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Found 4 results

  1. (Only for people who have significant progress through the game) So for those people that likes to take their eyes off the phone when they are farming this is the thread for you. I have found most maps with one building to loot is doable without shooting a zombie from your plane.the maps with two buildings to loot in silencio heights are all doable as well. My loadout is a bazooka shotgun and two assaults for survival ability.let me know if anyone has found any more maps easy to farm without trying
  2. I've finally reached the age where I have no idea what some of these threads are referring too. What is farming? Nerf? Farming I believe means going back over each level to earn more XP, or "grinding" out the XP. I thought there was another game called Zombie Farm. Haha. Nerf I think means no more? No more resources after so many times farming? Thanks, ~Chip
  3. This post is for assuming that you already have end game gear...The Grande, The Baron, and any Armor...and Dag the Dog. Has anyone taken the time to figure out whether you gain more tokens from smashables with The Baron equipped or removing it for another armor and running around? I am not concerned about Mystery Boxes...this question is only about smashables. If running around nets more tokens...I would assume that the optimal setup would be, The Grande, The Mau5head, & The Flow. The Grande: Best weapon in the game. The Mau5head: Always run at full speed. The Flow: Extra Damage for movement speed. Yes this combos with Mau5head. I guess technically...if you are one shotting everything the Cloak won't matter. Thoughts?
  4. Hi guys, have you ever wonder how great it would be to have an extra queue for abilities? I mean like for example, you have already 6 abilities created bud what if you could still set in queue atleast 1 more ability so when you use one of yours abilities in battle the other one will automaticly (during the battle) start crafting. It would be a great time saving in farming.
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