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Found 3 results

  1. ST. KENSINGTON Looking for Active Members 1. Minimum level is ascension level 60. 2. Minimum daily gold donation of 75,000. Players must donate daily as we currently have 8 active blessings running for at least 2 weeks. These blessings are: Warriors, Archers, Artemis Tower, Poseidon Tower, Barricade, Minotaur, Cyclops and the Paris Tower. 3. Trophy count is not important but members must have a decent defense (no scattered tower & barricades and such). 4. We kick players who do not participate in war.
  2. Hello guys.My alliance need new and active players.please come to my alliance... soldiers: +60 hero level,+50k donate, war +2500 skulls,trophies not important generals: +80 hero level,+150k donate or better(200k,250k,300k and...),war +3000 skulls,trophies not important alliance name:IRAN KINGS ALLINCE My IGN :KING NIMA1
  3. Hey all, I'm looking for a willing leader to take over a level 43 alliance. No catch, no price, just want someone who will be able to give it the time it needs. Please reach out to me in game (mrfreester) or send me a private message. A bunch of us moved to a new alliance to start from scratch. Hate to see it go to waste.