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Found 7 results

  1. And.... same exact problems, just a different day. 5 very evenly matched teams. And 1 completely domainant team that is way over the level of the other 5? How can it be this difficult ? To put 6 teams on map that are basically in same range? 5 teams all ranked from 150-130 good matches!!.. and 1 top 100 team? [72] ....... this was what was needing fixed before the upgrade. Yet it still is the same problem. How do you determine that the number 72 team goes in the group with the 130-150 teams? Ughhhhh
  2. My L8 Supplies and Metal storage buildings show far less as max capacity when you view the (?) Info on them than they actually hold.
  3. In each Level, like the Junction for instance, there are what I refer to as "sub-levels". The Junction has four and each sub-level after completed has a line connecting it from the first to second and so on. The following level, Silencio Heights has several more sub-levels but I can't get the last three to connect, even after completing on Easy level multiple times. Any ideas why they aren't connecting? I've even completed at the Medium level. Thanks ~ Chip
  4. I tried looking for this discussion topic, couldn't find it. So this is what I hope is useful for others (the newer players). Compared to many established players, I have note been playing for so long. So, I've been trying out the new rigs. Some are pretty useful, some not. Here's my take: 1. Laser/Missile/Drone -- pretty standard especially early stages. I've been rigging up Missile & Laser but to my surprise the Drone is actually more useful in early stages than the Missile. So my default 2 is Laser & Drone. Missile's only role is to provide cover for those pesky drones. 2. Dash Rig is excellent once it gets to Tenev Rail Tower defences -- those darn yellow rays are hot!!! Dash Lvl 7 with high damage points is the real thing... 3. Shield Rig, even at Level 7, is still not strong enough. Maybe I'm using it all wrong but heck, I tried ... when will this thing be more than a blackhole for all my battle-points? I wonder if others have better experience with the Missile & Shield rigs?
  5. I would like to improve the castle gate real Guadia, the wizard's tower, the treasure chamber and thus in general. Please developers the game needs to evolve further. Thank you so much.
  6. Hello I'm a huge addict of this game but Before I buy anything I would Like to know a few things. How does saving work with the game? How does it save a file on Apple? How does it save a file on Android? It the save only local for Apple? Is the save only local for Android? Will my purchases be stored if I delete the game and want to play it again? Will my progress ever be deleted for any reason? What happens if I buy the dragon bundle, and I die? Will my dragon die too or is it like an item? Anyways Great Game and I hope I get a reply, Awesome game you guys, I just hope the game saves in a proper place because I don't see anywhere where is saves to the cloud, google playstore, facebook, or anywhere else.
  7. Kings Level Is Key To Expanding this Game: There's a limit to everything you can do in this game. First lets talk about how slow it takes a king to level up. The amount of raids it takes a high level player to level up requires too much bread, time, and XP. The level cap is 120, and only 1 person is there. You should raise the level cap to 200. If you raise it to 200 then kings would get more powerful allowing for harder levels of troops, towers, and dungeon levels. You should also make it so its easier to level up with the level cap being higher. Possibly make it a 1/3 of the required XP to level up. With quicker leveling and stronger kings, you can add more troop and tower levels. Silo and Farm: Everyones been asking for a bigger silo. Thats all I have to say on that. It doesnt make since to add more farm levels and not add more silo levels. I think if you raise the level cap like previously mentioned, It would be cool to see higher silo levels at different intervals depending on your king level. So basically, the stronger the king level, the more bread he gets, the higher silo level he gets, but also the more bread required to raid also. Gold: There definitely shoud be more Gold Chamber levels. You should also increase the gold cap of 12 mil, and protection of 750k. This way you can add more levels like I previously mentioned since it would require more gold. Furthermore this will revolve around how strong your king is. With the higher level cap and additional levels this is greatly needed. Gems and Pearls: A daily login award of gems and pearls would greatly be advised. It is highly difficult to get these commodities, and should be made easier. It would also be a great idea to be able to trade pearls for gold just like you do gems. I myself have an abundance of pearls that I would rather trade for gold.Also make the reward for tournaments higher. You should also offer pearl and gem rewards to alliance war winners as an added bonus. Bottomline, WE NEED MORE PEARLS AND GEMS. Taverns: I believe that with the increased level cap system i explained earlier, your tavern should increase with your kings level. For example: a level 60 king has a tavern producing 100k an hour. a level 100 king is producing 1m an hour. a level 200 is producing 12 m an hour. (Those are just numbers I throughout, but if you guys solidify my expansion ideas i know you can make something work.) Conclusion: I'm tired of typing, but i hope you get the gist of what im laying down. You need to add more to this slow moving game. These expansion ideas I laid out would make this game way more exciting. I definitely know im not the only one.PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN FLAREGAES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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