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Found 4 results

  1. New Player:Any advice?

    Hi, I Started Playing Royal Revolt 2 9 days ago. Playing NoN-Stop since then (hero lvl 43,1003 trophies,Diamond league,Throne Romm lvl 6) I was wondering is it better to max all building and defence before upgrading the throne room every time or 1st max throne and then do the rest later.. What is bettter..what will help in long run? Also if you have any tip for newbie please do tell Have Fun Gaming
  2. 1. Correct me if I'm wrong: player level is the only metric used to match players up for PvP and for card piece fights? A team's mana requirement, attack power, evolution of cards, best card, etc, none of that matters? 2. Since my first day I have been paired against level 12 players with Legendary/Ultimate cards in their lineup. Almost every arena or piece fight is vs players with Legendary/Ultimates. At level 12. It is such a prolific problem that I stopped fighting PvP when someone's best card was Legendary/Ultimate. I've only fought one cardpiece battle in the past week. How does this happen??? I assume I am the only person who actually plays this game. I think everyone else just logs in once a day for 21 days and gets lucky with the free Archmage Pack picks. Again, this is a problem. I cannot win any card piece fights so I cannot earn/fuse better cards. Without better cards I can't progress in the campaign. Without the campaign I can't get cards to sacrifice/fuse the few good cards I do get. If I get any good card pieces they get stolen before I can make progress on them. I feel like the smallest kid on the playground. Every day my lunch money is taken by the bigger kids in my class. Please offer any advice you have. I think I am going to "quit" the game for the next 2 months until I Archmage myself some better cards. --Cheshireccat Day 19 Lvl 29, 80stm, 75mana, 9930HP, Quest86 Lineup: Arch Demon+, Basilisk++, Pegaus+, Forest Dragon, Will-o'-the-Wisp
  3. Its been 24hrs.

    Hi, its been a day that I downloaded the game and played it, I need some advice on when to do ascend? Im on level 33, floor 110. What I do is when I really can't kill the boss like 15x of trial I do the ascend that is if I'm awake, or at night when I am sleeping then by the morning I will collect the offline coins and level the skill and armor, and try killing the boss again for 5-10x if it doesn't work I will ascend, and what type of item do I need to equip? I still don't have any idea on what to use.
  4. Hello everyone, I am a new player (I speak Spanish) and I have a couple of questions: 1. Defensive Way If building a road you realize that you're wrong or you have a better extrategia for which you must take a different path, is it possible to change it ?, ie is it possible to clear road built without modifying the original? Otherwise, it would be implemented very useful as it might bother you quite your instance in the game and the towers and defenses of the way if can be moved or removed. 2. Ranges in the alliance When a new player enters my alliance, it is automatically rank Soldier and I can ascend to the player but, What is the next rank? How many ranks are there? What are the differences between each rank? --- I hope you can help me and thanks for the inconvenience.