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Found 5 results

  1. In the world where we live today in such a capitalist way and that makes us innovate every day, it encourages anyone to buy several platforms and new operating systems, being they Android, Mac, IOS or windows phone. Based on these statements, many players start playing on a platform, and later change cell phones, failing to pass their progress forward. Something that upsets us a lot, as I myself started playing in android, and now I have re-edited my Windows account. Many players ask for the compatibility of being able to connect other accounts from different operating systems to others. Making the Log In of the game diversified with other platforms: Google, IOS, Windows Phone. By diversifying this form of Log in, it would help many players not to discard the game as it is because it is not possible to continue with their account in another device. Talk about it.
  2. This post is made at the request of Flare Support A more secure login method is required, perhaps an input code unique to the individual player. The current method of accessing your player account is extremely vulnerable to hacking. There has been a resurgence of player accounts being taken over by rogue players, our accounts need better protection that Flare currently provides. This has been requested many times in the past with no result. I bring this to the community's attention yet again. Flare rewards us with extra chests for linking the game to Facebook, but then the game account becomes too vulnerable, too easy to access by someone hacking your Facebook account. Yet another high ranked player has had his Facebook account hacked and his RR2 player account stolen during war. A general of Todesritter alliance, a high rank player with a well developed account is currently being threatened that he must leave his account, let the hacker take it over, or it will be deleted. This is not good enough. All the money he has spent on the game will be wasted and a highly skilled player is considering leaving the game if he cannot regain sole control of his high level account. This is a loss to the entire gaming community. By now I hope Flare have responded to his request for assistance and are working with him to regain control of his account. I have removed the link between Facebook and my RR2 account and I urge all players to do the same, it is not worth risking all the time, effort and money invested for a few extra chests per day.
  3. Hi deverloper, my account name is Blackwind24. When star the game not auto recognizes my game enter account. The game prompted gamecenter login screen, i closed it about 3 or 4 times and it won't appear again. Now i need to move to other device but my game not save progress to gamecenter. Could you show me how to login gamecenter to save my progress? Thanks and Regards, Linh Pham
  4. It's very annoying when we reset our phones and lost all the progress. This already happened with me, and to other players I believe. This can be solved with an account that can be logged on any device and have his progress downloaded. That's my suggestion.
  5. I think that there should be an incentive of free gems to players who login everyday and play. Think of it as a thank you gift from Flare for playing the game and supporting them. Ex. Everyday when the player logs in and plays he gets 15 gems, this reward can only be received once per day and if the player logs in and plays everyday for a whole month straight then he gets a bonus incentive of 500 gems. Similar ideas have already been suggested but towards tournaments. What are you guys thoughts ?
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