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Found 5 results

  1. So with the new changes to how the luck % is calculated, what is the new % that luck is capped at? I believe it was 80% before
  2. Luck perk

    I'm facing some situations after beating an opponent. With pro bonus and equipments, i have now 83% on luck perk, but it seems not to work since wednesday. The usual is 1 successful chest opened. Is there anything wrong with the perk?
  3. Chamber of Fortune

    Please make the Chamber with 4 good chests and 2 bad chests, but keep the 3 lucky tries. It will be better with 4 good and only 2 bad chests. Now I have 25% chance to take nothing, 35% chance for one chest, 30% for second chest and only 10% for 3rd chest... Thank you!
  4. Luck system flawed of changed?

    I love my luck gear. Do a lot of runs and Will hit 100% on gear soon. But since a few days something is wrong. Most of the time I open 0-1 chest. Was talking to some friends and they noticed the same. Maybe something changed?
  5. Hi, I would like to report a bug for Luck perk. I have found that when using the luck perk (4.4%) my chance of getting the 1st chest diminishes in the Chamber of Fortune (3-4 times/10). However, without it the chances of getting the 1st Chest increases 6-7 times/10). Device of the affected player - Ipad 3 Operating system of the affected player iOS 9.1 Steps to reproduce the problem - in the Chamber of Fortune Frequency (How often does the bug occur?) everytime For how long has the bug been occuring? Since I received the luck perk. Now I am not using it because of this issue. I will appreciate if a suitable solution is found for this issue. IGN:an1l75