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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone, Some big changes are coming Royal Revolt's way and your help is required! We currently plan on implementing an in-game FAQ for Royal Revolt 2 with future updates to the game. This means that players will be able to find the information they need directly in the game! Here's where you come in: Is there something you always wondered about but had trouble finding information on? Is there any aspect of the game you had trouble with when starting out and you think needs some extra explaining?Is there something you feel like is desperately missing from our technical and gameplay FAQ? Simply post your question or addition here and we might include it in the in-game encyclopedia once the system has been implemented. You can also provide answers or even full fledged tutorials! The best questions, answers and tutorials will find their way into the game and not only help out others players but also make you a part of Royal Revolt 2.
  2. EDIT FROM FLAREGAMES: PLEASE USE THIS THREAD ONLY FOR QUESTIONS ABOUT VOUCHERS / FRIEND CODES. WE WILL SOON GET BACK TO YOU AND TRY TO ANSWER ALL YOUR OPEN QUESTIONS. Please do not create new topics for voucher questions. Also please do not use this thread to share your voucher or friend codes. In such cases, we have to remove your post. To post your friend code, use this thread instead: http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/5525-voucher-friend-codes-post-them-here/ Thank you. ------ Hi guys, this video is an attempt to explain the new voucher system Flaregames has introduced. Hope it helps!! My friend code: HXVJFGXT My Alliance Page : http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/5650-shadow-fall-alliance/ Alliance Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/100610576944860/
  3. Q: How do I sync my account? A: Sync your account by logging in your Game Center/Google Play Account! Q: Does my knight battle while off the game? A: Yes! Your knight will battle against the minions! Q: I purchased gems, but no gems added. What should I do? A: If you have problems purchasing gems, create a support ticket by clicking here. Q: How to get items? A: To get items, play daily and find them while your battling! Q: I found a bug! What should I do? A: If you found any bugs, submit a support ticket by clicking here. Q: How to change name? A: Open Nonstop Knight on your device and go on settings. Q: I have a question that is not listed here, what should I do? A: If your questions isn't listed here, look on support site by clicking here or click here to ask a question by creating a topic. Note: This topic is still being worked on! Come back later for more questions posted here!
  4. when or how can I start building new things besides the defaul three towers and the two barricades?
  5. Question: I have activated a gold shield but I still get attacked. Why is this happening? Answer: Having an active gold shield does not mean that you cannot be attacked at all. You will still be visible to other players and can be attacked normally. However, you will not lose gold for the time that the shield is active. This applies to the gold in your Treasure Chamber as well as the gold in your Taverns. Q: When I log in, I am shown three crowns and the gold that was taken from me. However, when I enter the attack history, I see only one crown. What do the different crowns mean? A: The crowns on your login screen indicate your defense rating. The more crowns you see, the better your defense. The crowns in your attack history indicate the overall success of the other player’s attack. The more crowns that are shown here, the closer the opponent was able to come to your Castle Gate. To strengthen your defense, upgrade your Castle Gate and build more towers and obstacles. Extending your defense path can also be helpful. Q: I am missing a tower. Where did it go? A: You most likely placed it in your inventory without noticing. To check your inventory, click on an empty space along your defense path and select the type of tower that you are missing. You are now able to choose between constructing an entirely new tower or selecting the ones that you have stored. A small number will indicate to you how many towers of a certain type you have stored. To place a tower in your inventory on purpose, simply select it and click on the storage box icon on the lower side of the screen. Q: How do I get pearls and what are they used for? A: Pearls are earned automatically by spending gems. You can spend them to buy powerful items in Granny’s Shop or use them to activate mighty pearl scrolls. Q: I protected my gold for seven days in total but did not get the “Gold Digger†achievement. What went wrong? A: The rewards for protecting your gold are given when all three different types of gold shield have been purchased individually. For example, you will get the bronze achievement after protecting your gold for one day and the silver one for buying the three day shield. Buying two three day shields and single day one will not give you the gold reward, however. Only buying the seven day shield will do that. Also, buying the three day shield first will NOT give you the silver achievement. However, if you buy the one day shield after buying the three day shield, you will receive the bronze and silver achievement immediately. Q: Some players seem to be online all the time. How can this be? A: It is possible that some players are simply playing a lot or just happen to be playing when you are online as well. It is also possible that we recently released a new version. If we have released a new version and you haven't updated Royal Revolt 2 yet, you will be unable to attack players with the newer version. We always try to release the new version on all platforms simultaneously to avoid this problem, but sometimes it takes some time until the individual versions are available in the different stores. Q: I was attacking another player a battle but was disconnected during the battle. What happens to my loot? A: If you get disconnected during a battle, you will not lose the loot that you gained up until this point. The system keeps track of how much you earned during the battle, up until the point at which you disconnected. It also automatically adds this loot to your account as soon as you reconnect. Q: How exactly does matchmaking work? A: You are matched against players in your trophy range. The system automatically selects opponents that offer you a challenge as well as a decent gold reward. These players will mostly consist of kings near you on the leaderboards. Q: How do I get the free gold shield? A: If somebody stole your gold while you were away, you will get a free 3 hour gold shield the next time you log in. Please note that you will only get this free shield once every 24 hours. You can collect the shield from your Treasure Chamber. Q: How are the trophies I can win in battle calculated? A: The game compares your offensive capabilities to the defensive strength of your potential opponent and uses this data to calculate the maximum number of trophies you can earn. The bigger the challenge, the more trophies you will be able to earn. Please note that it is possible to lose many trophies if you fail against a comparatively weak defense but only a few trophies if you are unable to beat a strong defense. Q: How are the medals I can win in battle calculated? A: Medals are distributed the same way as trophies. The only difference being that you can gain a passive boost to your medal acquisition by placing highly on the global leaderboard. Q: How is the medal boost calculated? A: When using the match making system for an attack (and only then!), you will get a percentage-based bonus on the medals you earn for that attack depending on your current position in the global leaderboard. This percentage is as follows: Rank 1 - 10: 50% Rank 11 - 100: 25% Rank 101 - 500: 10% Rank 501 - 1000: 5% Rank 1001+: 0% Q: I need a specific package offer. Could you send it to me? A: We are unable to send specific packages to individual players, sorry. Q: How can I promote a player in my Alliance to the rank of General and what can a General actually do? A: To promote a regular member to General, click on your Alliance's member list and open the info card of the player you want to promote. Afterwards, click on "promote" to make a regular member General. You can still demote them later. Generals can: Invite other players into an AllianceApprove or disapprove applicationsKick other members of lower rankUpgrade the AllianceActivate and upgrade Elite Boosts using Alliance gold. Q: If I have more than one General, which one will become Alliance Leader in case the original leader leaves the Alliance? A: The General that has been a member of the Alliance the longest will be promoted to leader.
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