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Found 11 results

  1. Hi FG & fellow Olympians, Illidan Stromrage here. General of "Sovereign Gate" alliance. Olympus Rising game has been crashing so much lately. This is NOT about the Server crash yesterday during the war. This happens to me on my new device (LG V30) all the time. I had made repeated complaints and each time, I get the same reply. I am annoyed by this. It seems no effort have been taken to rectify this issue. Day by day, I am loosing interest in playing the game, due to these crashes. Crash scenario: These crashes happen, when my hero is about enter the bridge to attack the statue and the Gate. No once, twice. I have had these crashes more than a 100 times. I have also sent feedback regarding the same. but nothing good has happened. Who is going to compensate all the cup/gem losses? After all we pay for the gems. Please look into this issue as you may loose many more players because of the annoyances.
  2. Hi Everyone, In Game name: illidan stromrage I am not really sure, if this error is only faced by me alone. Please do put in your own observations, if you have the same error. Does the hero statue resemble exactly the hero chosen, except for the extra % damage and health? If so, I have a error in it. I am using Perseus. His stats(with whatever combinations I use) doesn't change at all. I tried using all 3 slots while assigning the hero, but the statue values does not change. It stays same for all three slots. Is this an error or does the hero stats are only up to level? Is there any limitation cap to the hero set? example: He has a physical resistance of 90%, but the statue resistance stays only at 46% always. Is this due to an error or limitation cap? Developers, please take a look in this and let me know your views. Regards, Vishnu Kumar
  3. How come dracomancer dragon is now blue in color, though still spitting fire
  4. Boost castle event started but for me no reduction in price n time of upgrade. Fix this asap. IGN : Mighty Anurag1
  5. At first attempt on level X I died in the start and got 13 points. At second attempt I made it well pass bucky beast with 42% completion upon dying. The position of my king was then at the 2nd last corner before the gate. However, I did not get a single point. Normally, one should expect around 110 points at that stage. Anyone else experienced this before? Unfortunately I didn't take a screenshot verifying 42% completion, only a screenshot from the main window.
  6. Game gt disconnected as soon as pro league is over now i am unable to connect . Network working fine. IGN : Mighty Anurag1
  7. With canons hitting the beast there is no skill involved in killing the beast. Raiders are just raiding the bases and using insta canons to kill the beast. Its bad for the game bad for the defence which is really underpowered in front of offence now.
  8. @FTB hi florian, does no of ninja defensive waves change with alliance tower level or the number of waves remains same for everybody?
  9. With so many bugs going on, we need more than just one hour of GalaMorgane being online. We need at least one staff member present at all times. With all the bugs going on you CANNOT have only GalaMorgane looking at the topics for 1 hour. Put designated times for Community watching on your team and take care in what you do, cause it doesn't look like you are right now. You don't have forum events to make people interested, you very rarely answer to topics, and then when you do that, you say "Send a ticket in to support." Yeah right, cause we all know support solves everything! My suggestion for the community change is simple and clear. It needs to be the same with support as well. Have designated times for staff members to reply to people. It's really not that hard. Please read this and don't ignore it as it seems you do with everything else
  10. I started playing the most recent pro league (Witchcraft Cup) as soon as the event started on 16th February (3pm my local time). I was putting my best score ever, I completed challenge 7 with no fails and had 16+ minutes remaining. Started Challenge 8 and completed that and as soon as it was done the game logged off. After a couple of failed attempt to log in to the game, I finally did. Went in to my pro league screen and saw my king was waiting at challenge 1 and was showing I had 35minutes reaming, as if I did not started playing the league at all. Went to the current pro-leader board and found my score of 1140 was showing and I was ranking 3rd that time (way to early I know to establish a place). So this was way back on 16th February. Did not play the pro league at all after that. Tried to contact flare games by submitting a request and add screenshots. Got a respond the day after (Saturday 17th February my local asking me to tell them when the issue happened. I did and waited till 19th February (office closed during weekends) to get a respond. Which is - "According to our database, the last mission you completed was challenge #7, your final leader board points were 4476 and your final Pro currency was 13,171." By my calculation I could not have a score of 1140 if I did not complete challenge 8 and also if I had 16+ minutes remaining before attempting challenge 8 I should have 12+ more time on my clock after completing challenge 8. So what am I to do now. Should I play as is and start from the beginning. Remember I already have a score of 1140 on the current pro leader board. So how is that going to work out. Sent another email to know what should I do to play or stay put. Sent that email on 20th February (my Tuesday) and still now answer. Now with less than 24hrs till the current league ends I am writing this here. Should I try to play as is (the way things are now) or not. Cause this will affect my reward both current and monthly. I will add screenshots which I already sent though email and current ones too. Hope to hear from someone soon. hyperpc
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