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Found 57 results

  1. Hi Flaregames and thank you for the new update. I just sacrificed one 5 Star Titan item on a duplicate unique item.It converted it into a cursed unique chest.What is this cursed unique chest @CaptainMorgan also how can I score 100 k score in an alliance wars ,for the past two months I am only able to score 75 k in a three day war format and the best score was in the last Alliance wars.But still it is no where closer to 100k.???
  2. So as most of you know, Flaregames develloped a game called Dawn Of Steel. i’ve looked around the forums, and have seen no activity off the devs in over a year. Devs, if you read this, please help me with this. 1. Not finished; When i looked in the Rig Research menu, and scrolled all the way to the right, i saw Command Ranks and items not even available (like rig lvl 18 and ultra shotgun). And when i previewed some upgrades nothing showed up. This means that there are not yet obtainable CR’s (commandranks) in the game, and the amount of buildings is sadly lacking. 2. Glitches; whenever you look back a replay with a blink rig and a disruptor in it, there is a high chance of it freezing when the blink tp’s into the disruptor. 3. Balance; the tenev tower is the only end game ammunition weapon that is used, as it can shoot over walls and has incredible damage ( and the backside off not being able to place other buildings close to it is not a big enough backside, the size off the area is too small, and these area’s can overlap if you have more of the same tower). 4. Hacker problem; straight to the point with this one: hackers are a pain in the ass. their rigs cant die, they have an infinite battle timer and can oneshot everything. Losing to a single missile rig with your whole base is dissapointing. 5. Alliances; tho it is fun to have a chat wich you can understand with friends or with fellow players, alliances dont really do anything. so, what i mean to say with this is, If you are going to quit Dawn Of Steel, do it right and get most of these major problems out of the way before leaving your loyal playerbase without a warning. Thank you - Casper
  3. Sean1996

    orh 2 FAME SYSTEM

    What is it that decides the color and the number of stars on your hero's picture frame. Also, how do I advance to the 3-star frame, as i am stuck on 2-star. I'm not even sure though how I got to the 2-star, I'm just wanting to complete the related quest. Please and thank you in advance.
  4. Hi @CaptainMorgan I have a question for you,why is it that OR doesn't allow players to change thier ingamename but alliances can change thiers anytime for 500 gems? I mean It only allows it once after the tutorial, I have played games that allow players to change thier IGN once a month or some allows it on special occasions or simply change it anytime for premium currency of the game(Gems).
  5. The name of my alliance is Mexico 01. however we want to change the name, since we are from different countries. I want you to help change the name.
  6. Hello, everyone! Before I begin, let me introduce myself. I'm iArash, and I've been playing DoS for only a rough 3 days, but I'm up to Rank 6! I'm active in the Global Chat at times, so you might know me, or not. Here's the question that I came about. When looking to build something, I noticed that some Defense objects, such as the Tank Spawner and the Wedge Gun, were maximised (bought to the maximum number) when I hadn't bought one of any at all. What should I do? All answers are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for reading!
  7. Hi Today when the war ended and I opened up my current quest queue to check the update on "MARATHON'' quest(and it was showing complete) where your Alliance need to win the 4 Alliance wars in succession to gain Thousand gems and my team did won last four wars by grabbing the first position in wars. So when I precoded to collect the gems for this quest completion I did not receive 1000 gems and then I logged out of the game and logged in again to see if I received any gems or not. Now to my great surprise this quest is showing that I won only three wars in succession and is incomplete.I am trying to finish this quest for almost six months and every time my alliance wins three wars in succession(by coming first in Alliance wars)but fourth time my team end up losing 4 th war by coming second. @CaptainMorgan could you please check my account for this bug and Please don't tell me that I need to win the next war as I team has already won last four wars(by geeting FIrst position in Allaince Wars).Please help me out and you can also check my Alliance's win streaks too. My IGN: Eeestil
  8. My alliance (Revolt Ita), best in the world, started war with handicap!!! Many members join pro-league and earned Mass Hysteria boost. Never activated!!!! Many of us reported the problem... but war started... And now????????????
  9. Hi Flare Team, Yesterday I was unable to connect to RR2. I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the game and now I cannot access my old account that I can see is still there. PC Windows10. Game version 3.8 Player Name: OVRSLO, Level 93 Ive already submitted a request with detailed information about my account. I’m just trying to bring attention to this because I enjoy playing and don’t want to let my Alliance down as we are in the middle of the newest Ninja Event. @GalaMorgane Any help is appreciated. Many Thanks, Kellye
  10. Since Ajax got nerfed I haven`t used him much, except doing the Odyssey. So I thought of maxing him out one more time and started by upgrading Whirlwind. Once It finished upgrading, I got that bug "New powers available" and it never goes away (it appears in every hero now) but what is even worse, it seems that spell after the upgrade lost its values/numbers. And ,CaptainMorgan , I do believe that the issue of not finding any unique even after opening 50 titan chests relates to some sort of bugs in my account coz it has no logic at all if you increased the odds. I also have faced bugs like the one I mentioned to you another time that some units get stuck in a corner and they don`t follow the hero. Please take a look into this issue since frustration seems to get increased each day. P.s completed a challenge in the Odyssey some weeks ago, chosen Medusa`s health but after finishing the challenge, that 0.8% was not added to her. Just letting you know what I've noticed so far. Thank u
  11. Suggestion: Possibility of Account Exchange. Hello, I have made an appeal to all the players of the flare. I have two accounts in the game but I can only play with one account, because my phone is Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile) and it does not have an account exchange option as it has on Android devices, so my second account is still and I'm afraid of always formatting the game to change accounts and the administrators of the game think that I am sharing my account with another person and end up being banned in any of the accounts. I'm asking everyone viewing this post to rate it positively so that it is achieved by game administrators and developers to add the account switch option on Windows Mobile devices. -------------------------------------------PT-BR------------------------------------------- Sugestão: Possibilidade de Troca de Conta. Olá, venho fazer um apelo a todos os jogadores da flare. Possuo duas contas no jogo mas só posso jogar com uma conta, pois meu celular é Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile) e nele não possui opção de troca de conta como possui nos dispositivos Android, sendo assim a minha segunda conta está parada e tenho medo de ficar formatando sempre o jogo para trocar de conta e os administradores do jogo acharem que estou compartilhando minha conta com outra pessoa e acabar sendo banido em alguma das contas. Venho pedir a todos que visualizarem este post avaliem ele positivamente para que seja alcançado pelos administradores e desenvolvedores do jogo para adicionarem a opção de troca de conta nos dispositivos Windows Mobile.
  12. Hi guys, could you help me out? Where can I find the settings menu and provide us with a screenshot of the settings in where the cloud save option is displayed?
  13. Hi Everyone! My name is Kellye and I’m the player for OVRSLO. I love playing and understand that attacking another players castle is a huge part of the game. There is a player that has attacked me 70+ times in the past 2.5 days. Maybe more. A few things to consider: 1. She usually does not get all 3 crowns. 2. I rarely give out much gold. 3. I went from 1805 trophies to 1434. Majority of trophies taken from her. Any suggestions? I’ve tried to friend her and have not attacked her back since. Do I just ride it out or start attacking her? Thanks and have an awesome day! - OVRSLO
  14. Hello, so first thanks for some holiday cheer! I would like to ask couple of questions on the holiday odysseus. First, does the first odysseus get automatically generated on the first day or when exactly? Second, when does the enhancement day change occur exactly time-wise? thanks alot. Cheers, k7
  15. Everytime when I want to watch the video, it appears "You have no offer at this moment, ..." , again & again. What's the hell going on? Pls, tell me why and help me.
  16. mi alianza desaparecio y yo no puedo unirme ni crear alianza
  17. idk why i cant enter player id for collect titan point, does anyone know how to earn titan point be sides add player id? . contact me on: line: dafaalifdio instagram:@lifeofdafa WhatsApp: +6287880363883
  18. Hi I'm trying to heavily compete in the leagues, but I'm having issues because every competitor is only rewarding 17 medals now for basically every game. Most players under the War are the same way, however I'm currently trying to pull the weight from the lack of medals by replaying my dungeons over and over. I don't remember this being an issue, I've made it to platinum before but I was away for a bit so now I'm at gold, and now it's hard to stay #1 with such little rewards available. halp?
  19. I'm level 80, I never had problems with the app, but suddenly it won't let me enter. It frezzes in the title screen, even when I uninstall, download and install it again. It's the only game I can't enter, so I don't think it's a problem with the cellphone. Does anyone have any advice/solution?
  20. I was blocked on the in game forum by the administrators. I don't know what I did, but I was blocked from posting for 24hrs; it has now been a week and a half, and I still can't post. Plz help
  21. I am pretty confused and upset with flare and the customer service. I recently purchased a new tablet. So I linked my account to my tablet. However, the tablet ended up being defective in a week. So I had to send back for a return. So when new one arrives of course I want my favorite game on there. Well guess what no can do. File a ticket and same answer flare always gives......tough shit sorry bout your luck basically. Only one transfer or link per year. I'm sorry what? You do know that new phones tablets laptops etc are being updated several times a year. Not to mention accidents, lost or stolen equipment. You mean to tell me it is that much of a pain in the ass to do transfers or link. Flares answer yes. This is ridiculous. So now my jr account has to stay on an old phone from 4 years ago that lags ridiculously bad. So bad I am probably gonna have to retire my account which hurts me, my alliance and my pockets. I know I cannot be the only one who has ran into this issue and to me this shouldn't even be an issue. Get it together flare. It is not like I am trying to scam you. Your loss in the long run but why would you care as your are constantly adding more and more additions to have members spend gems n money. Yet neglect the long known bugs. You could at least go on a case by case basis or something I do not see how this would effect your pockets at all.
  22. Iam lvl 15 with lvl 4 hq and lvl 4 metal storage, want to upgrade hq to lvl 5 but need 25k metal so i go to metal storage but it said need hq lvl 5..
  23. Me gustaría pasar mis joyas, para donar a mi alianza y no aparecer a mí.
  24. Hey anyone else out there having problems with ROYAL REVOLT ADS PLAYING....Flaregames is having a dispute with the video support people and is leaving it up to them to correct. I say we can actually petition either FLARE or their Vid/Ads Maker for quick resolution especially if the bonus from those ads is REAL INCOME on the onus of Flare's Advertising Partner. I say we cry pain and SUFFERING in gaming time lost and all but write the president. I am upset enough by this to write a letter in a forum. Anyone else got ANY bright IDEARS!!!??? LOL!! If you are new to ROYAL REVOLT 2 and need help with anything I am always here night or day bc I have NO life outside this game and TQFC!!!! lol Hit me up or help us all out by petitioning FLARE....bc THEY DUNNO WHATS GOING on. Anyone know who the advertisers are for FlareGames ROYAL REVOLT 2?? A support person told me to UNINSTALL AND REINSTALL.......uhhhh....so they REALLY are helpless and this is PROBABLY a dispute over payment or dollar revenue streams from ads. Any ideas? Any connections? I am listening! Happy Gaming!!! Sincerely, Feeble Old Gamer
  25. Hey guys and gals! Im new and I see you all talking about level 1000 and stuff and I can't get past 170 I need help! Can y'all give me some pointers?
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