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Found 3 results

  1. sometimes you when something goes wrong like a win not being recorded or not receiving trophies, medals, skulls etc? getting kicked from a castle as you just about to demolish it with your food being used up? where can things like this be reported?
  2. Cheater name: Axl311082 All evidences are included in the video below. There are more cheaters using modified apk. Please fix this. Dawn of Steel cheater
  3. So there's this guy, zaafar.tahir, who is pretty well known in the upper ranks. He uses some tool/hack to be always online, and fills up his treasure chamber during that time. Once every so often, the game kicks him off for 15-20 minutes, and we all get to use him for an ATM machine (3 straight raids of 600K+). Fun times. It's super annoying that he exploits always being online, mostly because you can't use him as an ATM machine whenever you want. You have to get lucky with timing. But he's hardly the only person who does this, so for the most part I've shrugged it off. But now this is too much. Here's a screenshot of him in a tournament. It's nearly 10 hours into the tournament, and he has zero medals. So he hasn't attacked anyone for 10 hours. But his treasure chamber is still clearly full. If he's not attacking people to refill it, he should have been cleaned out by now. So either: He's found some way to defeat the code that kicks you offline periodically He's hacking to get his gold instead of attacking people for it.I really don't know what's going on with this guy, but can you please look into it? Nobody likes grinding out the gold for high level upgrades, so when someone appears to be cheating it's a pretty big slap in the face to those of us (the dumb ones?) doing it the honest way. Thanks!
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