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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone one, Our team is named #ADN. We just won our 4th war in a row. ( latest one victory with 7 isles ) we are now ranked 117 and currently in HEro League.63 torches. we have a core made of experienced members of various time zones and adapt quickly our strategy to the situation in war.We are looking for some active members Lvl 75+. who are looking for a solid and stable team. « We prefer a lvl 80 who will stay for months rather than a lvl 110 who will stay for a short time or leave after a defeat / « better invitation » » if you share our ideas you are warmly welcome and as cherry on the cake you will learn some French words. ? I am not a salesman .... (French) #ADN Alliance bilingue classée 117 avec de nombreux membres expérimentés nous avons 63 torches après 4 victoires à la suite, nous sommes à la recherche de quelques membres actifs souhaitant s’investir sur la durée dans une équipe sympa , niveau 75+ souhaité et en plus vous ferez peut être quelques progrès en anglais ? la langue principalement utilisée mais pas d’inquiétude c’est basic et je traduis assez régulièrement. Alors intéressés ? Venez vite il y a peu de places. à bientôt. Thorgal17
  2. Hi! I was just wondering if there is any way to know how much experience you have exactly. Any tips for a new player ? I'm at lvl 100 and I'm struggling to get stronger ^^ Thanks in advance, lololo54.
  3. I think we need a place for players to promote their experience bases (Surprise Mummy/Froster/Healing Tower). If you, or someone you know of, has an experience base please post it here so we have a list of those bases for everyone's attacking pleasure. Post: IGN (In game name) of player Trophy amount How long the experience base will stay open How much experience the base is worth (without EXP gear on).
  4. Hello producers, I would like to suggest something about experience. It would be very nice if every skull obtained in war was converted into experience for the king. Since it is difficult to get experience, it would be interesting and I think it would even encourage the fight for skulls in the war. So the more skulls the more experience the king wins, which is good for the alliance! I hope you find my idea interesting. See you!
  5. Hello pilots! I started to play this epic game about a week ago and now CR8 and closing to unlock 5th rig bay in hangar. At this point i have some questions and I believe community have answers for them. Now I am using Laser+Drone+Blink rigs and they feel like a well-balanced combo – Laser tanks, Drone distracts enemy fire and Blink is epic damage dealer for cluttered defense from afar. I am really curious what other combos are good and what other rigs (Shield and Dash) are capable for. Thing is i can not pay in the appstore (long story, will not bore you with it) so i really have to choose wisely. Help me with your experience please. For instance, have anyone tried all-the-same combo like Laser+Laser+Laser? Or any other rig tripled? How is it? Or what about Dash? Is it any good? What about Shield? I heard it was nerfed – how bad was the nerf? What is your favorite combo? Why you like it? What combo suxx and why? I need all and any of your thoughts – based on them i might decide not to unlock another hangar bay and instead will buy a skin for my Blink (that green one is really nice)) Anyway, discuss please PS If i could – i would drop 20$ for this game IAPs just to thank SuperWeapon for their great work
  6. NIVEAU/LEVEL : 39 - 44 places Boost permanent : Chevaliers/Knight 7 & Cannons 3 Bonus Or/Gold : 43 % Boost préféré/favorite: Slot available : ON Niveau des joueurs : de 4600 Trophées à 2750 Présentation Chers futurs amis, Nous sommes membres d'une Alliance basé sur un noyau de plus très jeunes joueurs ayant une longue expérience de Jeux de rôle, Jeux de société et jeux vidéo à la Civilisation. Nous vous proposons d'intégrer une communauté détendue dans laquelle de nombreux conseils sont prodigués. Nous testons les bases de chacun et partons vaillemment à la guerre. Nous offrons la "participation à vie", ce qui signifie: une fois "pépés" toujours "pépés" ! Revenez quand vous voulez, dès que nous aurons une place. Si vous décidez de prendre une pause, des vacances, vous aurez toujours une place chez nous. Nous demandons seulement de la courtoisie et, hélas, de façon régulière, autant que possible, le don. Parce que les dons sont le carburant nécessaire pour faire fonctionner l'Alliance. Tactiques - Nous prenons un malin plaisir à étudier les meilleures tactiques en attaque et en défense afin de prospérer dans un monde remplis de boosts fort dispendieux. Nous vous apprendrons comment battre toutes ces bases de riches armés d'un simple couteau ! Mettez la honte à vos adversaires ! - Nos enseignement ont été couchés sur le papier sur un manuel, n'hésitez pas à le demander ! Boosts - Nous activons des boosts quatre à cinq fois par semaine. Notre coup de pouce préféré est le canon, les archers et les chevaliers - Nous n'activons de boost défensif qu'en cas de guerre difficile, il n'est pas bon pour l'attaque d'être trop haut en Trophées. Conditions - Parler le Français ou l'Anglais - Niveau de trophée minimum 3000 trophées - Un don quotidien de 100k est notre minimum, les boosts sont chers - Aucune paiement demandé ! A bientôt *************************** English Part *************************** Dear future friends, We are members of a simple Alliance based upon a core of not-that-young players having an long history on Role-Playing Games, Board Game and 4X video games. We offer a relaxed community based on advices freely given and received, we test each other's bases and happily engage in wars, if possible. We offer the famous "life membership", meaning : once a "pépés" member, always a "pépés" member. Should you decide to take a break, a holiday, you'll always have a slot with us. We only ask on courtesies and, alas, a regular, as much as possible, donation. For donation is the unfortunate fuel necessary to run Alliances. We take fun in devising ways to kill boosted bases without any boost and putting our adversaries to shame by killing their boosted attack with mundane elements ! Our favourite boost is the Cannon boost which is active between 4 and 5 times a week, and we certainly never activate any defensive boost, except in difficult wars. Our goal is to have fun and to find the best optimisation, but you'll know that in our Manual should you like to join us. Recruitment has some rules : - French or English are preferable - Trophy level should be above 3000Trophies - Daily donation of 100k are an absolute minimum, boosts are expensive See you
  7. What is your priority to find enemies? - Gold - Medal - Trophy - easy path - easy troops - counting tower/blockade - trophy above you - trophy below you How you find them? - click [new enemy] randomly and pay - by tournament list - by rank list - favorite list OR - by THIS FORUM
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