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Found 23 results

  1. Hallo leute, Ich bin beim pro ligue 118 geworden, habe aber keine belohnungem bekommen uns sehe ich jetzt, dass meine ninjas auch weg sind! Kann jemand erklären wie ist es möglich?
  2. Is there any way you can adjust the root programming so internet connection is not required until a raid is complete. Just lost connection during 27th ninja level after skipping 3 cooldowns. So looks like I'm going to get 1500 pearls instead of 6000+ There was nothing wrong with my internet so why does this happen ? Last ninja I got away with it as it scored me zero, but this time it gave me about 200 score, so lost one life. It's a total injustice. IGN: Force9Storm
  3. Ninja 6.000 inca yerine 4000 inci verdi! Lütfen sorunu çözmek için nick: By-SaNToS
  4. Does this also work in ninja?
  5. Ninjas now suck

    Not spending another gem on ninjas....NOT WORTH IT!! I really enjoyed the ninja events until the upgrade. Now I hate them.... 1: videos of beast being released happen while you are in tight spot everytime. And last long enough to get you killed!! Stupid!! 2: 2 revivals is crap...if i already spent 100 gems then wtf...Either No reveals at all? Or go back to the normal way it was? 3: The 2 crowns for 100% is still an issue so even if you live thru the stupid beast videos...spend 100 gems reviving yourself and manage to get may still only get 2 crowns. NOT SPENDING ANOTHER GEM ON NINJAS!!!
  6. copra clan invasion

    I want to ask why did I get only 20 battles and I cant do more is it the normal or game stacked I was rank one and now more people got high score than me cuc I can't play more than 20
  7. Only looking for active ninjas.
  8. Ninja Event

    I've been playing off and on the past two years. I know the requirements for being able to join the ninja event is one being in an alliance and two having 900 trophies or more. However, even with meeting those requirements, I've never been able to join when playing on my laptop, running windows 8.1. When I click on the portal, it does tell me when the next event will be. During the time that the event starts though, all it says is it has started. I've tried looking up to see what the problem was, but the only useful I've come across is that one the portal should have a glowing swirl thing inside it when it's active and the advice from the help section on ending a session. I've gone as far as to on purposely loose battles to get back under 900 trophies, and then to win battles to get back up as well as leave an alliance and join back hoping it would trigger the requirements as met. It has not solved the issue though. The only I haven't done is uninstall the game and re-install it. Help? Anything I'm overlooking?
  9. Now most of players drop rating Down. For more easy win ninja. And it really bad - if you not drop rating down, you lose. and winners in your group are 10 or sometimes even 15 levels higher! please group ninja event more honest - by level groups instead of rating. To never be in the same group with player who 10 levels higher or lower.
  10. Lost Connection AGAIN

    MurderersRow, level 89 at 4500 ninja level, just beat the frigate at around level 20 with every tower and barrier down with plenty of time to spare. Then the game lost connection. It looks like my boat is back at the frigate and I have to try it again. I am posting this before I try to play it again as evidence that I am telling the truth on this. If MurderersRow is allowed to play it again but fails on the frigate he should be given the full credit. Flare needs to fix this problem, which is common at gates in the ninja event. There has to be enough data for them to figure out why this happens by now, since it's been happening for months. They also need to have support staff working on weekends if every war and ninja event are going to last over weekends. These problems are always cropping up when there is no one to help. I will send this exact message to support, UPDATE: The game reset, let me play the level again, and I got the three crowns. Still, Flare's gotta have enough data to fix this by now.
  11. Ninja Rewards - Bug?

    There is a huge difference between me and the player just above. And all the players are getting only one Ninja? And Ninja war name should be Sails and Hooks? --- SK
  12. Is this Friday the 13th ?

    On the 13th Island, today my game froze up to unlock I had to click on everything, wasting 3 donated Level 6 Ogers, ran out of time, and got 2 crowns. Yes I have complained about Ninjas bug before, including the first day it started, Game developers compensated that first and only time. I still have many issues that support has not addressed, just the standard auto reply.. Right now I am at 13/20, I am not sure I should continue playing and being frustrated, or just end it.... John
  13. Hello Kings and Queens, welcome to the Ozunu Ninjas! New players are welcome here since this is a newborn alliance, so feel free to join by yourself or by sending me a pm in game(KDaShow - Ozunu9Ninjas Leader) so I can invite you. And remember: "Armor is useless"
  14. Flare, Please add a extra day to the Ninja event. We have plans on the weekend too. With this being a alliance event it now has forced me to cancel plans or let my team down. If I had another day it would make this easier on me.
  15. I just noticed that the gold bonus perk on my hero's items isn't taken into account after finishing an island. Normally my loot is doubled but this time I only got around 600k and a bit while the loot that I could win was around 440k. Is anyone aware of this issue? Or is this by design and it's simply just how the game works. If so, why?
  16. Sick of this Garbage

    You've created an "event" where absolute perfection is required in order to benefit, and yet you can't provide perfection in your app. Last Ninja event I missed 1 tower in the entire event and wound up getting about 40% of the benefits of people who got all the towers. I was frustrated, but dealt with it. But this time at the Haunted Frigate, after spending 250+ gems to speed up access to new islands and ships, I lost the connection while on my own WiFi -- FIOS and very strong -- at the gate after clearing the last gate. It registered as 0 stars, which means I lose the entire ninja event. And since it is Friday night, and the Ninja event ends on Sunday, and since Flare takes weekends off, there will be nothing done to make this right. I have spend over $1,000 on this game. And would have spent more. Make this right or you will never see another penny from me.
  17. Ninja event trouble

    Hi everyone (again) This time I can't complete the ninja event thats a litle annoying because I spend some gems to did it, the reason was that I play 2 times a island and the game put me out a few times. What cand I do? Can't I complete the ninja event? I read the post about ninja event and the FAQs and you don't mentions about this case. I add screenshot, this is a shame
  18. Why can't I finish NINJA ?

    I can see more islands past this Clipper Ship which I can not board to do battle, It shows RED 20/20 and grayed out battle (crossed Swords) These screen shots show that I am in first place, and second place is not half way to me. I have over 5,000 Ninja coins, second place around 2,000 coins. I don't want to find out, someone was able to beat me, because I am not allowed to progress. John Lach, JayeL46, Pandoraa, Level 40,
  19. Add an option: REMOVE NINJA Cash Back: 100 gems for each removed NINJA (add another 100 pearls players will be more satisfied)
  20. Ninja Triva

    Hey! I seemed to notice when raiding in offense that Monks don't heal poorly-healthed ninjas directly. Only when other low-health troops are nearby do they heal the ninjas + the other troops? Is this a glitch or purposeful? Would be useful if the monks could heal them after they rush off to the nearest snake tower suicide quest and return with little or no health at all. Also, can someone provide me with a list of units/(towers) that don't attack ninjas. Thanks
  21. Is that true that we can keep the ninja we have for 31days and extra ninja that we purchase will last as long? Can someone confirm? Just worry that the day counter might change again later.
  22. Ninja Bug

    I cant fight the last batle in the ninja event... I Play on Windows Phone 8 and mi id is fjdlsdkd
  23. What's your Nirvana?

    " I found my Nirvana" did you? Take a break from the recent negative comments on the forum. The day I decided to spend my time with my family not getting bothered too much about the state of RR2 affairs, I found "inner peace" as in the movie "Kung Fu Panda". We can or cannot spend money in the game. THAT'S GIVEN. Nobody can force you. However, some part of the game needs correction, which we do recommend on the forum. To accept or not is FG's decision. We in no way can disrespect a person for the decision we take. We can ask and should ask for compensation. If we get it or not or how much is the sole discretion of FG. We are using this forum to vent our inner frustration rather being constructive. I let the things pass on if it is not in my playing zone. I have to spend time with my family, go to work, and relax. If if I can clear some RR2 set up goals in that time "great" or else let it pass. I will not make this my "LIFE". I have and will continue to enjoy the game on my own terms. If I change my decision and become a paid player then the ups and downs that go along will have to be accepted by me and move on. I cannot change as a person or rather I should not. Sorry, if I have offended anybody. The thought of writing this up came as I saw many accusations and foul mouthing going on in the forum.