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    Hello friends, I hope you are very well and enjoying the conquest For the second time we have a very strong alliance, we still have not discovered the other 2 ... I had already mentioned it before, to which NO ONE answered anything. We discovered an alliance of level 80, with 41 players over 3000 drinks ... how do you compare such an alliance against my alliance level 52 with only 10 players over 3000 drinks. This is already too much, we are tired of error after error. WE PLAY ROYAL REVOLT 2, but FLAREGAMES 'PROGRAMMERS AND STAFF SEEMS THAT THEY ARE PLAYING WITH RR2. More than 3 years in this game and had never been so unhappy as today, since they started with the conquests have not done anything right, do 1 thing well and do 5 wrong. As one person commented on another topic, the fact that a level 80 alliance has gone badly in the first two conquests does not mean that it is bad or weak, they can not be based on that and match them with level 52 alliances, it sounds foolish to think that such a pairing will be good for everyone. With all respect to the one I address to you, I demand that you also respect us as your players, clients, or whatever you want to call us. I hope that now if you take the trouble to answer me and explain in detail what they are based on for matching the conquest (and if you can put it in SPANISH) @Madlen
  2. Ok, I am the king.... want to build a tower only 2 choices are see myself and donkey? Where is the tower icon? *****? Up in middle of night cant build... super!!
  3. I appreciate this may well be unique to our league, the second one down from the top.. But.. It seems due to the gap in performance of the top ten teams in the top league and the next one down, many teams, especially ones that have experienced players in who have been in the top 3 before, are deliberately dropping torches. So we don't get promoted. I know my team is and others as well, last season we didn't fight Balance of power in the last round as both of us didn't want to risk gaining any torches, so we basically both sat it out as neither wanted promotion. I appreciate there's little can be done other than making the rewards better for promotion (as per the other thread) maybe promoted teams get a boost? I thought it needed to be a new thread as it's yet another spin on how things are (not)developing/stagnating. Secondly, please give us some upgrades! My team is nowhere near the top in regards of experienced players, yet the apathy is everywhere, many players not bothering to fight or taking the war off, others like myself have dropped from the team to a baby, low level team as we can't be bothered to try in wars... Because there simply is no point, we have everything maxed, forging is completely pointless (Cheers for taking away the only thing we enjoyed) and there is no reason to play. The game chats are dead, compared to another game chat that a load of OR players have joined (Wartide) and it's super busy and active. You are losing you core players with your inactively and lack of input. Sorry to be miserable, but it's how it is.
  4. I can not download the update on my tablet is not yet in the store I'm losing the ninja event for this problem, please solve I waited 2 months to play the ninja and now I can not play them? joke ???
  5. This suggestion may not be as important as some improvements but I personally would love for you to apply this suggestion. The vast majority have different types of set: The main one, to get gold, for experience, for luck of chests ... For each type of set I have to use different types of combos and it becomes tedious to be changing the spells or units for each set, I would love that the combos can be saved in the letters ABCD, this way it could be easier to player. We would choose different combos for each type of defense in a single click without the need to be looking for the spells
  6. Pro pals are related to space, have some new/awesome abilities, and also have some abilities of normal pal similar to its type. Improvement: Phoebe: It needs to have just one more special ability and that is HammerStrike. Since, Tammy doesn't have Hammerstrike damage but it do has blunt damage and even Tammy Beast has Hammerstrike but it is its normal damage. So Phoebe's Special Ability should be: Blessing + Hammerstike (Range - 5.0). Janus: It is nice but still it missed one thing. It doesn't have any powers of its type(Fox) i.e. of Aki and/or Aska. So Janus's Special Ability should be: Portal + Confusion /Summoning, but its this additional new ability should be less effective than their respective pals. For other pro pals improvement, see in comments.
  7. Dear FG @Madlen, with the latest forge update we were able to create silver and gold titan objects at great cost, however there is no option to dismantle these objects to STANDARD forge a unique item. It ONLY allows REFINE despite stating FORGE in the description, see the image will add an unwanted perk. A player could destroy a unique item if they didn't notice is was adding a perk in the last image! I have 3-4 such items now that cost millions in gold+wisdom but have no use... In the not to distant future many players will have many silver /gold 5* titan objects that have old stat values for perks (so no good use in refining with them) and no use for these objects, please add the option to FORGE (SO IT IS A STANDARD FORGE WITHOUT ADDING UNWANTED PERKS) so it is a forge and not a refine....image below shows the bug/issue. Thanks
  8. I think the issue with conquest mode (cm) is that it is more or less season wars on a chest board. When the pawns (players) meet they fight like in season-wars. The BIG downside of cm is that until u get to the exciting part (fighting) it may take 2 days or more and when u get to fighting it is just ...season wars again. My suggestion would be to keep the world map part (where players move like chess pawns) and change the season-war fighting part. All players will start with just their heroes and a few knights... NOTHING more!!!! and as they move through the map they will meet monsters (ogres, mummies, maybe something new??) where if they choose to fight and win they ll get resources (wisdom/stones) or even recruit them as troops (like in warcraft) ...or they could just ignore and keep exploring the map. When a player raids an enemy player, he ll be attacking his tent not his castle defences which is ridiculous!!!! u face the opponent in the middle of nowhere!!!...how did he carry his castle defences with him?? ...on that fat donkey ??!!! At the beggining, the tent's defence will have only a few traps/towers and few small waves AND the enemy player with his selection of 3 spells and pet he ll be defending like a primal beast. The conquest upgrades will be separated in 2 categories offensive and defensive. offensive will allow players to carry more units in raids and defensive will increase waves and traps/towers when defending (as upgrades u could introduce new awesome units/traps/towers/spells every season to motivate alliances to upgrade all-the-way). The current conquest upgrades which is all about troops, heroes, energy, cooldowns, offensive and defensive ratings r just BAD and should be scraped completely. The troop system, skulls required, and supreme victory features should be COMPLETELY thrown away!!!!! because they are just BORING, confusing and frustrating, the idea of getting stuck for a day in a war is just NONSENSE!!!! ALL player spells and troops should be of the same level no matter the player level!!!!...the conquest mode should be a game of skill and strategy, where a 4k trophy player will fight on equal terms with a 2k trophy player (like the proleague) ...nothing ELSE!!!!! ...not to mention that it will make matchmaking one less headache for FG. The scoring system which involves getting conquest points by building towers and occupying tiles, the stronghold buildings, ...and pretty much everything else r COOL!!!!!!
  9. Dear FG and fellow players, I ve got 2 recommendations that I d REALLY like to see in OR: My first recommendation is to make the heroes more distinctive, with their own combo of units and spells (check my post b´╗┐elow). And the twist that will differentiate this game from RR2 and all other games, is to allow to take 2 heroes on the raids!!!!!! this will give the player an amazingly VAST arsenal of spells and units when raiding!!!!!!!! ...this feature will give an unprecedented DEPTH to OR compared to all rival games....and of course FG u ll need to boost castle defences to add depth there too. My second recommendation is to expand the OR island map (or re-draw it) to include city-states like Athens, Sparta, Pella (capital of Macedonia in ancient times), Knossos (capital of Crete in ancient times), etc., which the player will gain access ONLY through the alliance!!!! each city/state will provide their own unique special units and spells depending on how good their trading relations are with your alliance. FG It d be sooooooooooo COOL if u make Greece the map of OR !!!! Your alliance on the other hand, will take the form of the stronghold in RR2, and will automatically trade resources (minerals, wood, food) to the city/states u selected for units/spells. At this point, your alliance can decide either to focus trade on a few city/states to get to their higher level units/spells, or spread trade to many city/states and get a wide variety of medium level units/spells). Your personal buildingings in the alliance stronghold, which will harvest minerals, wood and food, will be upgradable with player's gold and the alliance storage buildings will be upgradable with alliance gold. Depending on the amount of minerals, food and wood your aliance will trade to a city/state will determine the trade level, and each trade level your alliance will achieve with a city/state will: 1. grant access to the city/states SPECIAL units/spells of that trade level, which players will maintain with alliance gold (just like RR2), 2. grant access to ELITE units/spells of that trade level, which each player can individually get and maintain by paying from their own gems (just like the celestial boosts)
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