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Found 5 results

  1. Sea Chests from Odyssey

    Just a quick question, I have just finished the latest odyssey and got all the sea chests, anyhow my resources are depleted. Last time, I opened all the sea chests I got and all the rewards were resources (mainly gold and wisdom). So my question is, if this time I wait for all my primary resources to be maxed (gold, ambrosia and wisdom) before I open the sea chests, will I get items, gems, dominance and prestige instead?
  2. ithacan harbor

    They more you upgrade the harbor, the harder difficulty you can use. The problem is that the cost to obtain the 5 chests is higher. There should be a button to reduce the harbor level again (even if having to pay some gems). I upgraded the harbor at the beginning too many levels, and now I can only use low difficulties and reach only 3 chests . Perhaps a higher level of harbor should only be available once you obtain 5 chests, this way players would upgrade it slowly and following their power.
  3. What are Tridents for?

    Please explain what the Tridents signify? I understand they show progress during an Odyssey and they are what you win when you win a battle. But so what? What do they signify? To be honest you guys do a really poor job of properly explaining the upgrades. Need to lift your game otherwise all you do is confuse the players who are, you know, your customers, the people you are trying to please so they will spend money with you?? Need to lift your game folks
  4. Odyssey rewards not clear

    You need to make some of the icons clearer - for example - in defence I won a 0.9% boost for something that is an icon for a standing archer. What is that for? I cannot tell if it is for a particular tower or a statue - maybe its just for Orthia?? Better if you have a list that spells it out - because if it was Orthia it was a waste of time fighting for it as I don;t use them anymore. You really need to help players make good choices, not piss them off with vagueness

    Hello, My name in game is Greek Mockingjay and I'm member of the Greek Winners alliance. I had a problem with the odyssey in the afternoon. While I was playing, suddenly the Odyssey stopped and now needs 6 days to start again the fights. I thought that I must upgrade the building to level 7 to continue but when I upgraded this , the problem was still there. I can't fight anymore if don't pass 6 days.. What can I do now??? Please answer and fix this!! I also send you a screenshot of the bug. Thanks Greek Mockingjay Alliance: Greek Winners