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Found 3 results

  1. Bug

    Hello I wanted to know what happened today with the game I put my tower of the alliance to upar only that when I woke up all the constructions were one level less
  2. on June 13, 2017 I bought a small grab bag 10 times. I've reported to flaregames but did not finish. after I told my friend in Denmark, he suggested to report back via flothaboss, with hope soon to be resolved. here I attach my proof of purchase of 10 pieces. so I say, I hope to get my rights back, considering the money I spend not a little. for the help and attention I say thank you

    to asami (flaregame Administration), my account, why not immediately on return, I already send an email my King of traits, even have already submitted proof of purchase my jewels, package,but no news at all, I already send an email over to flaregame or 50 x to asami but no replies at all.. What should I do. .. It's been 4 weeks my account does not immediately return. Why flaregame Please transfer my account AZ Zahra imoet to the new account AZ Zahra imoet3 With the my email Please help me ..