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Found 1 result

  1. I would like to request that any major changes be noted in a forum post after the changes take effect. "Nerfing" Athena by a very large margin is an example, it would be nice to be notified of these changes. Many other games list all changes no matter how small. Doing this massive change with out any kind of notice is disappointing. I personally have been playing Athena non-stop to level her up so I could use her in this next war, now she is on the same level as the heros I already had leveled to 20, so all that effort was in vein, also very disappointing. To those who use foul language in expressing their disgust, I truly understand your being upset, I am as well, but there is no call for foul language at all. First off the employees of Flare who are tasked with monitoring and responding to our questions/posts do not deserve that kind of treatment. These changes are determined by people way higher in the chain of command than they are. Secondly, this forum does not have age requirements and is open to anyone. Which means there are going to be children reading this and if for no other reason than that, please keep it civil.