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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone! I've got a question about Ajax. I have around 1100 Points in physical resistance and 1000 in Fire resistance. When Ajax was lower leveled, he had shown 72% physical and 78% Fire resistance. Now with Level 11, he Shows 57% physical and 59% fire resistance. Does the percentageamount Change with leveling up the Hero? Best Regards
  2. Royal Revolt needs the Shock Tower! It's a tower that looks like a freaky "Tesla" tower with electricity running up and down it! It would be similar in use to the Snake, Gargoyle, or Frost Tower as you set it on the side of your path and it electrocutes units that try to skirt past it. It would cause continuous fire damage, and intermittently it would stun all enemies around it then while they were stunned and unable to escape the fire damage would really take it's toll. Imagine the power an electric chair in a tower? Now that's good fun!
  3. It is true that when you have the elite bonus up and running Tough Barricades are really difficult to get through! But I hate having to swap them out every time the bonus wears off! And obviously Tough Barricades were created to make the Barricades a useful item! So I'm going to recommend another way to balance them. When I'm going through a base, often one hammer strike can hit 2 or 3 blockages/barricades. If though barricades had only a 50% weakness to blunt attacks I wouldn't be able to knock them all down at once. I'd have to alternate fire and blunt attack! Which would make creative mixes of blockades and barricades more useful. Plus it is more logical wood is more elastic and would be more resilient to blunt force then something like iron, cement, or most stone.
  4. I have been very disappointed by the werewolf in so many ways! First: The Werewolf should be a member of a wolfpack! So it shouldn't be a unit with a high morale cost! It should be probably about 5 morale. And obviously for balancing it's powers would have to be reduced, but that way you could spawn a wolfpack. Also they should be stronger when they are in proximity to each other maybe a group healing, but I'd rather see a group rage that increases their attack. That would make it important to save up some morale and spawn them all at once instead of one by one. Second: the fundamental quality of a werewolf is it transforms from a human to a wolf and vice-versa. But in Royal Revolt the werewolf is actually just a wolf. Albeit a new element of surprise in the game would be for a werewolf to appear like a knight and then just before it engages in combat it transforms into the wolf form. It might even be a tactical benefit in defense because the raiding king would see a knight or group of knights approaching and he really wouldn't re-direct his troops for just knights. Then suddenly the knight or knights would transform into werewolves right among his cannons hopefully, and he'd be screwed! Finally, I have a problem with frost being the werewolf's weakness, the werewolf according to legend is the monster of the cold north! He should have any other weakness but frost!
  5. We need one new final ultimate unit maybe from an epic new quest add on... I'm getting close to beating all the Dungeons and I need something new to beat. Plus this is a medieval tower defense/offense game! It's all played by geeks and nerds like me. We need a flying fire-breathing dragon! It fits so naturally into the game! Also most fire units are weak to water. I'd like a new unit to add a new element to the game play. It doesn't seem right to see a slow flying dragon get taken out by water. And since the dragon has scales, I don't think he should be weak to arrows probably 50% resistance for piercing. I think his big weaknesses should be blunt and normal attack: 75%. It would be awesome seeing and ogre take a club to one of those monsters! Also I think only units with a range greater than 0.8 should be able to kill Dragons cause they are flying! So like spikes knights would be powerless against dragons. But both a King and a Palidin would be able to fight them. Please, please, please, pretty please!
  6. My latest experiment concerning Archer Tower vs Firebolt Tower. Archer Tower vs Firebolt Tower The results was predictable to me as I sensed the effect during my experiences in battle. I would like to point out Firebolt Towers aren't exactly superior to Archer Towers in every aspect! This is especially true for its DPS during later parts of the game! Firebolt Towers might still have immunity against melee and somewhat superior range but not all the time! Worst part is Archer Towers can still be Boosted!! Further kicking Firebolt Tower's butt! Boo hoo me (I have like 10 Firebolt Towers ) *Firebolt Towers shoot fast and set fire to an entire army.* - Hades
  7. I did some experiments on Burning and Poison Effect on my blog and I was hoping to share with you guys the results! Turns out Pyromancers and Mortars are not as simple as I used to think. I am also going to keep making more posts about Royal Revolt 2. Kinda like how Jason Wivart makes his informative videos! Took me a few days to make as I was busy and english was not my first language. (Sorry for my bad english!)
  8. I just pulled an all nighter making this! So tired, anyways, it's a detail experiment dealing with these towers (Frost Tower, Gargoyle Tower and Snake Tower) and how they interact with each other and themselves. Enjoy! Do share my blog with all your friends and family who are also a Royal Revolt Addict like myself! I will make more posts like this.... next time..... off to sleep zZz
  9. Virzano

    WATCH OUT! Pyromancer!

    how can 1 fire ball of the pyromancer can drain almost half of my cannon health which have 1200++ HP and pyromancer attack is just below 200 point fire damage how this game calculate burn damage actually?