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Found 10 results

  1. Please tell us how multiple accounts are banned like someone have 2 accounts. Both are legal so Should He leave one.Or Sharing 1 account with 2 different people leads to banning of account. Is their any way to prevent accounts from banning. Please reply soon
  2. I opened a titan chest and its glitches here is photos
  3. Figured i would start a thread in help to see where it got me before directly reporting it as a bug. But when fighting a boss, use of "stun" skills, seem to become progressively worse and worse, to the point where they don't actually stun the enemy boss at all. This happens from the first stun, being full length, and every stun afterwards lasting about half as long. In addition, enemy bosses seem to take less and less damage as the fight goes on, as well as occasionally taking no damage at all. anyone else experiencing anything like this? Or have some insight on the mechanics that could explain what's happening? Because it just seems bugged out from where i sit.
  4. BREAK DOWN GLOBAL CHAT AND ALLIANCE CHAT NOT WORKING !!!!!!... Game is good but from last night global chat and alliance chat is not working showing both chat disconnected please flare games do something before user left game and we need alliance competition and alliance war so the game will be more challenging and more fun rest of other things are better than other games good work super weapon and flare games keep it up What You Guys Think About The About Break Down Of Alliance chat And Global Chat And How Many Of You All Wanted Alliance War and Competition Between Alliances We need New upgrade
  5. Before the new update (which I got 20 minutes ago because it prevented me from attacking another player) everything worked great, although matchmaking is a little corrupt (but we'll save that for another time). Anyway, I got the update and tried immediately to reconnect to the game so that I could attack the player. It said connecting for about 10 seconds then tried multiple times to reconnect...nothing. I checked my wifi by opening other apps that required wifi, and they all worked perfectly. Please fix this ASAP as my island is not accessible to me but it still is to my opponents, which is not fair. I have an iPad mini 2 and the latest version of the game (obviously).
  6. I'm having problems with nonstop knights I do the tutorial but when killing the boss it sort of freezes. The art still moves but it's completely unresponsive. I have tried restarting and deleting. If anyone could help tha would be nice
  7. So I've been playing this game for awhile and I've seen enough bugs and glitches that I would not find in this forum. One interesting thing is I've been seeing lots of "invisible" players lately so I wanna share with yo'll. Search player "KINGDOM of eddee" you will see a couple of them. Not cool enough? Search player "48033" and see his/her Alliance. A freaking Invisible Alliance!!!!!! 99% of them is Korean. Looks like Flare forgot to block the "space" in their input system. It doesn't works on Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese and of course all Latin based system. I wonder if they are cheating how are they going to get ban? What do you guys think?
  8. For the 4-5th time this game has reset mid to after match and destroyed all 4 of my rigs costing me plasma and freaking time!!! The excuse that is given by tech is that my wifi is bad. I am sitting 6' from my wireless router. I have xfinity. It is very fast and others are streaming and playing games having no problems. If this is a setting on your end the change it so it is not so stringent. Dang it man! Upnote is it only cost me dead rigs and no rating loss. But this is freaking rediqulous. If your tolerances are so high I don't know how anyone plays this game. Sheesh, still having issues with the update ballancing, still hating on Nyssa for same old crap. Still having problems with your business model. Still unhappy with communication.
  9. Hi flare. We were on a war when suddenly the alliance LOS GERREROS3 lost their members and got eliminated on the first day then suddenly their fiefs were transferred to the K.I.L.L.E.R who had only 8,379 skulls and vicjos2 who had only 11,847 skulls as what is shown on the image. Vicjos2 seriously just got 5 fiefdoms w/ only 11,847 skulls and was ranked in first place effortlessly. Is this a glitch or the effortless alliance will automatically receive bonus fiefdoms from an alliance who forfeited the war?
  10. Hello, recently i discovered a fanstastic easter egg in the Chamber of Fortune (when you win 3 crowns): Once you lose because you click the wrong chest, of course appear the skulls but nobody probably know that behind the hat of the skull there is a word... probably a name ! The word is : SAM Take a look at this picture made by me when i recorded mine video, i took a frame of this. Hope you enjoy ! And watch behind you!
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