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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys, with war system updates just around the corner, we are currently looking for a few good players lvl 95+ (who can punch at or above their level) donation 100k. We are ranked about 50, and have 30+ decent regular players, with varying experience. Also have Band app group for those interested. Main important blessings are always active and at alliance lvl34.... send an application or leave a message here, first come first serve basis, thanks
  2. Hallo all :-) I LOVE the game but I think there r some things that need A LOT of improvement: 1. I think the heroes feel pretty much the same, they differ only in terms of their primary spell and their attributes. Other than that, they all have access to the same troops and I think they all r pretty ok with 2 or 3 troop slots max. Of course the more spell slots the better, but still, with 3 spell slots u r ok. I believe the whole game should be based around heroes and thus make them VERY different!!! I mean look at the heroes in warcraft 3 they r all so simple but yet so distinctive !!!!!! and Blizzard created a whole genre of strategy, pvp and who-knows-what-else games ... FG u have done a VERY VEEEEERY sloppy work with heroes, as a result, even the raids feel repetitive, maybe thats why FG added the auto-play button, they realised how boring raids can get after a while and thats why they added that feature ? By the way, Ariadne is no hero, she s merely the cheek that tipped off Theseus how to get through the Labyrinth. 2. While raiding, the path u follow to reach the town gate looks like it s surrounded by plain ground covered with a few rocks and some grass, as a result, when u reach a barrier that u need to destroy to continue it makes u think like "why cant your troops and hero just walk around it??!!!! please fix that, put something to make the player think that the path through the obstacles and towers is the only way to the gate. Thank U :-)
  3. Archimides

    FG does it again

    So yes, you have done it again. Cant hold it in this time. Tried to respect you guys, and not say negative things, so many times before, but its impossible. You just dont care or dont know a shit. First of all, I am a positive person, and also not a quitter. Been here more than 2 years, and I dont usually quit, unless something goes really wrong. I play only a few games and I carefully select them... this is the only game I played on my mobile, since 2014. Now, lets address one issue at a time. 1) Someone was looking for me or Lax, from TBF... to ask us to promote, go up, volunteer, what ever. Your stupid chat system in game, which Everyone has been complaining would have been enough. I have been raiding 2 days in a row to finish Odysseys (and fill my resources) because your stupid war decided to start on a Wednesday. Given the times we had bugs and resets, I really didnt believe, didnt pay attention, but even if I did... 75 million cash and 400k wisdom are not easy to get. Some do it like in a flash, but most people can’t. Back to the chat, if you have send me or Lax a simple in game message, we could have responded... or get to the forums. You could even give me a single gem and said “come on the forums”. I’ve never seen a game where I am beeing reached through “Line” and a message from me as a print screen would have been accepted if send by someone else you reached to find me. Sadly (for me) my officers voted against promoting, even if I suggested to them to agree if we were given gems. So I didnt bother reaching you... you should be trying to reach me, not the other way around... your bugs, your game, my choice. 2) This is probably the 4th war in a row that we experience bugs. I know some or most of you are playing just fine this war, but we got placed with our selves on the map, wih heroes team on the result, lost the war, got +5 torches on the result and lost 5 torches on the total torches we have... screenshots available on request. You are inexcusable!!! Do your proper tests... WTF is going on? I had to take time off today from work, to be online midweek, and this is the result? GUYS ask for help, we would gladly do ALL tests necessary for you, BEFORE the wars... what dont you get? You screw this up so many times, what do you tell yourselfs? “This time its going to work, we dont need tests, we are great, we never need them, we dont fail, we are FG!!!” MAJOR BS! We are tired of this... and STOP GIVING PEOPLE FREE GEMS... Fix the damn game, hire someone or use volunteers... im not a developer, but I can surely test the shit out of every aspect... 3) new forging announced... so you opened a suggestion thread to shut us up, you COMPLETELY ignored what we all said... and announce a completely different system, part of which was past requested... not to mention that you are going to make the same mistakes again, based of what I read and past experience. I’ll say this again, your formula is NOT what you mentioned... you didn’t remove the +1, you replaced it with a -1 which makes boosting forging literally impossible unless you tweak with cursed, and if you are lucky get 2 “more forges” in total from green to titan, on a max base item. At least re-configure, give feedback on that... its cruel. If your formula should just remove +1 , it would have been better, whats your intention? Is that a bug? Is it intented? Wrong wording used? You are ruining this game... this experience... I’ve just installed civ 6 on my laptop... you dont fix this, your are helping me quit, and as I said, I dont quit... Thanks for your time.
  4. Hey guys. I am looking for active players LVL 80+ for HeR0eS TrainingCamp. Im bastian... we have line groups whit our others alliances HeR0eS and HeR0eS♊whit guides of forge, farm gems, lvl up and win defense and offense, Masteries and much more.****** WE HAVE ALL BLESS FOR 30 DAYS AND MORE***** ///////////////// Hola gente. Busco jugadores activos LVL 80+ q puedan hacer buenos puntos en guerra para HeR0eS TrainingCamp. Soy bastian... somos un grupo grande con 3 alianzas (HeR0eS, HeR0eS♊ y HeR0eS TrainingCamp) tenemos grupos de line y grupo de whatsapp en español. ********* TENEMOS TODAS LAS BENDICIONES Y LA MAYORIA POR MAS DE 30 DIAS ************ tenemos guias de como farmear gemas, dominios, formar defensas y asedios. Como ir subiendo el olimpo ganando gemas como defensor, como forjar equipo y mucho mas
  5. I've been enjoying Helen of Troy for several days, but seriously - I think she's simply too powerful. Currently my Helen simply cannot die (not sure if there is equipment bug or her shield is just too powerful) when charging in to 4-5 cross firing towers - health bar doesn't even go down! Only a buffed max level minotaur seems to put a dent in her health, when charging. On top of that, her charm is extremely powerful - I've put on enhancements to reduce cast time about 50%, so I can keep spamming it, and effectively turn the enemies defenders against themselves, which let's me run through and effectively beat top players with ease (no need for the OP invocations use, seperate topic...). Often end a map with 30 seconds+ left on the lock, even 10+ higher opponents with buffs on their defences. I haven't lost a single battle with Helen since giving her some decent gear... generally thinking this was not intended. I have Cadmus and just got Achilles and have little interest to using them except when weaker enemies are nearby to save some ambrosia.
  6. NymArkanheld2

    ors 4 Heroes Max level?

    Hello, Does someone know what is the maximum level for Heroes?
  7. Love the game, however there's a way to go to make it amazing. Here's a few ideas: 1. Make ambrosia easier to get. At the moment it's far too biased, making a few hours harvesting is only good for 1 or 2 attacks. 2. Put more ranks in the alliances (ie colonel, lieutenant, sergeant, etc) 3. Give higher alliance ranks more benefits to make the higher ranks more desirable 4. Allow generals to set alliance rules (ie newbie donation, taxes, playtime etc) 5. Allow players to PM each other 6. Make it possible to message alliance in "email" without character limit 7. Introduce something to make alliance more involved in the game, such alliance wars, the ability to donate resources to each other or help each other out in defence, attack, building etc 8. Allow different donation values within alliances, rather than just 1000 or 100,000 (such as 2000, 5000, 10,000, 50,000 and so on) 9. More heroes 10. Introduce a quest line, to make a way of improving heroes armour rather than just the luck of the draw, and to introduce more depth 11. Allow players to interact more
  8. Emperor_Zéro

    New Hero units

    I was thinking about introducing new hero units for players. They can be summoned only once during each fight. High hp and high dps. But they wont be killed during the battle, they would get injured and would require some time to get healed depending upon the amount of hp they have lost. And they could also have special abilities which are unlocked after reaching certain lvl. What do u think guys ? I haven't really thought about the names. Maybe u guys can suggest a name and more ideas which would improve these heroes.
  9. also im very boring to see my troops and buildings always blue and red maybe u can add another colors... but if we choose another color it will did'nt match if we also attack the same color at his/her base. im also want there's a pet and aura in our heroes like the items are... but we want a great color like red and anything that is very visible color!!! Dear Admin, im still waiting for my gems get restored sorry when i use plouughing,,,, or can u send half of it,,... 39000 please i need that to come up in league and for big next updates..... my email