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Found 6 results

  1. RR2 needed upgrade. After that i opened the game and I had to start from the beginning. I entered settings because I was connected to Fb with my old account and I wanted it back . But I accidentally saved local data instead of facebook data so my account was lost. I submitted my request to Flaregames and I want to know if I am ever going to get it back......?
  2. What happened is that i deleted the game due to soace issues, formatted my device and then installed the game again, back at the tutorial when a message prompted saying i had a previous progress I've accidentally hit the ignore button and i thought afterwards there's nothing to worry about i can get it back anytime, i finished the tutorial and then deleted the game and reinstalled it to get my old account back and guess what? The new progress has been saved and i can't get my account back... I have worked hard on it and paid for the offers that popped up after reaching a certain level. Is there anyway i can get my account back or this game suffers from catastrophic account binding issues and usually the mods will say sorry they can't do anything? And btw if you're going to bitch about me let me tell you that most of the games save your original progress that was bound to your account.
  3. In the Beginner Guide section, this was stated. My question is, how does hero level affect my island defense? AFAIK, heroes don't actually defend the island, it is done through the structures/buildings. So hero level acts as a stats modifier to the structures?
  4. Hi Flaregames ! I recently deleted my game because my in app purchase won't work (everything is just grey, I can't buy anything), and I thought redownload the game would fix the problem... MISTAKE, HUGE MISTAKE... I now have lost all my progression on the game, I'm level one with no upgrade. And it's sad. I'm sad. What can I do about it except from restart the game (I really don't want to... I was so far in the game...) Thanks for your help. ~Zhed
  5. I have a toon in I.C.E. to hold the leadership role. My phone broke and I will have it replaced soon. I am livid at the moment. I check the alliance searching for it in the Alliance Leaderboards. I see that my toon is inactive and I was demoted to General and some random person (with the highest trophy count) was made the Leader. I have spent quite a few gems (money) and gold on this alliance. How do I get my alliance back???
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