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Found 5 results

  1. Currently we can donate gold one time during 24 hours- nothing wrong with only 1 donation per day but.... having timer/ cooldown which is forcing us to donate at certain hour- not sooner- is annoying. If someone could log in for some reason lets say not sooner than at 11pm (23:00) which is really late, then that person have 2 options : 1) Donate gold at 11pm and because of it be blocked with donations for the next entire 24 hours, which means another opportunity to donate will be available at 11pm sadly. It is directly forcing players to donate only very late on a daily basis or skip their donations opportunity for this particular day. 2) Skip daily donation just to do it next day at reasonable hour to set the timer to more comfortable period of the day- its a loss for an alliance i think(losing daily donation). My suggestion is: Can you - flaregames- change the way daily donation is limited to certain day/server day instead of a specific hour, because it makes every another donation being available at later and later and later hour? In my opinion it will make 100% of the players happy because of its simplicity and convenience- and the number of donations will remain the same.
  2. Is there a way to get the limit reset when you try to relink an account to a device you had to reset since FlareGames is clueless as to how keep Video Ads available and running on Windows Mobile Phone 10? I tried to help an alliance memberacoount with a WMP10 by having the account available on more then one Windows device as a backup to keep things running just in case FG again would mess up with it's ongoing no Video Ads availability "male cattle faeces". So the app was reset on the WMP10 but afterward the app did not pick up the OneDrive linked account setting it would normally do. Using the link account option was unfortunately neither an option anymore since it has a limit (I am really impressed this was mentioned somewhere so I would have know about it beforehand). If I had known I would have waited on FlareGames to get it's act together and resolve this issue with the Video Ads and would have not "reset" or advised not to reset the app on the WMP10 device. Just saying if the app may be installed on 10 Windows 8/10 devices (See notes app in the store) I would at least assume one can link 10 devices too.... Even more so it the same device is relinked... Microsoft clearly does a better job here since you can see online which devices are logged as linked devices to a Microsoft account. You can even manage devices within that limit. I am unaware if FG even has this available for us players. Also it would mean if your WMP10 needs repairs and for some unknown reason OneDrive sync does not kick in one is doomed once again. On that note the questions: What is the limit of linked devices (be it iOS, Android or Windows) to a RR2 account (King/Queen)? Until when will FG still fully support Royal Revolt 2 (UWP) on Windows devices (especially Windows Mobile Phones)? Can we get an idea when Royal Revolt 2 might still be playable on iOS or Android too? Is there a web portal or will one become available where one can managed devices like Microsoft has (Example: today I have RR2 running on an Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro phone but I get a HP Elite x3 phone and I would switch from a Surface Pro 4 to a Surface Pro 4 LTE version)? Does a recovered Windows device (re-installed via Windows Settings -> Updates & Security -> Recovery) count as new device when it comes to RR2 account linked devices? Does a recovered iOS/Android count as a new devices too then? What if people beta-test your RR2 app on Preview versions of some flavour of OS? Should they inform you upfront to have a broader device limit available? If an upgrade fails of Windows 10 (every 6 months an upgrade will be available if not mistaken as Microsoft is now selling Windows 10 as a SAAS) what then? Again same question for iOS upgrades or Android versions What happens when within a family a device is given to a minor/peer if the previous owner get a new device? I might opt to give an older iPhone to a minor as say a parent (maybe after it gets a new battery to mitigate the "hidden" slowdown part of iOS) when a newer iPhone is bought. I am not one to give a minor a brand new iPhone for example.
  3. Hey there, I'm having an issue that I hope have a solution. The thing is that I play RR 2 both on the phone and on the pc, yesterday I had to reboot my pc due Windows errors, I reinstaled the game and wanted to link my account to the computer again, but the pop up "You have reached the account link limit" appeared. If anyone could help me to solve this please because I play it on the pc mostly. Thanks.
  4. The Account transfer limit is now changed to once every 360 days, i think this delay is too long, considering new phones comes out in less than 1 year, so this account transfer limit will just make it harder for players who want to change their phone.. please reconsider this. even when its imposed to prohibit account selling, maybe there are some better way to do it than this account transfer?
  5. What is up with this??? [#103128] The administrator has limited the number of new posts you can submit within a short time frame. Please wait 9 seconds before replying or posting a new topic. I do not remember reading about this in the official forum rules.
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