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Found 9 results

  1. RR2 needed upgrade. After that i opened the game and I had to start from the beginning. I entered settings because I was connected to Fb with my old account and I wanted it back . But I accidentally saved local data instead of facebook data so my account was lost. I submitted my request to Flaregames and I want to know if I am ever going to get it back......?
  2. Seriously flaregames, if you were serious about your game and more importantly about your jobs, you'd listen to us on the forums. It ticks me off how you never respond to our suggestions and when you do reply it is always Flothaboss saying that it'll be considered to be added in a later version which VERY rarely happens. Even with ideas that'd make the game SO much more appealing. So to the point, what makes you think that you should lose 33 trophies on an attack if you get to right before the gate (so, not 2 stars) and then die. I would get 3 trophies...3! Do you seriously think that makes any sense at all? I don't see it. If you attack a base that you get 17 trophies for winning 16 trophies for losing makes sense, but 3 to 33? What the heck? In not ANY world does that make sense. Nobody would EVER EVER EVER say that if you win against a hard base you get 3 trophies but if you lose you get 33 taken off your hard earned trophies on the day. On average, a player will get about 4-5 trophies per attack. And an average player attacks 5-10 times a day. Take that to 10 attacks a day, that makes 40-50 trophies (to make things look better for flaregames I'll say 50). If we take off one attack, the player now has 45 trophies on the day. He attacks a player that gives good gold but only 3 trophies. He loses the battle. Now he has 12 trophies on the day. Now, to do more math, each attack will take around 2 minutes 15 seconds (135 seconds), if you attack safely and don't make botches. Now lets say that his last attack, the one that he lost, took 1 min 45 seconds, as he got to right before the gate. That means that in 22 minutes of attacking (probably 2 hours overall, because of waiting for farms), he only gained 12 trophies. That's 0.55 trophies per minute attacking. AWFUL! No game has that preposterous of a trophy system. Hopefully you pay attention from now on and fix this awful system, thank you for your time -AwesomestKnightest P.S. I apologize for acting so out of place, but seriously, this really does need to be fixed
  3. Hi, I hve lost my accnt. My Ign was-Queen Artemisia.I dont remember much bt i was around lvl 63 nd i had 4 workers nd throne lvl 10.Pls transfer all data to my new accnt-Roaring Kings
  4. Hello flaregames people who can't afford to buy gems have lot of problem but u never care we need to save gems to upgrade alliance tower and to buy workers but u don't even give us good amount of medals so we can't even win leagues I think u need to add gem price in ninja event so we have 1000 gems to 2000 gems earning in a month or this game will be useless if u focus on the buyers can't u give a gem price in ninja event or make a gems event per month Hope ur day go good (^^)
  5. Where is the event.....? I think Flaregames RR2 Staff is also playing Pokemon Go ....! Who Agrees......!
  6. why don't you give us same feature as android, if u don't develop same function for us please stop developing for windows mobile users we don't need royal revolt. Android n IOS is ur platform not Windows, Windowsphone users are far behind every single day they can't watch ads. 1 we can't watch videos , it says no offer till today. 2 Where is recording option for us? 3 where is tapjoy or other service to earn gems. 4 where is logout n login? and many more there is on equality.. If u don't do that i will quit this game.. And uber chest, this game is all about money.. Those who have money or android they survive in royal revolt.
  7. Hi- After the recent update of Olympus Rising (OR), the game has taken a downward trend. For example my king: Madmaxx has 14 islands. I hold 8 islands and the rest held by other powerful kings. In a day hardly (1 or 2) Kings of lower level attack the islands, which I recover. So basically, my progress is very slow. There are also people who farm 5 million in a day. Now that is unfair. Please group similar range players together, or at least, bring the Royal Revolt 2 functionality of attacking other players to increase trophy count and gold. It's basically just collecting the items from the collect all button and nothing else. Kindly do something to make the game interesting. Since there is no official forum for this, it would be nice if the admins. reply to this thread and explain the gameplay. Cheers!!
  8. Hello everyone, As you may know, i'm oPelle the admin of the Royal Revolt 2 Wiki with the other admin KingMartin123 we worked together for long time, then recently i had very few chance to meet again him in the wikia but in the meanwhile i had other good guys which helped me to fill the wikia as completely as possible so far. But even if we are in 2015 and the game is born long time ago there are still lot of things to understand, fill things, etc, and we are however still low guys which contribute for this Wikia (source of ispiration from lot of players to understand mechanisms of game level of towers/spells/troops etc). There are still many inconsistencies in some pages, and also lot of values need to be put because each of the contributors of this wikia have their own account, but of course we can't know every upgrade time, cost, level, damage, health of hero at certain level, etc if we don't progress in-game. We are still here to fill many things never touched before of some pages that could be very simply filled in few minutes but from which, we don't have lot of material to get those, because only developers can know. So i'm here to ask this big effort: i don't know if you Staff from Flaregames is allowed among you to spend your time also on other things like fill a wiki, because i think that if you do also this plus thing (that is help to correct and fill with the values, the data of the Royal Revolt 2 Wikia) you need to be paid more or i'm wrong and you can do it freely? I ask you this thing because you (developers) are the only one that can know all the exact values of spells, towers, etc, and we players do as much as we can, but of course not all things, as i said before, are completed at 100%. Lot of people messaged me because they liked the job i did so far on the wikia, but i always feeling the lack that i and the contributors need more people to fill and complete it because we lost lot of time and there are still things incomplete. So if any staff of flaregames would like to contribute on the wikia help us to fill it "completely" i'd thank you very much !
  9. Awesome ,now RR2 accounts are on sale.... I have spotted and identified that cheap guy that is asking to buy his account (on sale) 400$ USD, wow....shame on that guy...."shame on tungsix" ,He (tungsix) the cheap guy is posting alot on fb to inform people about his account.... "how cheap tungsix is ....." Now I realised ,tungsix(level 113) guy is very cheap and interested selling his progress to other people , he had made good deals with other cheap dudes (highest 1000$ USD ) shame shame shame on you tungsix -_-....very bad ,flare you should ban his account before he sells!! See the PIC that I posted in the form of a proof!! Here, my thread ends Good Bye Have a nice day Warm Regards, DaRk243
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