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Found 8 results

  1. clan name : were are heroes clan lvl: 27 Were looking for active players that are 2100+ trophies and lvl 50+ Ascension.. must be super active & donate daily. lvl 5-6 alliance is req. to apply search were are heroes on guild search and wait for approval "please be patient". We always have our own "line"
  2. Game Name : FlowRock Trophies 1800+ Ascension lvl 46 Im.good at this game. Im currently stuck with a german alliance. Im not able communicate with them. I donate daily Im looking for a active english alliance. I look for active chat and good war skills! Please reply if anyone wants me in! Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, fresh new alliance looking for members all is welcome, just be a little bit active and we will have fun together in fights.
  4. Alliance name: Beta House Language: English Alliance level: 22 Members: 16/27 Barricade: 24h Cannon every: 12h We looking for only active players (war / events) Minimal requirements: Level trophy: 2000+ Donation 75k / 100k and over. Our chat is active every day. We are friendly and communicable players. We waiting for you. Thanks and have a nice day
  5. Hello, my name is April Dawn, the Alliance Leader of DevastationX, we are looking for active guild members. We are a fun and friendly guild of Devastation. We don't have any requirements, but we do ask that you be friendly to the guild mates. If you'd like to join, contact me in game(April Dawn) or apply with DevastationX in game. We participate in War Season as well!
  6. Hello there! Praetorian Garde is a new alliance I started today. I'm playing this game for a long time already, and I'm a strong player as well. I have played in a VERY high-ranking alliance. But I decided to step out, because the general behaved really badly towards other players. I thought: this is no fun playing this way. Now I want to start again with my own, new alliance. My motto is: Serious play, Fair play, Fun play. So join my alliance. Everyone is welcome. We will be strong and successful. See you later! Greetings, Maarten (player name: Miracle Maarten)
  7. Hello, International Alliance is looking for a new active members, if You are interesting, please join us. We are LEVEL 48, rank 165, have 44% of gold bonus, and have many different boost active (our main boost is knight boost). Our requirements: 1. Hero level 85+ 2. 3000+ trophies 3. Donation min. 150k gold 4. Our main goal is maxed alliance lvl. Than we will spend all money for boosts. Apply in game, contact Erhan62 or post your IGN below. See Y'all in the game!
  8. IGN: King ZeroStars Language: English Hero level: 71 Alliance Tower's level: 250k Availability: Extremely active What type of Elite Boosts are you looking for: Doesn't matter Just started, need a group I can learn from. One that has a decent gold bonus so, I can keep building. Getting my Farms up for the next war season! Thank you!
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