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Found 3 results

  1. Hey there, I'm having an issue that I hope have a solution. The thing is that I play RR 2 both on the phone and on the pc, yesterday I had to reboot my pc due Windows errors, I reinstaled the game and wanted to link my account to the computer again, but the pop up "You have reached the account link limit" appeared. If anyone could help me to solve this please because I play it on the pc mostly. Thanks.
  2. Hi at all players, old and new, and everyone linked to this fantastic game Royal Revolt 2, I'm happy that the new Forum takes the place of old, because of most of us, though that the new Forum had to be an amazing thing, but i'm personally remained bewildered, when i saw things like: Due to fact that all types of game Forums must be linked each other in a single big forum required by Flaregames GmbH, make me confuse because from the new main link: http://forums.flaregames.com/ you can see who is online with you, but then if you enter in a subforums, you can't see who is online (so maybe if knew that 1min ago there was User-A online then i don't know if he/she is still online as soon as i enter the Royal Revolt Forum because no Board Stats are shown);Now all the "efforts" to get a "like" (that in reality aren't efforts but a solid support for everybody) are gone (reset) and all attachments thumbnail also (fortunately is remain the topics written and your rank in Forum);If you have URL in the signature like me, call you "lucky", because there is no possibility to add link in Signature...;Because of the new displacement, many errors occurs like:In some of old starter topics, have a code problem now with the replacement, about apostrophes: you can see that " ' " has become " ’ " (for example: what's your name?, now is: what'’s your name?) You can see a clearly example here: http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/1665-server-update-03312015/; All types of links you have put in the old Forum, now they become useless, because are redirected to a wrong site of RR2 Forum; Using a normal computer, (i'm talking starting from the main link) every time you go with the cursor over a icon that should you redirect to somewhere, it show a little line near it, probably a wrong visual bug when the Forum has been created; (to make clear this thing just go to the message system or notifications system up to the site, without click it, it's not necessary, to see a little line like it was underlined at half);For who want to say the last goodbye to the old Forum, it still exist http://testforum.royalrevolt.com/, but now it becomes fish food, because javascript has been disabled and you aren't able to see the original aspect of the site;On the other hand, i hope that this new hook of forums, make all together a great solid place to help each other, omitting these flaws, that of course, not affect the status of Forum, but didn't even, lighting it. Some of my critics may be right like not, however few things are certain for me: i loved so much the old forum, that i know i need time to recover myself;i would say a sort of discrimination but each can think how he/she wants (at the end all types of criticism are acceptable);all this back and forth to search sub-forums feel me dizzy . Thanks for your patience on reading this, oPelle
  3. Dear players of Royal Revolt 2 and dear Jona, Today i'm just thinking about a strange thing that the forum has and the game hasn't. I'll explain better, i'm talking about the new section Alliances & Recruitment that has been added with the implementation of the Alliances in the game, where everybody post its alliance name as title and describe its own alliance like he/she want with rules. The interesting thing that i want to tell you is to add the possibility to put a correspond link about our Alliance page of Forum within the board game of the Alliance, like we do in this forum to skip at a direct link without all search that one. First of all i want to list some beneficts on how these links might help us and our alliance members, Primary Beneficts: When someone need new news can simply click on the link and see which changes have occured in the last period;When someone is a new entry of the Alliance, he/she can click on the link of the page to be thrown here on the page of Forum of his/her alliance;A lot more links-in-one might be added if you want to update your alliance's members with some other interesting things.Secondary Beneficts: Since spaces are limited in Message Wall's Alliance (i calculated a total of 100 characters writable in it), if it wasn't possible to add links to the game, it would be reasonable add a max character of 200 or more to write our Alliance's rules;Other important benefict to not underestimate is the link to the Wikia: Royal Revolt 2 Wiki (http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Royal_Revolt_2_Wiki) has a lot of pages that can help many players here;I would to put a restriction on this implementation, that is only the leader or some trusted General can add these links otherwise could be some inappropriate links that direct you to some "bad" sites... I hope that with an implementation that will be in a future patch as Jona wrote in this post: (http://forum.royalrevolt.com/index.php?/topic/1657-official-improve-royal-revolts-faq/) there will be the possibility to add links as an alternative method to "communicate" fast and direct with these links. Also this implement could be relative to the so-called: "Copy and Paste" , that could help on writing long and tired sentences. My current suggestion so, is to implement this kind of "tool" for also our Message Wall of the Alliance, which in my opinion is still in an early phase like as well also "Messaging between people". Thanks for your patience on reading this with regards, oPelle
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