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Found 22 results

  1. Now with the birth of the new forging system, there have been several factors that have hit the lower lvl players progress and chances of defeating higher lvl bases. (new war blessings not included in this argument!) The old system allowed a player to forge a new lvl item with an older lvl item and bring it closer to the values at your current ascension lvl. This allowed for players going through ascension lvls to NOT NEED to replace every hero item in their set up to make them useful. It was cost effective. Now, you can only forge the item to it's maximum potential for the ascension LVL YOU RECEIVED the item in. So basically now you need to replace your entire heroes kit to know that they are improving as you raise your ascension lvl. Of course high/fixed lvl players had the opposite and get to keep and refine the 'bugged forges' So now it will cost a player a fortune to upgrade their gear with a rise in ascension lvl. Then also consider the huge/obscene gold requirement (I know the devs are looking at this cost atm) for the refining process introduced for us all to use (but in reality only the top players). I propose the following solution as this would help resolve both cost in forging process and even bigger cost to re-align hero gear with a new ascension lvl: In the vault after a battle, the gear you get randomly SHOULD be a random star (*) value of the type of chest opened. So now you can get 3* epic, 2 * legendary, 4* eternal, 4* godlike, etc, etc. The programming shouldn't be hard to do now as all items max values are predetermined when you receive them. Thoughts OR community? @CaptainMorgan and @Chris thanks
  2. Hello everyone, My question is the following, I am in lvl 12 and I do not get many good items, for example I see players with items with 9k of life, but mine are no more than 7k. How is this possible? The trophies influence in the quality of items? I have 1687 trophies.
  3. we have items for most pals,just head gear and weapon not found. do they exist and is one aska? anyone had aska perk?
  4. Just an idea,the ability to donate items to other players in alliance. How many of us have awesome items useless to us and melted on blacksmith events that our alliances could use? We can donate pro tickets this way,why not items also?
  5. Hey all. The forge system already filters to only items of the same rarity, which is helpful since you can only combine like rarity items. However, I have A LOT of item inventory space (200+) and there are too many items for me to keep track of. Let's say I'm saving a couple extra green/blue rarity items for each Hero while also maintaining items that I dont need (Forge disposable items). When im picking an item to combine, I'm kind of guessing which items i dont need for the Hero. My suggestion is this: Add some sort of filter/sorting/category system to items which would allow you to mark an item as disposable (trash icon) and need for Hero (exclamation mark). The icons could be colored dots in the corner of the item portrait. What do you think? -oo Vyrus
  6. The recent updates have been largely well recieved, especially after some tweeking. So thank you for keeping the game interesting. Forging especially is very welcome, but an unfortunate effect of this feature is that decent items are almost non existent now, opening the titan chests after a war or oddessy used to reward you with at least one or two decent, worthwhile items. Not now, the few titan items are usually complete rubbish. That coupled with the cursed and uniques seemingly being even rarer, makes the chests mostly rather disappointing. Cursed chests, what's the point of them if they are identical to a normal chest? To add insult to injury, it's often an item you've got a few of already. While I'm here, please, give us a way to level up hero's that's better than what we have, it's almost impossible at my level (126) to level up weaker hero's as my opponents are all so strong. It's simply not worth the risk for the measly XP points you get. Cheers. Stuart
  7. Hello Everybody, I was wondering what skills you use, your favorite items and why? Atm i use slam stun, leap clone and mana clone. My favorite items are tele cloak, freeze helm and crit stun mace ( if wich i find i change my skill set to crit leap) Curious to hear about your styles!
  8. McMardigan

    Dónde están mis objetos?

    Me instalo el juego, gano varias cosas como armas, sombreros y tal y me voy a dormir. Hoy al volver a entrar me encuentro con el equipo básico.. Desaparecen con el tiempo las cosas? Xk si es asi...
  9. Aleksovski

    Medal boost perk

    Hello, i need help. Can someone tell me how is calculated medal boost perk ? For example ,if i have 30% bonus medal perks (15 % + 15%) on my 2 items how will i get 30 % more medals for battle ? It stacks or no ?
  10. Hi, I heard "Winter Festival Chests to give Winter Festival items". Is it true? Is there anything official about this? Please share.. has anybody been lucky to get those.
  11. If I have a equipped hero that get both petrifaction and dizziness properties, from items or hero himself(herself), how can I judge the effect of his(her) next strike, petrifaction? dizziness? or just nothing? Is there any equations to calculate that?
  12. Hi- I do not know how many will agree to this or will be against saying how much so ever we have will not be enough. However, i think with the advent of winter items there needs to be another slot for the King's wear. 1. we can have gold/farmer gear 2, Skull gear in wars 3. xp gear in conditions when we want to increase xp 4. high-value items for ninja/zombie/yeti event. Do you also think like that? Constructive critiques are welcome. There can be alternatives too, but I think it has become more reasonable now with the winter event to have the 4th slot.
  13. 3razWPISUJE

    Item perks

    Hello! I can say that i'm new in this game and I don't understand many things so I have some q I have many items for boost my units/spells like "3500 att more for warewolf" like in photo, but really my warewolf get only +/-10 att more. Can some one explain me that? ' Regards.
  14. Omeglewarden

    unique characteristics Additions

    I am so addicted to this game! I play online about 5 or more hours a day and am at floor 370 (with purchases of course) the suggestions i have are as followed: allow players to "reset their account and restore purchased gems back" - sometimes in games you go with one set strategy, like myself focusing purely on damage and not armor and spell damage. allow items to have spell damage additions, like damage or armor percentages. make items able to "forge": take 5 items of LIKE quality (aka only having attack speed or having the same two (damage and armor) and combining them into a mythical item (custom look for the various types of items that can be made) this, for example: with 5 items that give 20-35% damage will now make 1 item with 5%-12% per item forged, so it could come out as this: Damage: 25%-60% the same for armor and spell damage as for crit and critical damage it would be similar but smaller additions. This feature costs at least 15x the gold cost for 1 upgrade on all items combined. allow players to purchase, with gems, an increased chance to find legendary items and find higher tier chests (special) (80 gems per game/ascension) create "acid" damage: removes x% armor from the enemy per attack, stacks up to 30% create scrolls: can be bought using gold, and increase with your spell damage (level) in cost allowing us to cast numerous spells with increased effectiveness, aka: burn damage over time, stun (long) and more. allow us to buy 2-5x offline play speed, and actually complete floors instead of sticking to 1 floor unless the boss is "hard" or harder, then stay on that floor and notify of help needed. (1250 gems for 2x permanent upgrade?) allow us us to combine the same item (just two of the same item) and use 65% of each items original stats, so 25% damage with 12% attack speed on hit combined with 43% armor and 145% critical damage would make 1 item with the following: 16.25% damage 7.8% attack speed on hit 27.95% armor 94.25% critical damage you may ask what's the point in lowered stats? This is where strategic forging would come into play. allow us to customize our knights appearance a little bit. Nothing fancy just cosmetics. allow us to buy an auto destructible items upgrade (break all items on the floor) cost: 1250 gems? we would spend a little more time in each round but be sure to get all those precious tokens! allow us to have the abilitys focused around electricity, with proper gear (new special chest at floor 650) - allowing us to change slash and whirl into lightning storm (hits 5 enemies for 80-125% spell damage and has a 35% chance to stun for 2-6 seconds. And bolt: attacks 1 enemy for 65% to 325% spell damage and has a chance to critical hit (12.5-27.5%) i have a lot more ideas but let's see what you all think first. oh also reward players for every 2 hours online (because we will watch your ads for content) by giving us a roulette wheel to spin every 2 hours for (level times 2650 tokens) (level 50 would cost 132k tokens per spin, max spins per 2 hours is 5 and you can only claim 1 prize. low chance: 30 minutes (10-25%) increased: speed, critical chance, token increase, splash damage, coin increase medium chance: 30 minutes (5-30%) chance: attack speed, damage, token increase, coin increase, critical damage, passive damage dealt increased for legendary item? Pet damage increase, pet attack speed increase, ally damage, ally attack speed, ally heal rate high chance: 30 minutes 3-60%) increase: passive damage dealt, pet damage, pet attack speed, ally damage, ally attack speed, ally heal rate/amount, damage, armor, armor when low hp, (etc basically everything in the game as a chance to win) In game marketplace where users who cannot buy gems or vice versa can trade gems for tokens (players set the cost) tokena for gems (players set the cost) say i I wanted to buy 1250 gems, someone on the market could have it on for 30,000,000 tokens (obviously that's a bit high but if I can't afford to buy gems with cash this is my alternative, but I've bought plenty) whatcha say guys?
  15. Melifaro

    Can't sell a weapon

    I have items in my inventory that i can't sell or melt in blacksmith. This items highlits white and there is no button to sell, only to dress it. I want to get rid of it, could you help me?
  16. Hey guys. So after 113hrs 40mins of playtime I have been able to acquire 100% of possible drops in Nonstop Knight. Here is a list of every single drop including the T3 and what they grant. Cheers Tier 3 Weapons Armour Cloaks Wooden Chest Crooked Fork Wood Splitter Makeshift Mail Berserker Tunic Grey Cape Flower Cloak Bronze Chest Battle Ham Chipping Axe Barbarian Suit Rhino Suit Ruby Cape Feral Cape Silver Chest Snake Sword Sharp Katana Knightly Armor Scaly Mail Venom Cloak Scary Mantle Fisherman Chest Weapon: The Goldie *Gains bonus coins every fourth attack Stunner Fish Grave Robber Greasy Suit Sentry Cloak Cloak: The Emperor *Do double damage at full health Swamp Chest Wooden Stick The Spike Mossy Armor Bark Suit Moldy Robe Cloak: The Treehugger *Gain instant revive against bosses Frosty Chest Frosty Maul Snow Shovel Armor: The Freezer *Slows all nearby enemies Icecap Armor Cloak: The Snowflake *Multikills reset all skill cooldowns Aurora Cape Trickster Chest Weapon: The Summoner *Randomly summons critters when attacking Half Scissor Armor: The Protector *Dodge every 3rd hit Dusty Tunic Dusty Mantle Daily Cape Magma Chest Weapon: The Grande *Gains massive splash damage (80%) Mole Hammer Magma Hammer Horned Plate Cloak: The Baron *Grants teleporting ability (like super frenzy) Rugged Cloak Mammoth Chest Weapon: The Knocker *Critical hits stun enemies Rock Club Armor: The Beast *Attack speed increases as health decreases. Mammoth Plate Furry Cape Sabretooth Cloth Spooky Chest Hasty Blade Can Opener Armor: The Nightmare *Deals passive damage to all nearby enemies Cloak: The Dragonscale *Slows all nearby enemies Jester's Cape Worn Raincoat Tribal Chest Weapon: The Leech *Grants health every attack Fly Swatter Spirit Vest Feather Plate Cloak: The Mojo *Chance to summon a critter on kill Purple Mantle Legionnaire Chest Weapon: The Sureshot *Land critical hit every fifth attack Metal Sword Armor: The Legionnaire *Gain damage bonus for nearby enemies (20%+) Avenger Plate Steel Plate King's Cloak
  17. Hey Guys, wanted to ask whats the max level of items you can get ? I heard its 120 for the hero so, its the same for Items ? thank you already for the answers Cheers, iMomoX
  18. Hi, I was wondering if it's possible for Flare to allow users to have the best combination of perks they desire on their most used items to be decided by themselves?. I mean if I have a gold helmet gear with morale and another helmet with farmer perk. How about using the gold gear but changing the perk without any use of gems. This is applicable only when i have the interchangeable perks with me. I am not talking of changing the perk for free with a new spin (it is already there at the expense of 50 gems). I am just talking about us (players) doing the forging ourselfs in our inventory collection. Can be a good addition?
  19. I believe the increase in finding inventory items in the daily and war chest should lead Flare to increase the current inventory capacity. I believe an extra 10 spaces should be provided. Above that, the spaces can be purchased.
  20. Hi: I have a suggestion and would like to have a fruitful discussion to it. This is regarding the Blacksmith Success or Failure. We have all come to accept that this feature is like gambling and there is a lot of inquisitiveness of what we are going to receive. So much so that when a forge results in "FAIL", it is heartbreaking. Success, on the other hand, is briefly enjoyable till the result comes out. What is suggest is to have the forge always a success. This will not result in high palpitations and the sense of losing the pearls. However, the game mechanics could be developed in such a way that the success results can lead to an item, which can (if the player is not happy) be removed once for free (with a cool down period), and then charged as it is now. It is better than fail, which is emotionally very depressing, especially when there is so much hope is attached to the unseen result.
  21. thunilox


    What is leadership????? thanks, thunilox
  22. I hope there will be a compensation after a Server Maintenance/Updates/Bugs/Glitches/Missing Items. It would be a great idea to give some rewards after waiting long or so and losing some items unexpectedly during disconnection. Most of the time I'm patiently waiting for the items/units to be upgraded. For example, I'm always waiting for my breads in able to loot and wage war, but sometimes when I already clicked the "Attack Button", my bread was already gone even the war was not yet started because the it crashes unexpectedly even with a good connection. And after restarting the game, my breads was already missing. I hope this could be fixed next time or give some gifts in return. Even a little rewards will do. That would be my suggestion.