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Found 3 results

  1. The game is currently very overpowered in defense and to beat a base often requires minimum 1 timewarp and often multiple scrolls and revives. If we need to spend gems just for a normal raid, its only fair that we get the full value of the gems being spent on us. Otherwise the game is basically forcing us to pay to play. You will continue to lose long time players if things continue as is. Many people are frustrated.
  2. Hello there! Praetorian Garde is a new alliance I started today. I'm playing this game for a long time already, and I'm a strong player as well. I have played in a VERY high-ranking alliance. But I decided to step out, because the general behaved really badly towards other players. I thought: this is no fun playing this way. Now I want to start again with my own, new alliance. My motto is: Serious play, Fair play, Fun play. So join my alliance. Everyone is welcome. We will be strong and successful. See you later! Greetings, Maarten (player name: Miracle Maarten)
  3. Hi everybody, I am pleased to introduce our alliance "Marsupia" We stand for the principle that Royal Revolt is just a game. People are more important than game-gold and more important than +/-% gold. We stand for Friendship, Loyalty and Integrity Marsupia is a multi-national alliance and we have members from all over the world. Our members are active on the chat and we share a lot of useful information. English is the main language for all, but we speak other languages as well: German, French, Spanish, Thai and Russian. Marsupia is a very friendly alliance and our members help each other with advice and even fight for each other if someone is harrassed by a certain player, who is much stronger than him. Let everybody know not to mess with our alliance or with our members. I have a personal facebook account and all our members are invited to join. We don't encourage our members to spend real money for donations. everybody donates by his abilities. Keep your money for the real life... Still, if a member decides to make a special contribution, he is always welcome. From the moment a member joins us, he is safe with the alliance, even if he has a low rank/level. Members are never kicked out, unless: 1. They don't donate at all for a long time. 2. They don't participate in the alliance wars, while being online. 3. They become inactive. 4. Offensive behaviour or cheating. Anyone is free to accept invitations from other alliances and even to discuss it on the chat... If a member updates us that he will be out of the game for some time, but he plans to come back shortly, he will not be kicked out, even if he becomes inactive. Members who have become inactive in the past, are monitored all the time. If they become active again, they are always welcomed back, regardless of their rank/level. I consider myself more administrator than a Leader. I stand for democracy in the alliance. All the big decisions are made together and discussed by the members on the chat and every member's opinion is important and heard. All the players in Royal Revolt are invited to apply to join us. We welcome all. Good luck.
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