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Found 15 results

  1. Hey all. The forge system already filters to only items of the same rarity, which is helpful since you can only combine like rarity items. However, I have A LOT of item inventory space (200+) and there are too many items for me to keep track of. Let's say I'm saving a couple extra green/blue rarity items for each Hero while also maintaining items that I dont need (Forge disposable items). When im picking an item to combine, I'm kind of guessing which items i dont need for the Hero. My suggestion is this: Add some sort of filter/sorting/category system to items which would allow you to mark an item as disposable (trash icon) and need for Hero (exclamation mark). The icons could be colored dots in the corner of the item portrait. What do you think? -oo Vyrus
  2. Forging of items

    Hi. I'm Lord Knite, and I am having a trouble about forging items. I was in level 122 in ascension and I put to forge 3 unique items, and these 3 items finished when I got in level 123. Now, I can't forge; in the items, it is written I only can to forge in next level (in 124), but I didn't forge in 123... I'd must can to forge again in 123: one time in 122, one time in 123, one time in 124... Right? Please, I wait answers. Greet regards
  3. Hi flare developers, There should be an option before forging an item that will tell you the duration of the cooldown. You have that feature when upgrading an item, I think it should be there by forging as well so before we forge we should know how long it will take until the next time we can forge that tower, unit.... Thanks
  4. Well that was annoying: I removed the speed boost perk from first slot on some boots... but when I reforged the boots... I got back the speed boost. So basically I spent 50 gems for nothing. The simple fix: whenever you remove a perk, the probability for that perk to reroll should drop to 0% until the next successful forge. Alternative fix: add an option to spend 50x(number of perks available) gems to let me pick the perk I want!!!!! It's bloody annoying this stupid %chance% mechanic. What type of blacksmith doesn't know WTF he is doing when forging items: seriously: in any other fantasy system, a blacksmith forges for a specific perk... there is a chance of failure: but (for example) if I'm using hydra poison to forge for the poison perk... then I'm not going to get some other random perk!!!
  5. Hi Team, Have a suggestion for getting list of units buildings spells under forge just like you have given for building or troop upgrades on main screen. It might give all kings and queens to get better view for forging them.
  6. I can't seem to find the level at which snake towers (or any tower) become perkable. I tried the wiki but didn't see it. Anyone know where to find this info?
  7. Hello I found on the wiki that when you try to forge an item, spell, unit, tower, the more forged the item etc. is, the less chance you have to success the first attempt. That seems logic It was not written, but I assumed till now that no matter how long you wait between your first and your second attemps, if the first has failed the second is always successful. But some players disagreed with me some time ago, and today a player said he had made the first attempt on an item yesterday, and that today the second attemps has failed. Is that possible, and how ? Has Flare changed anything in the functionning of forges ? It had never happened to me (when I fail to forge something, the second time I always manage to forge successfully, no matter if I have waited 1 week between the 2 attemps) I would be grateful for some clarification
  8. Head to bug section plz
  9. Items you can't meltdown or sell?

  10. item forge fail 3 times a row

    well as the title says i tried to forge an item and it failed 3 times a is an uber item taht i used gems to change a slot i didnt like.after spending 100 gems to try again for a new 3rd perk i forged it 3 times a row and it failed all of them. item is tactician's silks and ign Panagiotis G.
  11. Is there anywhere I can find information on forge cooldown? Particularly for towers. Thank you in advance.
  12. Blacksmith Forge BUG

    The blacksmith is taking way long time to forge some items. a 3 pearl item is taking over an hour to forge. removing the item and putting it back shows correct cooldown time. this is Highly annoying and a royal waste of time not being able to use multiple forging slots since you have to put them one by one to get the correct forging time. NOTE: After I post this I noticed that the long cooltime shown is for a different item, Let me explain: I try to melt a 30 pearls Item and gave me 1h30min cooltime, when I checked back there was a 3 pearls item instead with over 1hr cooltime. I remove the item and I got the real item back. for some reason the blacksmith is switching the icons and pearls inside the forge.
  13. Is there any advantage to waiting before enhancing my troops at the forge? For example, I currently have level 9 Paladins with 3291 health. If I boost them now at the forge, I will get a health bonus of +101. Would this health bonus be greater if I waited until level 10 to boost them? What would happen to this health bonus of +101 once they were upgraded to lvl 10? Will they still keep that health bonus on top of their new health score? Thanks! Apart from that, which boosts do you recommend I apply?
  14. I just noticed an interesting bug on the 2.0.0 version. I paid almost 500 to finish a Skull Tower upgrade, everything is fine until here, I did it to have a free worker as I was needing it, but the weird stuff came after that. First a screenshot of a tower that I haven't upgraded, it has the forge button just like all the others in this update: But then let's check the tower that I paid for to finish its upgrade one day before: After having the upgrade, suddenly the forge button disappeared. I wasn't thinking about forging it, but I think this is a very weird bug.