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Found 16 results

  1. RR2 needed upgrade. After that i opened the game and I had to start from the beginning. I entered settings because I was connected to Fb with my old account and I wanted it back . But I accidentally saved local data instead of facebook data so my account was lost. I submitted my request to Flaregames and I want to know if I am ever going to get it back......?
  2. Anyone else having issues to connect game to facebook. I can't ATM connect. It just flashes and doesn't do anything more. Can't now get 3x pal chests in the middle of this event
  3. The game was working good on facebook and facebook gameroom but now the loading is taking forever at the returning home loading i downloaded the game on my android device and it work well but i have no space so i want to play it on facebook or gameroom so what is the problem
  4. Couldnt play using facebook gameroom now, kept asking me to go facebookstore but when i click the pop out button nothing happens.. please advice
  5. Hello Guys , There's Issue by Facebook Payment Service ,IF You Guys Using this Service From India then you're not only one who's facing it , Many players from India region facing this problem since more than a month , and Don't know till how long time i will take to be solve. There's not Any Fault of Flare Games. If Any player From India Region Facing the same Problem then Please Contact to Facebook Community or Support.
  6. The game has a new update yesterday, when I am trying to log-in, a message suddenly pop-up and they said "Go to the Facebook store". However, when I click that, nothing happened. What will I do in order to play again at browser? I can't play anymore in my mobile due to I already reach my link account limit. Thank you.
  7. Hello, so I posted the problem on your Facebook wall. Me and my Girlfriend a connected with google and Facebook, first we saw us in the Leaderbard but now it stock and we don't see the progression from each other?! Any Ideas? We tried to reconnect both google and Facebook but didn't help I hope you can help me or fix it.
  8. Completely remove the Facebook game friends approach? I have removed these friends from Facebook, but they still exist in my game buddy list, even if I revoked the Facebook application authorization to the game, so the game can not read the data, but friends still exist! I change how to delete them? I am using the simplified Chinese version of the game
  9. Hi, after the update the Facebook integration is not working. Any idea what to do? It says to go to Facebook store with a button mui_but_goto_facebookstore I sometimes play on facebook on windows PC.
  10. @admin, There is a page on facebook named ROYAL REVOLT 2 FREEBIES, I doubt its fake, someone is conning innocent royal revolt 2 players, please take strong action against whoever is behind it.
  11. Hello I'm a huge addict of this game but Before I buy anything I would Like to know a few things. How does saving work with the game? How does it save a file on Apple? How does it save a file on Android? It the save only local for Apple? Is the save only local for Android? Will my purchases be stored if I delete the game and want to play it again? Will my progress ever be deleted for any reason? What happens if I buy the dragon bundle, and I die? Will my dragon die too or is it like an item? Anyways Great Game and I hope I get a reply, Awesome game you guys, I just hope the game saves in a proper place because I don't see anywhere where is saves to the cloud, google playstore, facebook, or anywhere else.
  12. Hey, I just created a group in Facebook that should serve as a start of a big player community, where everyone can help each other in an easier an faster way than these forums^^ https://www.facebook.com/groups/nonstopknight/ It would be great if y'all would join, so we can grow together and compare our scores worldwide! Have fun and fight on, we see us at the bottom
  13. Hi Flare Games Please introduce keymapping to allow us to change the input keys when playing on a PC with a Keyboard (Facebook and Windows 10 version) Currently the players are forced to use the number keys 1 .. 6 but this is awkward to use since these are all in line. Using numlock and the keypad doesn't seem to work either. Ideally we should have the ability to assign our own keys to troops and spells, but failing this it would make game play a lot easier if you changed the keys to ASD and ZXC or alternatively allowed us to use the numeric keypad. Thanks
  14. DARKSOULALLIANCE is now looking for a dedicated loyal experienced player to become general immediately. We are LEVEL 34 Rank 245, have 38% gold bonus, and have Knight, Archer and Barricade as permanent 24/7 boosts and will soon add another as soon as we can afford. During war we sometimes add additional boosts per request from members and needs. We need somebody who is willing to help us with posting on facebook. Our requirements: 1. King level 80+ 2. Daily donation of 150K 3. Trophies 3500+ 3. Very active participation in wars and able to get 3000 skulls in each war. 4. Able to understand and chat in English or German Apply in game, contact Dehock our leader or post your IGN below.
  15. The following invite is mostly for Italian players.. but everyone could join, even we'll be mostly Italians ;D Hi there! I've already formed an Italian community on Facebook! If you want to join, you should follow this link.. thanks a lot! https://www.facebook.com/groups/RoyalRevolt2CommunityITA/
  16. More Ways To Earn Gems! Here's a suggestion I think will benefit both the players and Flaregames. I think there should be a way to use your facebook account to invite friends to play Royal Revolt 2. Once your friend gets their character to a certain level (level 20 for example) then the person who invited them gets a certain amount of gems. And of course, there should be a limit to how many friends you can invite and earn rewards for. Something like this would get more players into Royal Revolt and it will make those players find the game to be more interesting because they have their friends to play with in-game. What do you think? ^^
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