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Found 18 results

  1. Error in counting skulls

    "Daenerys I" battled 3 times against "DorgadoRoy" and went 100% on all, it offers 749 skulls, (3x749 = 2,247). I also battled once with "zbcrtec" winning 100%. It offers 707 skulls (2,247 + 707 = 2954). Not to mention two more baus in the treasure room with 97 skulls each. All the others in my alliance also then with the wrong skull counting.
  2. Time reduction does not work

    Hey, Flareteame! I ran into a problem. after watching ads nothing happens. I tried 2 times. one of them recorded on video. I use Windows 10. ign: Invizzzible
  3. Video player errors

    I need help from someone. Over the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday weekend I started encountering video player errors. I don't see anyone else posting about this, but don't know what else I could possibly do on my end. I have already restarted my router i have already restarted my ipad i have already restarted my game All with the same results. This situation cannot remain! It is holding me back. I cannot even collect the chests the ads offer, let alone boost my gold. I need help resolving this issue! Prior to this past weekend, everything was fine. So I do not know what the problem is. Thanks!
  4. mi alianza desaparecio y yo no puedo unirme ni crear alianza
  5. Hi @oisia I can't see any boss hunt going on today. Regards
  6. Hi, many thanks for your game ! I bought 1 mecha Charge pack (Special offer limited in time following a contest) but the game gave me 1 Drone carrier instead of... What can i do ? i want Mecha Charge, please many thanks for your attention Android 6.0 - MIUI 8.1 - Redmi Note 4
  7. Today i just opened my game in order to play on microsoft windows, however, the update downlod stuck on 19,4%, according the attached image. Please, someone can help me? What can i do in order to play the game? I don't have any issues on my internet, and the game always stuck at the same percentage, what makes me think that is one problem with the game.
  8. Ad Video Issue

    Sometimes when I try to view video ads, the game freezes without the video playing. I reset the game, and the purple box switches to instant gold, which is usually much worse than the original gift. Help or a fix greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi. I just realized that after the last promo event finished, I don't have anymore the Owlet pet that I already have unlocked with 3 stars. Is anyone else having this problem?
  10. Every time I try to access my Facebook account, I am unable to confirm the access. It is not possible to confirm because the option is at the bottom of the game screen. Please correct this. Grateful! Microsoft Lumia 640 XL
  11. Token Rounding Error?

    In Game userID: mrmyco iPhone 6S on iOS 9.1 I clearly have 3m tokens, but am not able to purchase the 3m weapon upgrade.
  12. Account access error

    Hello everyone! I had a problem with my Lumia 1020 with windows 8.1 and I had to install the game again. I have the ID stored but when I try to access this account I get an error and says to try again later but it always gives an error. It is an Admiral account that is still in the Alliance, so there is no way to manage the Alliance account. Can someone help me please? Thank you all!
  13. sometimes you when something goes wrong like a win not being recorded or not receiving trophies, medals, skulls etc? getting kicked from a castle as you just about to demolish it with your food being used up? where can things like this be reported?
  14. Alliance bug

    Hello. There are some issue about the alliances. Many players are using unfair practices with this. Stronger players are "helping" weaker friends to win the Diamond League (tournament) by leaving their alliance (lose elite/war boosts) and making their defence bit weaker by replacing some towers for lover level. The alliance members are leaving one-by-one and doing same thing. So it's impossible to win the league or even get more than 8 gems without this kind of help. I think this way is kinda unfair to others, so i have suggestion how to eliminate this problem. The best way is making 24h waiting time to join an alliance after leaving it.
  15. Loading wordmap

    Please help my account ID : 85695509 My account can't open word map, still loading. I try uninstal, re-download and create new account just fine no error but after account transfer back is still loading open word map. Please help..
  16. shop error

    I had to pay . $ 54.99 gem. But I did not . This was a strange situation , and additional in-game store display. Picture archiving and so the ( payment information , and error details ) will give you send the mail
  17. Hello. Dear developers, have a error, please fix it. In defense, I wanted to destroy the ruins. I found that it costs 10 crystals (although earlier it was 25, because I used this feature). I thought that the game eventually simply reset the counter, and decided to remove some of the ruins. The cost of each was 10-12 crystals. But then I saw that I had to write off about 300 crystals. Maybe even more, I do not know exactly. Probably, at the old price. But it was written in 10, so I used the destruction of the ruins. Please fix this problem and give me back my crystals, because I bought them and hoarding. My nickname in the game: MrSinner
  18. Please, the game no start