes we are sorry for that we are always open to join unless we are full or in the middle of a war season. You can still apply and we accept as soon its over or their is room. have a nice day. Fieranda leader of Tiny Kingdom
  12. Boost busters is recruiting. Rank 579, vacancies 3, Min hero level 80, minimum donation 150K, language English
  13. Active player looking for a very active alliance... About me Hero lvl: 50 Donation: 75k Trophies: 1148
  14. Wir suchen aktive Mitglieder mit mindestens 900 Trophäen und 10k täglichen spenden. Allianz Name : Netzwerk1.0
  15. I am a very active player (at night) I am in a guild already (my own) but I don't seem to find enough people to make it grow. I am lv 45 and have barely 1050 trophies
  16. Option 2 Wiccan is an English/American alliance with members of many languages. we have players from England, USA, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Vietnam, Egypt, Norway, Denmark, and many more countries. This means that even if your English is not perfect, someone will understand you We require you to donate gold, pals and troops we require you to fight in all alliance wars we require your hero lvl to be minimum 60 we seek loyalty and activity as the alliance is currently being re-built you have a great opportunity to join an adventurous journey, as long as you are active! currently we have 3 beasts unleashed and 4 boosts running. we have room for 13 players, but will expand as we go along. WELCOME! br HUFFHUFF
  17. Game Name : FlowRock Trophies 1800+ Ascension lvl 46 Im.good at this game. Im currently stuck with a german alliance. Im not able communicate with them. I donate daily Im looking for a active english alliance. I look for active chat and good war skills! Please reply if anyone wants me in! Thanks
  18. Lvl 2 Alliance looking for more Kings or Queens who want to have fun and just enjoy the game, all are welcome, clean chat plz and donate whenever possible. Let's grow this Alliance together and become one of the best.
  19. Join AyYildizlar a new alliance and lets grow together.
  20. Hello Mate, This is All for Deadpool fans who wants to be invincible in war season, search Deadpool arena in ally and join, 24*7 boost and never losting war assurance.
  21. ---[ The Team Of Cool ]--- Hello Kings and Queens, The Team Of Cool is a fun alliance with a small core of strong active members. After a large amount of members left we are trying to rebuild the guild so we can once again compete in wars. Knights are boosted 24/7. If needed, we will activate extra Boosts and - of course - Champions during Wartime. Are you looking for a growing, active alliance with opportunities to become General? Our requirements are: Hero: Lvl.50 Trophies: 1.500+ Donations: 50k Active participation in wars is a must. Here are our current stats : Members: 14/30 Rank: 2.432, Donation-Level: 2.506k per day Alliancelevel: 25, Trophys: 20k / Fiefdoms: 8 If you are interested look us up in the alliance list and feel free to join! For more information message MrJonkooo or Maesstro1.
  23. We are a strong group of like-minded friends from many countries (India, Germany, Poland, UK, US, Canada, Ukraine, Myanmar). Many of us were generals in a previous alliance, but the lack in strategy of the leader made us leave. So we built Boost Busters! The alliance has quality players, with both males and females, and is rising very fast! Requirements: 1) You are passionate for this game! 2) We want players with good donation (minimum 150 K) and good king lvl (minimum 80, approx. 2500 trophies min). 3) You participate in wars, and if you can't, give us a heads up. Present stats: Alliance level - 28, Gold boost - 30%, Rank - 586, Members - 29/33 (4 slots free). Stats are rising fast, since we donate handsomely. Please apply to the alliance. We will be very happy to have you with us! We intend to play with full strategy, and complete communication. Let us win the wars and many prizes together, and have fun! A screenshot of the new alliance is attached! Best regards, Ashrora (Leader)
  24. We are an english speaking level 12 alliance with 10/23 players currently. The alliance is relatively new. We are looking for lvl 45+ active players. Daily donations and being active and participation in events and wars is a must. Please join us for a fun time and nice players.(Rude players are kicked immediately). Leave your ign here or add me in game carlasif or just apply to the alliance king of everyone.
  25. Wir sind eine deutsch- und englischsprachige Allianz. We're a German and English speaking alliance. Deutsche Version: Mitglieder: 24/34 Rang: 1355 Goldbonus: +19% Allianzlevel: 29 Gebiete: 22 (+9% Steuerbonus) Letzter Allianzkrieg: Platz 2 Wir freuen uns über jedes aktive Mitglied, egal welches Level, denn wir wollen auch neue Spieler ausbilden, damit sie irgendwann stark werden! Teamgeist und Aktivität stehen in unserer Allianz im Vordergrund! English version: members: 24/34 rank: 1355 gold bonus: +19% alliance level: 29 territories: 22 (+9% tax bonus) last alliance war: 2nd rank We're happy about every active member, no matter which Level, becuse we also want to train new members to make them strong one day! Team spirit and activity are the center of attention in our alliance!
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