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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Folks, I've run into a frustrating roadblock. I just unlocked Ariadnes, and I can't seem to level her in any way that makes sense. She's level 1, but all the enemy islands are level 24 to 30. When I use her to attack them, I lose the 80-90 ambrosia required to travel there. Then, I lose 30-40 trophies in the resulting lopsided battle defeat. All this for a little movement on the experience bar. If I allow my trophy count to be devastated in order to level her in losing battles, then I won't have any gold to upgrade buildings and skills. I ran into this issue with Perseus as well, but when he was level 1, most enemy islands were in low teens. Strong minions could carry him forward. At higher levels, enemy defenses are so strong, and they need to be defeated so quickly, that the Hero always has to take a central role. At level 1, Ariadne gets killed by a few tower shots. Her strength is supposed to be summoning minions, but this isn't true at level 1. Without a hero to support minions, the defending waves will eventually overwhelm them and force the level 1 Hero back towards the entrance of the map. What's more frustrating is that my only functional Heroes seem to be Hercules and Prometheus. Perseus is all right, but he seems too weak to take on truly strong defenses from other players. So, in order to use Hercules and Prometheus, I sometimes spend 200+ ambrosia to get them to the battle. I'm clearly not playing this game right. Anyone got any advice? I'd rather not lose a couple hundred trophies just to get Ariadne to level 2 and beyond.
  2. Hello I'm a huge addict of this game but Before I buy anything I would Like to know a few things. How does saving work with the game? How does it save a file on Apple? How does it save a file on Android? It the save only local for Apple? Is the save only local for Android? Will my purchases be stored if I delete the game and want to play it again? Will my progress ever be deleted for any reason? What happens if I buy the dragon bundle, and I die? Will my dragon die too or is it like an item? Anyways Great Game and I hope I get a reply, Awesome game you guys, I just hope the game saves in a proper place because I don't see anywhere where is saves to the cloud, google playstore, facebook, or anywhere else.
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