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Found 15 results

  1. So as most of you know, Flaregames develloped a game called Dawn Of Steel. i’ve looked around the forums, and have seen no activity off the devs in over a year. Devs, if you read this, please help me with this. 1. Not finished; When i looked in the Rig Research menu, and scrolled all the way to the right, i saw Command Ranks and items not even available (like rig lvl 18 and ultra shotgun). And when i previewed some upgrades nothing showed up. This means that there are not yet obtainable CR’s (commandranks) in the game, and the amount of buildings is sadly lacking. 2. Glitches; whenever you look back a replay with a blink rig and a disruptor in it, there is a high chance of it freezing when the blink tp’s into the disruptor. 3. Balance; the tenev tower is the only end game ammunition weapon that is used, as it can shoot over walls and has incredible damage ( and the backside off not being able to place other buildings close to it is not a big enough backside, the size off the area is too small, and these area’s can overlap if you have more of the same tower). 4. Hacker problem; straight to the point with this one: hackers are a pain in the ass. their rigs cant die, they have an infinite battle timer and can oneshot everything. Losing to a single missile rig with your whole base is dissapointing. 5. Alliances; tho it is fun to have a chat wich you can understand with friends or with fellow players, alliances dont really do anything. so, what i mean to say with this is, If you are going to quit Dawn Of Steel, do it right and get most of these major problems out of the way before leaving your loyal playerbase without a warning. Thank you - Casper
  2. Hello Forumers, Here is a RR2 game on the forum. Here you can design new perks or create new combination of perks on the items, though don't expect your idea to be seen in the game. Also, you don't have to spam all your ideas at once since it would ruin the fun of the game. Example - Sword Then I might reply with Merciless Hammer - 2 blunt damage perks on the sword, eh Hammer Next item: Cape So let's get started Next item: Cape
  3. Hello everyone! This is the 2nd forum game, hope y'all enjoy it! This game is pretty simple, you have to react to the situation given above (which must only be related to Royal Revolt 2) using any of these emoticons available on the forums - For example - The game is very laggy during a raid So let's get started! The game crashes on the 1st ninja island itself.
  4. Tôi chơi game royalrevol 2 hơn hai năm rồi. Chơi rất trong sạch và mọi giao dịch của tôi đều có hóa đơn. Vậy tại sao giải pro tôi không có phần thưởng mặc dù tham gia đầy đủ
  5. After clicking the new proleague, the game is not connecting anymore. Anybody else on the same boat?
  6. Hi, can someone give me the music files for the game? Music files would be the music that plays in the game during battles, being at your castle, and the Dungeon.
  7. Can only succesfully watch 1 ad per game restart. When I try to watch the second video I get a white screen which disappears after a second. Apparently it also takes away from my ad count because after I had this bug a couple of times I was out of offers. Im not even expecting a response by flare because they dont care anyway. Just want to know if others have a similar problem.
  8. i take this time to sincerely appreciate flare team for breaking the game nd ruining the game for us.providing balance broken pro boosts to keeping some units underpowered as hell.i thank u for making the game go from skill based to gem based.YOU ARE THE BEST.plz play ur own game
  9. I'm level 80, I never had problems with the app, but suddenly it won't let me enter. It frezzes in the title screen, even when I uninstall, download and install it again. It's the only game I can't enter, so I don't think it's a problem with the cellphone. Does anyone have any advice/solution?
  10. Hi all, I would like to report an in-game play bug. the issue simply is during the battles some units like "Trebuchet" is stuck in the path and not proceeding forward to "Apollo gates" like all other units .. this is really terrible thing during a fight. please fix that thing the game is awesome. thanx
  11. I've installed the game from the first day it came out and I've been playing a lot since then. It's really good and really fun to play but I think i have an idea (idk if someone already suggested so here it goes) My idea is for an hardcore game mode this is: Everytime you die you start from scratch ( no itens, no ascends, no knight upgrades) you lose everything. Unless you have a revive potion to save you, that is the end and you have to start again. Why? Well I think lately games with this kind of option have been more popular than ever because it make you reconsider and take into consideration a lot of things before you go "Leroy Jenkins" all over the place. This would make it more challenging and even more fun to play. I hope you take this into consideration and I will be glad to hear from other people what they think. With nothing more to say, best regards and keep on the amazing work
  12. Hello everybody! Since we had many types of events during these last months, i'd like to know what is your favourite in-game event ! So maybe we can arouse more interest from developers side to reproduce with more frequency for example a specific event we mostly like. If others events will be created I'll update this topic, so remember to give an eye now and then. Below are described the specifications for each event (so if you don't know what it talks about, you can take a look here). You can also check this topic as a personal summary for your interests too.: Alliance Party Upgrading the Alliance Tower costs 20% less gems than usuallyUpgrades are also faster, it will now take 6h at most to upgrade your Tower!All Alliances have 40% donation bonus! (taxes)All Alliance members get special "Magic Gem Chests" if a member buys a gem packageCrazy Granny Days The re-rolls are cheaperThe items are better and cheaperDouble XP King will receive double xpVoucher Days Higher Voucher rewards for entering a friend codeHigher Voucher rewards whenever one of your Voucher friends levels upHigher Voucher rewards for every friend that buys a Gem packageDungeon Run Dungeons will take less time to be unlockedBoost your Defence The Towers and Obstacles will be 20% cheaperThe maximum building/upgrade time for the Towers and Obstacles will be 1 dayThe Workers cost 20% less gemsBoost your Offence The spells and troops cost 20% less gold to upgradeThe maximum building time for spells and troops is 2 daysBlacksmith Event The meltdown slots are 25% cheaperThe Pearls are produces twice fasterThe amount of Pearls produced per item-meltdown is multiplied by 5The chances of upgrading an item successfully are slightly betterCastle Boost Event The Castle buildings will cost 20% less goldThe maximum building/upgrade time for the Castle buildings will be 2 daysThe Workers cost 20% less gemsInclude ALLIANCE TOWER cheaper costP.S.: This topic i made it personally without the advice from some superior people, just to be clear If you notice errors let me know! Thank you for the participation! Regards, oPelle
  13. Hi, I wanted your views on the best Tower Offense and Defense games and why It could be 1. Tower Offense- 2. Tower Defense- 3. Tower offense and defense (combined)-
  14. Hey, guys. I'm really sorry for such a noob question, but, i need your help. I want to create a game using Java. Can you tell me what is the best way to start it. And if you can, please write me all the steps that are necessary to make it real. Thank you.
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