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Found 17 results

  1. I recently accumulated the 7000 bulls required to unlock a new set of Islands. But they have not been unlocked and I don't have the option to find them. Everything remains black. Any suggestions?
  2. I have a special offer right now (the granny one) and I was wondering if the items scale to your level during the offer when it's already active or if it's set from the start of the offer. Should I level up before getting the offer or does it not matter?
  3. Has anyone noticed that item awarded are of lower level in last couple of days? Is this coincidence?
  4. Since that beast update, everything in this game has changed a lot. Now we must rely on Beasts/pets, feed them to higher(or -est) level, or take higher risk of losing. Now I feel we need more levels for Beasts/pets, make them indestructible as possible. So no one could beat our bases, but we could beat all bases with ease. Signed: theRichestKing
  5. I'm editing this post to say that something happened and I cannot create or reply to posts on these forums...maybe i'm blind and don't see the ability, but nothing I see can create posts. I was trying to post in bugs and concerns that I'd like to change my game name or delete game entirely from my game center or something. Thoughts? Is there a good place to grind the blue boxy-looking resources for upgrading?
  6. Hello everyone! I've got a question about Ajax. I have around 1100 Points in physical resistance and 1000 in Fire resistance. When Ajax was lower leveled, he had shown 72% physical and 78% Fire resistance. Now with Level 11, he Shows 57% physical and 59% fire resistance. Does the percentageamount Change with leveling up the Hero? Best Regards
  7. Hey guys and gals! Im new and I see you all talking about level 1000 and stuff and I can't get past 170 I need help! Can y'all give me some pointers?
  8. Looking for members for new alliance AnimationUnited Active, mature, friendly members needed An alliance where anime fans can meet to talk to one another and chat about all things anime. Even if you don't know about anime, you are welcome. Please be active, talk to one another and help each other grow. Please do not beg leader (s) to activate boosts. If you do not donate, do not expect boosts. At the moment the guild is level 10 with a small amount of members, join and help us get better. I am the leader and I am stI'll learning about the game, and I am open to suggestions and help from members. Search AnimationUnited in Alliance Tower to join.
  9. Hello, Does someone know what is the maximum level for Heroes?
  10. In the Beginner Guide section, this was stated. My question is, how does hero level affect my island defense? AFAIK, heroes don't actually defend the island, it is done through the structures/buildings. So hero level acts as a stats modifier to the structures?
  11. DARKSOULALLIANCE is now looking for a dedicated loyal experienced player to become general immediately. We are LEVEL 34 Rank 245, have 38% gold bonus, and have Knight, Archer and Barricade as permanent 24/7 boosts and will soon add another as soon as we can afford. During war we sometimes add additional boosts per request from members and needs. We need somebody who is willing to help us with posting on facebook. Our requirements: 1. King level 80+ 2. Daily donation of 150K 3. Trophies 3500+ 3. Very active participation in wars and able to get 3000 skulls in each war. 4. Able to understand and chat in English or German Apply in game, contact Dehock our leader or post your IGN below.
  12. At first, the level cost was alright but one day it changed drastically while I was upgrading my equipment and I had for example a cost of 30k and by one click the cost jumped to 120k. I was really startled because when i asked my friend who downloaded the game at the same time as me if it happened to him, he said no and he is at a way lower cost rate than mine. You can see it in the pictures attached to this message. in the first picture, my equipment level is 146 with a equipment cost upgrade of 172k (My game) and on the second picture he had a level of 189 with a equipement cost upgrade of 100k (My friend's game). Even though we constantly ascend and we both have 8 ascends in total. I keep asking myself why is there such difference between both of our games. P.S. The pictures were cropped so that I would be able to fit them into the limit capacity size.
  13. Hi- Just wanted everybody's views on this. I suggest an improvement. Most of us do not know the maximum levels of units and spells. Either we ask each other or check on the net. Wouldn't it be nice if the details were provided in-game? What I suggest is, when we (eg. spell) select a spell to upgrade there is a window, which opens up giving details of the next upgrade (it is nice). A slight improvement to this can be that a thermometer like a Bar chart or something can be shown in the same window that shows the current level (where we are) and the other levels to reach the maximum with the gold needed. This will also help the player to be motivated to achieve the max. level. The same applies to the units, towers, etc. as well. Your Thoughts!! Cheers!!
  14. Hi all: For making the game ever interesting (for once we should give the credit to Flare for making this game interesting by offering so many in-game items free), there should be an allowance for standard gem packages, and not based on the number of gems a player has. There should be available packages for 150 gems, 500 gems, 750 gems, 1000 gems, 1500 gems, 2000 gems, and so on... When I had less than 100 gems there used to be 500 gems packages dropping down all the time. When I had 500 gems it never showed up but had new packages showing up. I know the tricks that many players do by not claiming the achievement gems. But to be fair if standard packages are available, people will be more willing to buy with some aim in mind, rather than having few gems and not knowing what to do. I am sure (including myself) if we have gems we will be ready to spend on appropriate packages and plan accordingly.
  15. Is there a reason why I at level 54 (and since maybe level 46) get around 1-3 trophies raiding those my level or a little lower, with most the time it being 1 trophy especially those under level 50, that's only 5-7 levels. But when people 20+ levels above me raids they get no less than 7 trophies when they can just walk through due to upgrades, their health, leadership and gear boosts. Even if I fought the 1st ranked player in the world (when i last checked it was "IRAN POWER") I would only get max 8 trophies. This baffles me. Can anyone clarify if maybe its a flaw, a bug or just one of those things?
  16. Hello everyone Kings and Queens ! if you are getting trouble and you need new members for your alliance, this thread is for you ! I will set a simple guideline that everybody can follow to make its Alliance Recruitment Thread as clean as possible! Please, read this before go ahead: For the title of your thread put as follow to be more comprehensible to others: [Alliance Name] - [Alliance Level] - [Main Language] - [Hero Level Req: 55] Example: Gods of Destiny - Level 38 - English - Hero lvl req:55 Remember to make only 1 thread per alliance ! Guide: ► The main thing is tell to other people your alliance name otherwise they can't join your ally... Alliance Name: Your alliance name ► Alliance level is important most of time to recognize at what point is the alliance... Alliance Level: lvl 30, lvl 42, etc ► Another important thing is tell at what rank is set your alliance... Alliance Leaderboard: Your alliance name top 100, top 500, etc ► Short description of your Alliance will let know to the new people what they'll have to face... ► Every decent Alliance has some requirements, so the better thing is set yours... Requirements to join: ​​Minimum donation of 50k, 100k, etcWe recruit people only over 2,000 trophies, 3,000 trophies, etcHero levelOthers...► Gifts as Elite Boosts or War Boosts are important for the loyalty of your members... Gifts: We give a permanent boost, we have multiple Elite Boosts as Blazing Knight, Power Archers, etcWe give the rank of General who has been loyal for a long time, we give "champions" or "shields" to members according to...etcOthers...► Set some rules for your Alliance so people will know immediately with who they are dealing... Rules: We don't tolerate bad wordsAfter 3 warning you will be expeledOthers...► (Optional) If you have a "motto" of your alliance is always good share to others... Motto: Your alliance motto► As last you can always liven up your thread adding images or similar things... And now what are you waiting? Go to recruit new people ! They are waiting you ! Regards, oPelle
  17. How to improve the level of alliance? I have a problem with understanding one thing... 1.gold - ok, 2.trophies- ok 3. ???? How???
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