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Found 45 results

  1. Hello King and Queens! <<<LONE WOLVES>>> Looking for active members to become stronger together! Our present ALLIANCE LEVEL is 40 and we are in TOP400 of Alliances Leaderboard! Free slots: 1 (more will be available soon) We are maintaining statistics for each member in following categories: War, Ninja event, Pro League (isn't taken into account when assessing the activity) participation and gold donation in order to present fair activity comparison. We have our facebook group to share our experience easier. Current requirements to join: 100k minimum donation; 2000 trophies and above; We are offering: Permanent elite boosts: Blazing Knights 8, Power Archer lvl5 (while Ascension Archer is available!); Tough Barricades 3, Stunning Ogre 3, Range Bomber 3, Storm Cannons 3, Raging Wolves 2, (If it needed during the wars all others elite boosts); Pro boosts: We are focusing to take Mass Hysteria and Ascension Archer as higher level as possible. Currently Ascension Archer lvl 1; Special season boosts: If it needed during the wars; War boosts: Currently Dracomancer lvl3; Doom Gate lvl4; Frenzy Frost Blaster lvl3 (will be prolonged as much as possible); Beasts: Savage Tammy lvl1, Twisted Archimedes lvl1, Primal Howl lvl1, Primal Growl lvl1, Vicious Bucky lvl1, Untamed Kaiser lvl1; Additional: In final wars round ( if we fight for nothing!) champ slot for highest scores with chance for higher chest; Opened general positions for members with proven loyalty and activity willing to help for brighter alliance future; BE BRAVE, BE LONE WOLF!!! Cheers, RebelMonster
  2. Our clan, the Four Horsemen is re-forming its ranks. If you consider yourself an active player, want to grow and able to donate a fair amount (50.000+), we would be happy to call you our brother-in-arm. No fancy words, no promises, just enjoy the game, and who knows...maybe one day we will find ourselves among the top ranked teams? Currently we have 23 loyal members, most of them have been building, fighting and moving forward together for a long time. Most of us are experienced players, some of us from the start of OR, from different time zones. There will be always someone to answer questions and give advice if needed. Hope to hear from you guys soon? Cheers: »»Gerger«« Four Horsemen
  3. Hello Australia alliance is looking out for active players. If you are in search, come join us. Regards holdor@Australia
  4. Hi all fans of Royal Revolt 2! Have you ever tried to find a good alliance but you didn't know what type of alliance is good for you? In this new forum, you can talk about yourself following this simple guideline to be clear for the other alliances that want to recruit you! Create a new thread in this forum and clearly state the following information: IGN: Your name in-gameLanguage: Your prefered language (You can mention this in the thread title)Hero level: Your king level (You should put this into the thread title)Alliance Tower's level: 1K, 2K, 5K, etc.Availability: Very Active -- Active -- Sometimes Active(Optional) What type of Elite Boosts are you looking for: Blazing Knight, Power Archer, etc(Optional) Tell us something about yourself! EVERYTHING RELATED TO ALLIANCE RECRUITMENTS THINGS WILL BE DELETED ! POST ONLY IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN ALLIANCE ! And most important have fun with the new alliance that you will join ! Regards, oPelle
  5. SKMA is looking for new members for this active Alliance. All inactive members have been kicked and new spots are open. LOL all the spots are now open. People got busy with their lives and moved on. Level 18 alliance looking for very active members that play at least once a day. You need to contribute coin to the alliance to stay a member. Also, will need to send Insta-Troops when needed. Just some fun and casual play without attitude or judgement.
  6. Gegroet ridders, join —— DUTCH WAR MACHINE — Captain Henk
  7. Greetings fellow heroes, Our alliance, the Four Horsemen is recruiting members to our ranks due to certain inactivity of former members, who were unworthy to carry our shield to battle. We are in need of soldiers, who are ready to play regularely, and give their best to a common cause. Our requierments: Minimum lvl: 60, trophy count: not important, if you are willing to participate. You must be active, maintain, and be able to increase your trophy count. You must use chat, it is the blood vessel of the alliance. Daily donation is essential, minimum level of Alliance Hall Of Uranus is 7. We expect you to be active during war. We are not a dictatorship, but democracy. We make decisions together, our goal is to provide the best for the rest of the alliance, and have fun. What we offer: We are cool, we like to joke around, and we are looking forward to your application. Our members are from all around the world, therefore somebody is always online to provide help if needed. We are ready to share strategies, defensive layouts, personal experince about attacks, hero setups and improve your progress at a higher level. We are not blowing smoke in anyones *ss, not selling bull*hit. We take the game serious. One of our goals at the moment is to head up to the top 100 alliances. Currently we have a stabil position within the best 200, and running various blessings. You are welcome to write some info about yourself here, or contact me in a private message. See you on the battlefield »»Gerger«« Four Horsemen - Officer
  8. ** Now recruiting active and loyal members with consistent war participation and donations. ** We take war participation and donations very seriously, but as an alliance we aim to create a supportive and fun group of members who help each other out. We encourage conversations among members, even if they don't relate specifically to the game. Our #1 priority is to unite as an alliance, and promote both success in war seasons and friendships among members. Alliance Name: Avengers1326 Alliance Level: 32 Alliance Leaderboard Rank: 727 Language: English (primary) - we do have members from several countries who speak many different languages, including Portuguese and Spanish Requirements: Hero/player Level 50 minimum 50k donation minimum 1,200 trophies minimum Participation in all wars (Alliance and Ninja Wars) Regular donation Gifts/Perks: Elite Boosts: Always Active Holy Paladin Stunning Ogre Storm Cannon During War Season Tough Barricade Frost Trap Raging Wolf Others at request +25% Gold Bonus Insta-Troops Champions and Shields per Generals'/Leader's discretion Promotions to loyal members who donate every day and fight all battles during war season Rules: No bullying - ZERO TOLERANCE Must participate in wars Must donate regularly ** We take care of our members and promote those who show loyalty and support. Together we shall AVENGE!! **
  9. ISTHMUS OF CORINTH - Formerly known as MH1104 Fun joining an active alliance that manages work/life but has fun and is serious about the game! Stats - Dec 2017: Alliance Started 2016 Language:ENGLISH primary plus OTHERS Alliance Rank Top 100 currently 84 - 54th is recent best 200k+ trophies Alliance Level 37 - Includes Cyclops level 4 - Targeting level 38 in 30 days for Barricade boost 13-11% Donation Bonus 96-94% Gold Boost 69-60 Torches Requirements: Ascension level 90+ Trophies 4500+ 5K+ preferred Hall of Uranus - minimum level 8 (100k) within 30 days of joining, two weeks of gem mining is all it takes Donate Daily – the gold invested doesn’t hurt at any level Active in Chat - LINE preferred or game Chat. Active in Wars Must advise if unable to participate in upcoming war Active leadership: Boosts War Ops Team requirement compliance On-boarding & training Review of game updates & defense, offense Onboarding and Training Notes: Promotions based on activity, including General Veteran once meet Requirements Top players invited to leadership Team coverage for all time zones Come get you some! Install LINE, send a message to CoCoKola or take your chances and join directly. - CoCoKola
  10. If you're looking for an active war alliance, join us in × The Pantheon ×! We donate and participate every day, well aware that what makes an alliance strong is teamwork and communication! We all help each other, we grow stronger together. Join us now! ??️ Always forward, always strong!
  11. Knights of the Realm, level 51, rank 245, need you! We need some fresh blood to fill out our remaining spaces. We are a friendly and very organised alliance.We only recruit players with a donation level of 500k or more, level is less important. We mainly speak English but Spanish is spoken too. Apply to join.
  12. ?Join our Alliance, stay for the friendship, and grow into our extended family!? ?Our alliance, the MisfitKings is recruiting members to fill our openings due to our recent growth. We are in need of soldiers, that play regularely, communicate, and work consistantly to achieve & maintain our goal of world top 10 ranking. ❤️Our extended alliance family includes: BLUE LINE, black CHINA, OURS, IRAN0098, INTOTHE LIGHT& MISFITKINGS!☝️️ ????ATTENTION???? You can move freely between sister team. Sometimes its a player activity, sometimes shifting needs of sister teams. But you will ALWAYS have a spot in our extended FAMILY! So if your current goals are TOP 5,10, 20, 100, OR limited due to work or family obligations. LEARN, GROW, AND HELP LEAD AS TOUR FIST OFFICER ASSIGNMENT OR SHARING YOUR SEASONED EXPERIENCE to our diverse leader ship As your needs change, we can accommodate them?? ?Our requierments: Minimum lvl: 90 trophy count: not so important. ?MUST HAVE AT LEAST 800 ODDYSEY FAME? You must be active. You must use chat, and join us on line app. Daily donation is essential, minimum donation amount is 75k /Day (Alliance Uranus Hall 8.) You MUST be active during war. ?Most of our members have Uranus Hall 9 or better, they achieve this via the "Daily Gem" pack that gives you 2,500-3000 Gems for only $3.99 (US cost: look in-game for your locality) It covers you for a month. With this minimal cost, you'll have enough gems to upgrade your your uranus hall, buy workers and add spells. This ensures you will be upgrading quickly enough, to be a solid contributing member and enjoy the pacing of the game. ?What we offer: A friendly atmosphere that enjoys actually getting to know each other! We joke around while building a rapport, and enjoying a game that gives us a common bond. Our members are from all around the world, therefore somebody is always online to provide help if needed. ?We maintain our War and standard Gifts 24/7- You will always have a strong defense to keep what you have worked hard to achieve, and the offense strength to take it from others, who have not. ?We share strategies, defensive layouts, personal experince about attacks, hero setups and how to improve your progress at a higher level. This includes our sister teams, that have some of the best players in the game. Daily chatting with our allied teams. Our generals are in eachothers group chats, so everyone is represented and therefore, we all have a voice! One of our goals at the moment is to climb the ranks to join our fellow alliance teams in the top 10! ?Positions in our sister teams and vice versa. We are truly invested in eachs other success, and that means working together as a bigger pool of talent, to help maintain, grow, and achieve goals. ?You are welcome to write some info about yourself here. http://line.me/ti/g/TmxQoIuNUb Copy this link into Safari (or chrome) It will download LineApp from your app store Takes five minutes to set up an account Copy this link again and paste into Safari once more, will automatically join our team chat. ? Alternatively you can friend me on (onyourknees7) See you In-game and/or Line app. Addyrall, General, Misfitkings
  13. We are Sasoki Alliance, We like to enjoy the game and have fun and be part of the world without technical talk and numbers ... We will support you and you will support us Participate in war , Donate and get promoted and invite all your friends as long they are want to enjoy like us. JOIN US AND BE PART OF OUR ALLIANCE ... BE SASOKI !
  14. "If you looking for a well organised multinational alliance with serious goals but above all a family with great fun atmosphere...we can welcome you on-board!" [We currently have 1 possible open spot for members!] http://ancient-forces.com/ Join our forum to learn lots of interesting stuff! Our Goals Our vision is none other than to become the first team, but at the same time having fun and keeping a good atmosphere, enjoying the game to the fullest. History Ancient Forces is a new team. It’s the result of a merge between two big teams of the top 10, Greek Army & Ancient Forces, both teams had a friendly relationship for a long time and after a common decision joined their best members and created a stronger competitive team. Our Philosophy Our way of thinking is not very common, right now we are a top 5 team with members that share a passion for the game and for the moment stay neutral. We don’t constantly recruit and replace members but we help new and old members through defense testing, advises and sharing our exclusive game guide. That way we focus on loyalty and stability. Also it’s a way to build friendships that last long, even outside the game. The new Ancient Forces! We have many officers that make charts, which include almost every statistic the game has to offer, allowing this way all members to see their progress in trophies-war performance-ratings and many more. Also it’s a good way for the officers to have a clear image of the team and steady progress for all. What we offer We are currently a Level 45 Alliance [50 members] Ranked 2rd on trophies list [about 311k] Ranked 3th on torches list [137] 100% gold bonus/19% donation bonus We run ALL available blessings 24/7 Members Requirements Extra donation is appreciated but not necessary Must be Active & with good war performance Hall of Uranus must be Level 9 or 10 Acceptable Prestige 19+ Minimum Trophies 5800 Minimum Ascension Level 85 Download Line app & communicate in English If you are interested in joining AF: add shadowscop1on on line app chat / post your in-game name or line ID / just send joining request in-game. http://ancient-forces.com/
  15. Hi, we are recruiting active players! We are an active Alliance who have fun and share the knowledge obtained to improve your game. Please join us, you are always more than welcome! Search for "Praetorian Garde" Alliance and apply!!! The only requirement it is to be an Active Player!!!
  16. hi all, if you looking to Join one of the best alliance in the royal revolt 2 world then look us up and apply. we have almost full members at your desposal and the guys are always ready to help anytime they can.. so come , apply and join or reply here if you are intrested.
  17. The alliance, Infinite Flash, is looking for some new members to join. If you are looking for an alliance to join, feel free to check us out. We have 3 members and can have 6 more new members as of now. Please reply if you are interested or find us in the game. If you are going to join, please be active
  18. Hey there, our alliance "For Reasons Unknown" is a quite newly established alliance, which is looking for some ACTIVE members, who can at least speak a little English, so that different people of different nationalities are able to communicate with each other. Some of us can speak German as well. We already grew fast, but we want to become a really strong alliance with active members, who like to participate in alliance wars! Our alliance ranks 1.636 with an alliance level 24, gold bonus +17% and tax bonus +10% with 25 lands. Of course we'd be very happy to welcome strong kings with 1.500+ trophys, but if you only have (at least!!) 900 trophys and want to work on that actively, we are nevertheless happy to have you with us. You want to have a little chat in your future alliance as well, then don't hesitate and feel free to join us! I'd be very glad to welcome some of you interested kings and queens to our alliance! See you, Colbert Nation II Btw if you might have wondered about the alliance name "For Reasons Unknown", it's called after a song by the rock band The Killers from their album Sam's Town. So if you're listening to rock music and/or enjoy political satire/comedy, this might be your ultimate alliance! But we can also chat about football, TV shows, movies and stuff.
  19. Come and Join us, as we are an active Alliance winning Alliance wars. See you there. [Magicians Unite]
  20. Lords of the files is looking for members join today come grow with us
  21. Hello there! Praetorian Garde is a new alliance I started today. I'm playing this game for a long time already, and I'm a strong player as well. I have played in a VERY high-ranking alliance. But I decided to step out, because the general behaved really badly towards other players. I thought: this is no fun playing this way. Now I want to start again with my own, new alliance. My motto is: Serious play, Fair play, Fun play. So join my alliance. Everyone is welcome. We will be strong and successful. See you later! Greetings, Maarten (player name: Miracle Maarten)
  22. War Bunnies is inviting new Members to join our fluffy alliance !
  23. DARKSOULALLIANCE is now looking for a dedicated loyal experienced player to become general immediately. We are LEVEL 34 Rank 245, have 38% gold bonus, and have Knight, Archer and Barricade as permanent 24/7 boosts and will soon add another as soon as we can afford. During war we sometimes add additional boosts per request from members and needs. We need somebody who is willing to help us with posting on facebook. Our requirements: 1. King level 80+ 2. Daily donation of 150K 3. Trophies 3500+ 3. Very active participation in wars and able to get 3000 skulls in each war. 4. Able to understand and chat in English or German Apply in game, contact Dehock our leader or post your IGN below.
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