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Found 36 results

  1. A boost your waves event would be useful or include waves in the boost your defense event.
  2. no event?

    there isn't any event for tommarow?
  3. new event

    Hi All, @Nikko @flaretara I think we should get new event after war .. No sign of it. I'm still waiting for special offer to raise my Alliance tower
  4. You guys are overdoing it with all these blacksmith events. Bases are already extremely difficult in top 50 alliances and even with max spells it's very hard to beat many bases.
  5. Pals event

    Hi Flare, how are you ? My alliance and myself enjoy the regular events. It's a good opportunity to earn gold, items and pals. As we are a small alliance, it's very difficult for us to unlock a beast. But you could help us by creating a special event in which we earn all the pals ! What do you think ? PS: subscriptions = great idea. prices = real turn off
  6. I just played my first raid after Aki started and got pet food in my 3rd chest. "Hey," I thought. "I wonder if the Aki event makes pet food more likely in the CoF?" I checked the announcements and it doesn't, but that might be a nice addition. Increase odds of getting to a 3rd chest, or of getting pet food in a 3rd chest during a pet event. Might get people to raid a little more. UPDATE: Another idea might be to give pet food chests for gem purchases during and Aki (pet) event.
  7. I'm finding kill cheaters receiving 65 crates from event and found this bug. It's consist of 5x diamond + 4x platinum + 3x gold + 2x silver + 1x bronze You know what that means right? The prize check is failing badly, giving out diamond prize on every prize score. Now I know why all Chinese can brag their good weapons, they always get 5x diamond prize with cheats. Don't forget to BAN all cheaters after fixing this bug. It should be relatively easy to find on log. May I get a legendary 105mm for reporting this lol?
  8. New event, the battle arena

    The battle arena would take place every so often in place of ninjas or the multi-week events we get like every month. Essentially, it's a large area for the king to run around in and defend, by himself, against never-ending waves of increasingly stronger enemy units. Each unit is worth x points, and each day of the event, players get ranked based on the points of their best run for that day. Every 5th wave (or whatever) is a "challenge" wave and could grant the player a chest if he defeats it. The player is free to use all his spells and his pet, and maybe could get rewards to call in supporting troops. The points of each run could equate to money so there is more incentive to try multiple times (up to a cap) to get the best score. Players would not be able to use scrolls or revives, or have a limit on uses. Enemy units would spawn from 4 corners of the arena.
  9. Hello all, saw that there's an event that will give cases for zombie kills. Since it's purely by numbers, any thoughts on which maps get the most zombie kills? The first North County Map on Hard gets me about 450 per. Seems to be the highest so far. Anyone else have a better one? I'm sure there's a better one, just haven't been able to test them all. For highest kill count and clearing waves, I'm using a blue 7.62 as primary, then two blue 40mm pods. Works really well for high kill counts. But also means I'm generally avoiding stages with Titans.
  10. Event

    Found this on RR 2 FB page
  11. I am a little bit underwhelmed. They all seem to work on luck and decrease the tactical element of the game. The so-called new 'game mechanic' seems to be praying to God. Thoughts? N.B. new player here, feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
  12. AT event

    Alliance Tower event announced- but this condition was not announced: Alliance Chests for all your Alliance friends when you buy a Gem Package (content may differ depending on the type of package). Has it been missed, or FG does not want people to buy them.
  13. It has been 2 months, we are waiting for Alliance Party Event. We also waiting for Blacksmith Event??RR2 should declare an event when they also should declare what the next event is as well
  14. Merc Boost

    Merc Boost.... Event troops.... are we talking about increase of toughness and attack power of insta troops? ninjas? ...?
  15. Ninja Event

    I've been playing off and on the past two years. I know the requirements for being able to join the ninja event is one being in an alliance and two having 900 trophies or more. However, even with meeting those requirements, I've never been able to join when playing on my laptop, running windows 8.1. When I click on the portal, it does tell me when the next event will be. During the time that the event starts though, all it says is it has started. I've tried looking up to see what the problem was, but the only useful I've come across is that one the portal should have a glowing swirl thing inside it when it's active and the advice from the help section on ending a session. I've gone as far as to on purposely loose battles to get back under 900 trophies, and then to win battles to get back up as well as leave an alliance and join back hoping it would trigger the requirements as met. It has not solved the issue though. The only I haven't done is uninstall the game and re-install it. Help? Anything I'm overlooking?
  16. As topic says when does it end. I very much like to fart
  17. Kind of curious and I am not sure they follow a set pattern
  18. If you know what i mean *Updated | its defense boost!
  19. Hi! As you may know, the last yeti event didn't go that well: the rewards weren't given as they should be. Flaregames did solve this, by giving everybody the top reward. This was appreciated by my clan, except for the players who reached the first place. Okay, they did get their rewards, but players who were ranked below them got the same rewards, even those who didn't even do much effort. Also, those clan members who were first in the event spent a lot of gems (hundreds of gems) to get the extra coins in the treasure chamber. But no reward for those lost gems. So why does everybody get a higher reward, but not those who actually deserve that reward? Do you get my point? Now those members of my clan (who were first) are furious and all want to quit the game (seriously, they'll play during this war, but then they will quit), because they feel disadvantaged. Please give them an extra reward, I can give you the IGNs if needed. But please don't make my clan fall apart because of that one event. I've put so much effort in getting a strong clan and now my clan is threatened. Please help my clan (and maybe other clans as well). Thanks Vertex Nivis (IGN), leader of the Vlaamse Liga PS.: I don't know if this is the right place to post this message. If not, please tell me where I have to post it again.
  20. Hello, I have been waiting some improvements to gameplay and for alliances. especially for Alliance leaders and generals. But havent seen any good improvements to alliances, i have only seen some new events, more levels etc. Nothing good new for Alliances and helping playing game. Also my improvements help alliances lot and get players more together. First is most important: Forum. 1. in game Forum. - With this forum we could easily stop using alternate softwares as Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, Line etc. - Forum will have sections example like: Flaregames, Recruitment and (own alliance). Alliance sections: Announcements, Alliance wars, Introduction, Off topic. - Alliance leader can change forum rights to those sections who can make new topic example. Also CO-leader could change lower rank rights etc. Flaregames section should have example game changelog. Example you can share your alliance tactics there, You can tell your alliance rules there, everything. So u dont need to tell those rules everytime player joins. Example pictures are from game named C&C TA web game 2. Player Ranks in Alliance - More player ranks for alliance, Between leader and general, and general and soldier. - Example. CO-leader and Veteran. 3. More information to generals and leaders inside alliance and more options. - Could see last donation timestamp. - Last time online timestamp - How much Player have attack cooldown on alliance wars.(time left) - Could set apply requirements to alliance, example minimum trophies, minimum donation, hero level etc. - Player Blacklist 4. Timers - Timers to events. (when it starts and when it ends, like alliance war timer.) - Cooldown to next alliance donation in main screen. 5. General Chat - Chat which only generals and leader could see ign Crybto
  21. Please FG teams , answer these ...
  22. Event end time

    Hi guys The event stated will last until German time 12pm, which is around 7pm in my area. I login at 6.06pm to find the defence boost event already ended. Why it always ends early than the aforementioned time?
  23. Hello, how are you? My name is Matthew Bernard Groh, I live in Brazil! Royal Revolt game for a long time already and I am a very active player, including already I have spent a lot of money on it. My IGN is: mateusgroh I come to give my opinion about the latest events and changes that have happened at the same time they are cool, they have left a lot of frustrated and angry people. I say this for two reasons: 1 - Since starting the ninja event, the post-war events have lasted only one day. So we could not enjoy its benefits too. Still on this issue, these events should be announced with more advance forum to allow time to prepare for it. The fact that you insist on announcing two days when in fact the event only lasts a day leaves us all frustrated. 2 - On the week of events that is happening: in the same way, we are frustrated by having spells and units that are in waiting time to forge throughout the event, and we could not take advantage as it should. TIP: to solve all these problems have a simple solution, again extended by two days post-war event! if this is not possible, then it would be enough to announce events with more advance! Please, I already sent other media before about it, you guys say they will analyze but do not give me a concrete return. I'm sure if the issues were revised ALL PLAYERS would be much more satisfied with the game. (I used google translator, there may be English errors)
  24. Since this game was meant to be a hybrid tower defense game, there should be an event where monsters are spawned at our entrance and we have to defend it. My suggestion is, we should have an event where, when it starts, there's a button we can click to defend our bases from incoming monsters that spawn at our base. We can't create any units. We can only have our Kings together with any towers or barricades etc to defend the base. There can be many levels for the monster attack and with each level, the difficulty will increase, until you can no longer defend the base. The end result is to see how many monsters you can kill (just like a normal tower defense game is). It can be similar to the existing war season, but instead of raiding other alliances, it is just a challenge as to the amount of monsters that an alliance can kill collectively. And instead of fiefdoms for tax reward, we can have a similar system for "food", i.e. a reduction (percentage) of food consumed for raids. (The story is also consistent, where it can be explained that the monsters killed are cooked for food supply). Furthermore, since there is only one instance where we defend our base until it is destroyed, it can be a mini event that only takes one day to complete. It can be incorporated in between war seasons and ninja events easily. It will definitely spice things up for the game.
  25. What is the next event and how long it will last ?