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Found 33 results

  1. Hallo allemaal! Wij zijn opzoek naar leden voor onze nieuwe alliantie. We zijn weer begonnen op 21 augustus, na een lange tijd afwezigheid. Maar hebben besloten om het weer volop te spelen! we hebben op het moment(23-08-2018) 4 leden. We hopen op mensen die het leuk vinden om samen een goede, actieve en succesvolle alliantie op te bouwen! Enige must voor nu is dat je Nederlands moet spreken :) We hopen je snel online te zien! - Royal Seven
  2. Looking for active players of all calibres to join a fresh new alliance of three experienced players who can help you through the game or just provide fun banter for older players to create a unique alliance with the main focus on fun, it's a game, fun is a priority. All we ask is to take part daily (where possible), fight and chat (even a daily Ni ! will be accepted) and to keep your shrubbery's in good order. Ni is derived from the movie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the Knights Who Say Ni. We are going places but we aren't going to Camelot, it's rather a silly place. All welcome. All languages, you will not be ignored.
  3. Well I guess most of you would have understand what I am talking about. And those three names are of that troop, and only one could be applied by creators. You can search about Gorgon in Google. Now lets talk about the Troop:- Morale Points: b/w 13-18 HP: b/w 10K - 15K (at lvl 1) Range: 1.20 -1.30(if having Normal damage) or 5.80 - 6.20(if having piercing damage) Speed: b/w 2.10-3.00 Attack Rate: b/w 0.80-1.00 Ability Range: b/w 5.80 - 6.20 Appearence: Since this troop is a Female so her breast area could be covered by some warrior type armor of Blue colour(offence) & Red colour(defence). Powers: Her general attack can be Either Piercing or Normal damage (Optional, depends upon creators, but I want piercing because most of troops have normal attack) but with her general attack there must be Poison damage (Recommended). Special Ability: Petrifying(obviously). It could be done by adding a petrifying bar (like Necromancers) or petrifying after a certain interval (like Monks).But her way to petrify a unit should be in a way like The light rays are coming out of her eyes. And even she can Intimidate enemies(like Werewolf does both Battlecry and Fear at same time) Resistance: Poison(100%), Ice(25%), Petrify(100%) - just like Necromancer. Weakness: Fire(25%-50%), Normal(50%-75%). Forge: Some things will be improved itself by levelling up the troop, but still anyway it will be decided by creators. My Recommendation: Let there be improvement of Petrifying Chance, Time of Blast after a Unit is Petrified, Health of Petrify Bar of Petrified Unit, Intimidate Time. Well these things can be improved by either levelling up or by forging(depend upon creators). In-Game Special Abilities: Firstly, Since she is a Gorgon so she(after petrifying) can grab any petrified unit all around it (like anacondas do) and can crush it instantly (but only one big unit, if present otherwise anyone, after petrify). Secondly, Cannons must not attack her. There is no troop that defensive cannons can't attack. So there should be one troop whom cannons can't attack & even since their HP, Range are limited and have pyromancer & Normal Damaging units her true enemies so they must be given that chance to survive. Boosts: There should not be any Elite/Pro boosts for this troop because I've already given her such good abilities but There should be War Seasons Boosts...just for some more of Fun...now that's a headache to creators...I'm not gonna give details about it unless & untill asked. Imp Note: First of all I would like to clear some of things like b/w means between and by that I indicate that its a Choice I leave upon Creators. Secondly, I would request Creators try not to make many changes (except for which I have given choices ) because I've read and known many things about Gorgon so what ever powers, weakness, resistance,etc. I've given has logic behind it. There is big difference in Olyumpus Rising's Medusa and RR2's Gorgon because their Medusa has legs & our Gorgon will have tail. Now I would request you to search and read about Gorgons in Google and/or Wikipedia and see their images. What I've written above will be cleared by this video below & a good obeserver will understand my troop details after seeing this Video.Try to watch in HD. Here's a link of her look: Please Like and Comment about It. Any Suggestions & Improvements to this topic would be greatly Acknowledged.
  4. Hello all Royal Revolt 2 players! We are looking for active and friendly players for a new alliance called Wild Rulers! If you are looking for a alliance which will not take much work, join! The main language is English but I am from the Netherlands so Dutch is also a option! Requirements: -You have to be at least level 45 or higher -You have to donate everyday! (The amount has to be 5.000 or higher) -And you have to have 1.000 trophies! It is an open alliance so please join! Kind regards: Multiverse Overlord (leader)
  5. Hi All, I was wondering how about if FG introduces new realm concepts? Rather than introducing new characters and always increasing levels of Towers and spells in the game, It would be very good idea to start having new realms from the start. For example Ghost Realm, futuristic Realm etc. Everything needs to start from scratch, however the gems, the gold and other attributes remain the same. Rather than just spending the gold on immaterialistic thingd now, you can start building the new Realm.
  6. IGN: Rollo vikings and laguertha vikings Language: Portuguese and English Hero level: 19 and 33 respectiv Alliance Tower's level: 1K, 2K, 5K, etc. Availability: Very Active (Optional) What type of Elite Boosts are you looking for: ... i' dont undestand still (Optional) Tell us something about yourself: We are married, we start to player this game soul soul one week. Please accept a good aliance. xD
  7. Interested in joining an alliance? You are most welcome to join. If you are new, I am new like you...Let us explore and have fun together!!!!!
  8. Brand new guild set up (looking for leaders and members) All are welcome.... New players or veterans. We will not kick anyone unless you're inactive. No requirements or enforced donations, just chat, chill and play. Search for "DEADPOOL-UK"
  9. Hey fellow adventurer ! Here the summary of the Alliance Now what the requirement to join ? That simple ! Come and say Hi ! Be active in war Be active in ninja event Come and profit to every bonus and every chest we will collect
  10. New Alliance looking to fill it's ranks. I have done most of the hats work already and now we need to start alliance wars. Join Legion of Aries today!
  11. I think the removal of portal and replacement with royal kennels would be a better design. The portal just sits there 90% of the time inactive and is just a waste of space. Replacing it with royals kennels for monsters and pets would be a better solution Pet chest alerts could hover above it. Pet and monster menus would be available opening it. Pets and monsters are a everyday interaction so a kennel would make sense and easier to find and manage.
  12. Hello flaregames! I have a suggestion about the change of blacksmith display units system. Currently, a blacksmith display units system displays only the total amount, but does not display the respective amount. If you display each blacksmith display unit, users can enjoy RR2 more efficiently. It's a few additional. If you are going to upgrade about RR2 system, I suggest you this way. Thank you!
  13. nieuwe alliantie opzoek naar leden ... meedoen met elke war of event wel gewenst niet verplicht hetzelfde geld voor doneren;) toetreden is open dus voel je vrij om even te komen kijken bekers 1000+ lv40+
  14. EDIT FROM FLAREGAMES: PLEASE USE THIS THREAD ONLY FOR QUESTIONS ABOUT VOUCHERS / FRIEND CODES. WE WILL SOON GET BACK TO YOU AND TRY TO ANSWER ALL YOUR OPEN QUESTIONS. Please do not create new topics for voucher questions. Also please do not use this thread to share your voucher or friend codes. In such cases, we have to remove your post. To post your friend code, use this thread instead: http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/5525-voucher-friend-codes-post-them-here/ Thank you. ------ Hi guys, this video is an attempt to explain the new voucher system Flaregames has introduced. Hope it helps!! My friend code: HXVJFGXT My Alliance Page : http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/5650-shadow-fall-alliance/ Alliance Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/100610576944860/
  15. Accepting new members for our alliance (freedom guard),Must be active and have a trophy count of 1700 or higher.
  16. Looking for members for new alliance AnimationUnited Active, mature, friendly members needed An alliance where anime fans can meet to talk to one another and chat about all things anime. Even if you don't know about anime, you are welcome. Please be active, talk to one another and help each other grow. Please do not beg leader (s) to activate boosts. If you do not donate, do not expect boosts. At the moment the guild is level 10 with a small amount of members, join and help us get better. I am the leader and I am stI'll learning about the game, and I am open to suggestions and help from members. Search AnimationUnited in Alliance Tower to join.
  17. Good Afternoon! Are you ready to build the NEXT GREAT ALLIANCE? I AM! Search for and join the 505 Renegades and let's do something special together! -Ragnarok505
  18. Hello there! Praetorian Garde is a new alliance I started today. I'm playing this game for a long time already, and I'm a strong player as well. I have played in a VERY high-ranking alliance. But I decided to step out, because the general behaved really badly towards other players. I thought: this is no fun playing this way. Now I want to start again with my own, new alliance. My motto is: Serious play, Fair play, Fun play. So join my alliance. Everyone is welcome. We will be strong and successful. See you later! Greetings, Maarten (player name: Miracle Maarten)
  19. Hello there, Looking for some savage warriors. come and join with us, we are friendly and battle looking alliance that trying to group up. We've had some members drop recently, So I thought of posting a invite would help us. Come give us a look, grow with us, and have some fun. You'll be glad you did! We are looking for a soldiers above 1500 trophies and about 50k donations, (not compulsory) Contact/friend any of the following players for more info: Mune_h A.T.G.B. Lobzik_san Hope to see you in game Thanks!
  20. -Pls translate this comment, because i speak Spanish and a little English- El juego me encantó y creo que agregar estas cosas sería perfecto, quizás no les gusten, díganme con completa sinceridad. Cosas que agregaría: Modo multijugador / en línea / cooperativo para jugar con amigos en un servidor mediante WiFi / Bluethoot. Diferentes personajes desbloqueables o a elección antes de comenzar a jugar por primera vez que se puedan subir de nivel, por ej: Elfo, Arquera, Mago, Ogro, Ninfa, Bruja, etc. Nuevos escenarios y mas variedad de armas / armaduras / capas ya que muchos de ellos se repiten y ademas de solo tener armas / armaduras / capas, tambien poder tener botas, torzo, anillos que den poderes o habilidades. Un yunque para forjar armas / armaduras / capas del mismo tipo, combinando las características, por un precio, por ej: Espada serpiente (+15% velocidad de ataque) + Espada serpiente (+23% daño) [Precio: 235k Oro] = Espada serpiente (+15% velocidad de ataque, +23% daño). Misiones con recompensas, por ej: "Mata a 130 bichos" [Recompensa: 15k Oro], o "Vence a 5 jefes" [Recompensa: 2 gemas]. Espero que les gusten mis ideas, si al menos agregan una al juego, estaría mas que feliz, si no, no importa, es mi opinión, cada uno tiene sus gustos y, puede que no les gusten. ¡espero sus respuestas!
  21. Hey guys this is Happyfrown here The Alliance Slayerz are recruiting, we are looking for active members who donate everyday and attack in all wars. We are a lvl 6 clan we are fairly new but growing fast. We came third in our last war, because we only had a few active members.....But now we have only active members so we are prepared. Only requirements are, that you are active, donate and attack in war. If interested in joining feel free to join or message me/comment below Thanks for reading the thread
  22. Hey guys this is a new clan I just started up we are called: Alliance Slayerz This alliance is a very active one, we will try to win all our wars and we donate! So if u enjoy war, and/or having a good chat come down to Alliance Slayerz and give us a try As i said earlier we are a very new Alliance so we dont have many members yet but please try and help us grow Requirement: At the moment the only requirements are that u donate everyday and use all your war attacks well at least most, Apart from that feel free to join thanks for reading this thread and i look forward to hopefully seeing you in the clan Quote Edit
  23. Hi, Probably the next boost will be out "Warp Rift Mummy" The video does not say how long will be the time wrap (? seconds). I guess from the video the time stops. So like if you keep on generating mummies, you end you clearing the whole path. Combine with surprise mummy and scream you have a deadly force. I guess this only works with the offense king.
  24. Welcome Mighty Kings! An alliance named Ursa Maior is looking for a new players that want to create a great alliance. Alliance level - 15 Alliance members 18/20 (right now) Gold boost - 20% Tax bonus - 8% We're looking for players that: Donations needed - 10k+ Minimum hero level - 55 We're using boosts during war season as it's necessary. Our plan is to have enough players that will provide boosts all the time. Anyone who is ready for having fun, donating the alliance and fighting is welcome!
  25. We are recruiting active players For a new guild recently created , we need to grow so we need players , in game name AkanTheElder - alliance name Wiverns den
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