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Found 43 results

  1. Hey, the topic says it all. His trophies on my friends list shows 0. Any update? He has been a great agent for this game. Remember his wikia for rr2 when information was hard to come by. If its a short break, I can understand, however if it's about quitting FG should seriously look into this game.
  2. The topic says it all. Since top alliance use it, FG may not do it. A king alone with Fritz can destroy the whole kingdom. Sorry, Ceres could not do that feat. The game has become too unbalanced.
  3. The small video didn't say much, but looks like a completely different play mode . Alliance strongholds looks like offenses and defenses are done as an alliance. Any other update?
  4. Hi, guys..any sneak peaks into the update (if present) Its been long since the last minor update. We look forward to the best update in RR2 by FG. Please don't disappoint and no upgrades of what is present in the current version. New stuff is welcome, a new war map definitely, and pro leagues to be more real and less cheating!!
  5. Guys! What do you say? At least from the day war started, it's been continuous. Do we need a break? A well-deserved one! A special case..Easter Time. Or war only 4 attacks for some time Please poll, so FG has a straight answer.
  6. The topic says it all. Some players want to achieve max. king status to have better items, for which XP gained in each battle is important. Can FG provide an XP to be gained per base? It will be useful for players who would like to attack only with the XP gear. BTW, what is the max for XP gain?
  7. Hi all, This could be absurd, but how about introducing only one option of strategy change during the raid. Be it one spell, one troop, or one king gear. With the beasts sometimes getting difficult to kill and the forges making the towers strong plus 31 paths, the offense needs some sort of attention. Suggestions are welcome. In real raids to strategy can change depending on the situation. This will take people away from the routine, like building an army in the front and depending on leadership/ scream. Probably midway a change in gear can be done to help win the raid, but it could also cost the raid it chosen wrongly. i know it's a crazy idea but then thought of seeking others opinion about it. Suggestion/criticism are welcome.
  8. Hi All, I was wondering how about if FG introduces new realm concepts? Rather than introducing new characters and always increasing levels of Towers and spells in the game, It would be very good idea to start having new realms from the start. For example Ghost Realm, futuristic Realm etc. Everything needs to start from scratch, however the gems, the gold and other attributes remain the same. Rather than just spending the gold on immaterialistic thingd now, you can start building the new Realm.
  9. Today when my brother asked what to take in festival event, I thought of this new angle and probably your support for FG to implement it. We have this item accumalation feature in the pro-league. Why not have this feature in the festival events? Forget the non existent gem conversion. It would be great if the crowns can be accumulated and carried forward to the next event.
  10. Hi, I guess the topic says it all. We currently have Wardrobe for different items. Thank you, FG However, I noticed that (some of you might have reported it earlier, but nothing happened) we generally set up the wardrobe slots with items we will be using along with the spells and Troops. Till here good. But what's happening is when we change from Wardrobe 1 to another, the items and perks change but not the troops or spells, and then you have to change those again physically. Can't this be an automatically done, or are we talking about technical difficulties?
  11. The topic says it all. Keeping all negativities separate will we ever get Flare games to introduce anything that everybody will love? What I mean is that currently everything is oriented towards payments. Yes there is a factor in which players are in control to pay or not to pay. However, if a player decides not to pay he struggles to reach the top. A free player is in a big mental struggle. I request Flare games to introduce a playing event that is for purely fun with no payment strings attached. Once introduced, I am sure that it will be beyond everybody's expectations in Flaregames in terms of success and the commitment to the game. We love the game and want to reach the top.
  12. Hi, FG, should introduce new package system, which is consistent across the board. I have read many issues where some gets the package at lower costs whereas some get it at a higher price. This is just about the country you are playing from. Apart from the one time offers. So, do people still get one time offers? I don't, so I don't know.
  13. After the recent update, the storm finally seems to have settled down. However, one question arises, is Flare running short of ideas? If yes, why it can't turn to its community for help, certainly ego won't stop them. Endless tower upgrades will not achieve anything. Introducing new and fresh contents will. Hopefully, in the general interest of the game FG asks the community for help and guidance. Or else you will have many old timers moving on, or more illegal ways of climbing to the top of the ladder. Agreed, we have from time immemorial suggested things that FG took partly or completely ignored. Let's try it one more time. UPDATE 3.5 and below (smaller updates): What are the changes we want. You suggest, I will keep adding. 1. Change in the war system. Suggestions: 1. See topic Shortcoming in War Season 2. Base design plans Suggestions: 1. We have suggest many stuffs in suggestion section like Mines, up the path length, add base preset save,etc 3. New Spells: Suggestions: 1. Fear 2. Chain Lightning : A Lightning who hit a enemy, each level add a lightning strike chain who hit more enemy 3. Storm : A black cloud who do rain and do AOE attack each enemy who are touch by rain have DPS damage over time 4. Orb Strike : You cast a orb who turn and shoot Ice Arrow for 3 seconds 5. Explosive Arrow : Your hero use a Bow and you select the zone you want to attack. Your Hero shoot a explosive arrow 6. Invisible : Your Hero are invisible for 10 seconds. Enough to sneak and pass some defense 7. Flame Wall : Your Hero cast a wall of Flare who block enemy troop to go further. Anyone who touch the wall suffer Fire damage 8. Tornado : Your Hero cast a Tornado who destroy all on his path enemy,friendly troops,defense. 9. Blind Sun : When casting the enemy are blind for seconds. Like Stun each level up the length of the spell 10. Solar Eclipse : You summon a eclipse that reduce enemy troops present on battlefield HP at 50%. Can be cast 1 time per raid and so on... 4. Landscape strategic advantage Suggestions: See the topic of Maerique about that 1. If someone use Winter landscape during battle Hero and troops speed is reduced -20%. You need at least 50% of speed boost to have a normal raid 2. Burning Rock : Your Hero and troops suffer HP decrease over time. You need Heal spell or Life Drain to survive
  14. Hi- We all know a new update is around the corner (3.0.0, thanks oPelle), but the excitement has already started. There was a sneak peak of 3 new pets. What else? Let's discuss what might or might not be there. People who know or have any information can put it up here. Let's go....... Owl- some say can stun...any proofs? Small wolfy -- howl...any proofs? and panda - heal ...any proofs? Defense troops..offense troops... towers.
  15. Hi All, Is there any news or can anybody confirm if FG plans to go big in it's 3rd anniversary? Wikileaks is welcome.
  16. Hi- I do not know how many will agree to this or will be against saying how much so ever we have will not be enough. However, i think with the advent of winter items there needs to be another slot for the King's wear. 1. we can have gold/farmer gear 2, Skull gear in wars 3. xp gear in conditions when we want to increase xp 4. high-value items for ninja/zombie/yeti event. Do you also think like that? Constructive critiques are welcome. There can be alternatives too, but I think it has become more reasonable now with the winter event to have the 4th slot.
  17. Guys, the leap second has become a big nightmare for RR2 players and of course FG. Many plans have to be suspended/shortened or ........... due to this sudden chaos. My question is did it affect the ongoing upgrades? If not then how come it affected the rewards? Upgrades are also based on system time,....so ...
  18. Hi, I am planning to get a new phone options for me are Google Pixel and iPhone 7 I play on iPad and know that things will be pretty same on iPhone. What about Android Pixel: will it have the video (for chest) as it is available on iOS system? I played on my Samsung note and it did not show any video, so I do not know. Can anybody who plays on Pixel confirm.
  19. Hi- i was wondering how very clever of FG in milking us with gems from keeping some information hidden. I am talking about the Ninja Event. When we do our fights we actually just see in our ranks in a league, however, in the alliance ranking we see the list and also in how many fights (21/30, 24/30, 29/30). This information is also required in the league table because we should know if a person above with x or y number of ninja coins is from less number or equal or more number of fights than me. It will help me to decide to continue scrolling or discontinue scrolling, in other words, can I beat the other to reach a better rank. Currently, I have no clue if in this league can I catch with the person above. It's just that if I do all 30 raids perfectly and open all CoF boxes perfectly (including gemming), i will be first, but I have no clue of what to do to reach 2 or 3 or higher ranks. Any Suggestions?
  20. Hi all- wanted to know if the Ninja Alliance Reward UBER CHESTS are worth it or not? I believe the 1500 gems offers are a complete waste, however, the ninja ship (10,20,30) are still good. Of course, all uber products are good in terms of melting, I am talking in terms of usefulness as a gear.
  21. Hi, I believe it's time to reset/recalibrate the league records. Some (if not most) are out of proportion. Imagine scoring 500,000 or 1 million plus for breaking the record. It might be possible for few but not for all. How about resetting the records every year? Let it start from zero every year. In this way, it's exciting and in many ways making more gems. Any thoughts or experience?
  22. Hey, Saw the Halloween video release. Is FG suggesting zombies in Dungeon 2? Don't forget the 25$ 20,000/30,000 gem offer for Halloween. "You thought Community Week was over, didn't you? Well, think again! We have one final reveal for you guys. Watch this trailer for a sneak peek of the upcoming Halloween Event."
  23. To stop the irritating effects of raids by lower ranked players, there should be some mechanism to keep them in check. How about having ability in a raid to destroy the throne room if time permits? After a throne room is destroyed it takes a minute to restore all the buildings back to normal. This will make a player to think twice before continuously targeting some players. Maybe it will not happen, as FG will have to rewrite many codes, but a point to consider and a new discussion topic. Although, our request to destroy the remaining towers even when the castle gate falls and there is remaining time has gone unheard.
  24. hi all, if you looking to Join one of the best alliance in the royal revolt 2 world then look us up and apply. we have almost full members at your desposal and the guys are always ready to help anytime they can.. so come , apply and join or reply here if you are intrested.
  25. " I found my Nirvana" did you? Take a break from the recent negative comments on the forum. The day I decided to spend my time with my family not getting bothered too much about the state of RR2 affairs, I found "inner peace" as in the movie "Kung Fu Panda". We can or cannot spend money in the game. THAT'S GIVEN. Nobody can force you. However, some part of the game needs correction, which we do recommend on the forum. To accept or not is FG's decision. We in no way can disrespect a person for the decision we take. We can ask and should ask for compensation. If we get it or not or how much is the sole discretion of FG. We are using this forum to vent our inner frustration rather being constructive. I let the things pass on if it is not in my playing zone. I have to spend time with my family, go to work, and relax. If if I can clear some RR2 set up goals in that time "great" or else let it pass. I will not make this my "LIFE". I have and will continue to enjoy the game on my own terms. If I change my decision and become a paid player then the ups and downs that go along will have to be accepted by me and move on. I cannot change as a person or rather I should not. Sorry, if I have offended anybody. The thought of writing this up came as I saw many accusations and foul mouthing going on in the forum.
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