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Found 7 results

  1. seems server side reason. please fix it.
  2. I have a subscription to the Pro-League, I play every Pro-League. I'm an honest player, and never broke the rules! But a week ago I lost medals for the "Beast Cup" (1670). There were only medals for the "Easter Cup" (1518). Why?! What happened ?! I must have 3,188 medals in the Monthly Leaderboard. Return my medals, I spend my money on it, and I get This !? I wrote a support letter a week ago, and no changes! Nothing is fixed!??
  3. Another PL related new bug, ¿Will this ever work properly?... Anyway, I just finished my raids in the PL and when I was going to check my final classifications I notice that I was at 1182 position in the Monthly Leaderboard, I found it very strange because in last week PL I was around the top 150, and In this one I am around 175 so when I opened the leaderboard to check It I found this: Not only I don't have my last week score added but apparently I am and "unknown" player... Further, checking the leaderboard, I found out a lot of "<unknown>" people.. ¿What's going on?
  4. Hello, so I posted the problem on your Facebook wall. Me and my Girlfriend a connected with google and Facebook, first we saw us in the Leaderbard but now it stock and we don't see the progression from each other?! Any Ideas? We tried to reconnect both google and Facebook but didn't help I hope you can help me or fix it.
  5. Basicly the title. The leaderboard stops counting progress after 3500 floors, and game crashes after TTT coins when it goes over to infinity. why not just remove the leaderboard cap and add endless prefixes for coins?
  6. hey royal revolt, i am playing this game over an year ago...where i checked a few others strategy game also.. but i found one more thing there and that is leaderboard with countrywise. You guys have already added a lots of good stuff, so here is my request if you can add a countrywise leaderboard, it'd be more addictive. Thanks!
  7. Apologies if this is long winded, but if I can figure out this trick it would save me a bunch of time when looking for an opponent with more than 80K gold! How the Global Leaderboard works for me on Windows 8 (not sure about the other platforms): Starts you off with your own king at the center with 5 opponents top and bottom. If you scroll up, you see the top 10. If you scroll down to the bottom and push the arrow, it scrolls down ten, but starts you off back at the top arrow. If you press either arrow at least three times, it stops scrolling back to the top. However, if you press the swords to attack someone and back out, it scrolls you all the way back to the top ten and you have to scroll back down to check the next opponent. Occasionally, after pressing the up arrow after looking through many opponents, it will hide the top ten, making it so you don't need to scroll to check the next one down the line. For the life of me, I can't figure out what to do to get this feature to trigger on purpose. Anyone know how?
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