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Found 15 results

  1. After new update i can't forge or sell unequiped items. ? Have anybody same problem? Pls repair this. Harry27
  2. Has anyone noticed that item awarded are of lower level in last couple of days? Is this coincidence?
  3. I'm new in the game, and I am not sure about stats and level of the items. In the uploaded image there are two capes with different rarity and different stats. The lower rarity have a higher level, but lower stars. Please can you explain which item is better and why? Thanks. Sorry for my English.
  4. The cooldown system feels broken. My Prometheus has Cooldown Bonus of 35,308, i.e., 35 sec total. He has two power slots with Pyrphoros (CD 12 sec) and Asclepius (CD 20 sec); yet they are taking almost the same time. What is the point of equipping heroes with cooldown gears, if they don't work? I have checked this with all the heroes, Prometheus is just an example.
  5. It is not reflected in the purchase of the item in the app. What do you mean when it was a limited item until yesterday? Please respond as soon as possible.
  6. Time for Change! It is not only time but in my opinion, long past time for some fresh options. I should start with the fact that this is a fun game and my household and I enjoy it together. We spend real life money on gem packs and such to help not only ourselves but the members of our alliance as well. Seeing as we have been spending real world hard cash money on this game, I for one am starting to feel cheated at the lack of options in game. I think that there are a myriad of options that could be added to this game that would improve its look, feel and fun factor for literally everyone. As well as adding a much needed greater feeling of individuality for each user. Let's itemize these ideas I have that I'm sure many of you will agree with. I hope you will join me with comments in reaching out to our friends and staff of Royal Revolt 2. #1 - Custom color wheel. Wouldn't it be nice if we could assemble our own custom color shield of our own choice of three colors? Even if we need to earn new colors or shades of color as we have been, to up the options even further. #2 - Hair color and styles? Maybe even the option of deciding for our selves if the hair sticks out of our helmets or not. #3 - Eye color? I for one would like the option of having solid glowing eyes of different color or even solid black. Or how about the option of empty black sockets even. Maybe even the ability to adjust the shade of each color with a simple sliding bar. #4 - Skin tone? Again how about a sliding bar to adjust the intensity of the tones? I think it might be fun to add some more options as well like maybe clear or crystal like gemstone. Which leads me to my next and favorite ideas... #5 - Body types and color? Let me share some ideas I've had that would add a huge option to the game! -Fur, for those beastly werebeast people out there -Scales or reptilian skin. Cold blooded, eating people whole, smooth criminals. -Crystalline clear or stone like skin, Golem Smash! -Zombie, oh no not the Zed word! -Skeleton. shake rattle and stab! -Invisible, with the whole floating empty armor look. Give up the ring tiny person, It's mine, I made it! -Elven, bring on the pointy ears and twigs in the hair with a little moss behind the ears! -Demon or Ogre type monster looks. Lets grind his bones and make some bread! -Vampire, For some bloodletting action. Just for a few, any other ideas out there you people want to add? #6 - Weapons and Armor, would Anyone else like to see more and "LESS HOKEY" weapons and armor? I on two occasions I got the rare uber unique weapons and was very, very disappointed with them... really.... a tennis racket or a leg of ham... "Palm Meets Forehead" Can we please at least just turn on or off, the extreme hokey gear/weapon torture option so that we can all enjoy the game more? #7 - Alliance Shield Designs, I hate to beat a dead cat on a wall over and over but here it goes again! Please give us more logos, back ground and color options for our banners that represent our alliances... Please! It's almost painful to think of how easy it would be to do any of these updates. I think that we deserve this little bit of effort seeing as many of us pay out a lot of money to this game. Thank you for reading this my friends and please share your thoughts or any new ideas you might have as well and please share this with your friends. Maybe we can get a little attention from the game designers and see some changes soon. Again, thank you for reading this, ~X
  7. I can't find a way to un-equip items. Generally I just equip a better item, but there are times when I want to move an item from one hero to another (ring or broach, e.g.). Without a way to unequip, this is sometimes impossible. Also, I'd like to remove the powers from the gem slot to prevent accidental use...but I can't unequip those either.
  8. Hi ! A little message because I faced a problem many times in the game, so I will talk about my last sad experience : I paid 50 gems to remove a 3rd perk of an item, and had the XP bonus, but I didn't want it so I waited the time needed and paid again 50 gems to change it. And then.. XP bonus again... moreover it was less interesting than the previous one ! I knew I will have maybe several attempts to succeed to have the 3rd perk I was expecting, but having the same twice (and that's not the first time I face it with the XP bonus) is REALLY frustrating when you have paid 50 gems for it. So ! What I suggest : - Have a system that doesn't offer you twice the same bonus - Have a system to go back to the previous perk if we are not satisfied without getting back the gems we paid and this choice will be permanent. Maybe it will be good to have a save of the previous perk (instead of delete it, it will be like transparent and inactive ?) and then when a new perk appear we can choose to have back the previous one or pick the new one ? Thank you for your attention !
  9. Literally, after update the app, all my items are disappeared. My info iOS platform user App ver. 1.5.3-#8c29d16a 8137D554 ← is this safe to write on topic?
  10. I simply glanced through most suggestions for the items, everyone simply want a 3* item in short. Every kind of chest only have 2 3* equipment whether you liked it or not. Therefore I suggest set equipment bonus. The idea is for example: If all of your equipment was from the same chest - bronze (increase armor), silver (increase attack damage), wood (increase life point), fisherman (net random enemy) or sort. I'm hoping that this could somewhere balanced it out for the weak chests. Game would be more interesting instead of focusing on 3* items as if that's the endgame which I don't appreciate much. A game should have more alternatives instead of only one way to do it. Peace out.
  11. I wish there can be some way to be able to exchange forged perks to the best item. As the game progresses you are bound to find better and better items, which means the old ones become obsolete. However, once in a while, you get a rare perk, in which you invest and make it grow only to be in the agony of discarding it or not being able to use it. Why can't there be a system where at least an item which was forged 10 or more times gets transferred to the new higher level item. If the blacksmith requires extra pearls to do the work let him have it. At least, FG can aid players in that quest. Every king who goes to the war would always want the best items to help him win the war. As I told, it need not be every perk, but only those that were forged 10 or more times. There has been some discussion on this previously, but that was in general. Now, it is more specific to forged perks.
  12. My best mask is 1670 leadership " legendary" and someone have a 2484 leadership " legendary" from the internet. How can they get it, item shop? Just by luck? or you can't get it until you reach a level? What is the highest leadership and increase gold loots you can get? I got: Mask: 1670 and 9.9% Cape: 1586 and 10.7% Ring: 231.7 and 9.6% Belt: 0 and 7.7% Boots: 0 and 11.2% any of these are max you can get? one last interesting question why a "purple" ring will have a higher gold loots that a "gold" ring "both only have gold loots increase"?
  13. Hi people, What do you think about combos for item sets? If you get full set of related items, you get some boost for the stats. E.g. if you get Scorpion boots, Scorpion pauldrons and Scorpion tunic, you get something like "Full scorpion armor", you get +100 poison damage on tops of all single item bonuses, or 10% up on single item stats or something like that. It seems like bad side of the idea is that would tip the balance toward item importance a bit, but I am sure developers could balance it. On the other hand it would make the game much more interesting, and keep us playing more till getting item sets. Would love to see your replies. Cheers Mlax
  14. I think it's great if someone who need some typical item and he not able to find it, I can sell this at him so add the possibility to trade and sell items such as armor, weapon etc with a special tower called for example Trade Center ! I think is very useful if i don't need this item so i can sell them ! I want to add the possibility to donate gems to the alliance to upgrade the alliance tower ! (in % anyone want)
  15. What is leadership????? thanks, thunilox
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